Panda Bear - Buoys

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Artist :   Panda Bear
Album Name :   Buoys
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   9
Relase Date :   08 February 2019
Country :   USA

Buoys (Panda Bear) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Dolphin Panda Bear 3:41
2. Cranked Panda Bear 3:19
3. Token Panda Bear 3:37
4. I Know I Don't Know Panda Bear 2:51
5. Master Panda Bear 4:04
6. Buoys Panda Bear 2:34
7. Inner Monologue Panda Bear 4:37
8. Crescendo Panda Bear 3:10
9. Home Free Panda Bear 3:07

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A buoy ( or US: ) is a floating device that can have many purposes. It can be anchored (stationary) or allowed to drift with ocean currents. The word, of Old French or Middle Dutch origin, is in British English most commonly pronounced (identical to boy, as in buoyant). In American English the pronunciation is closer to "boo-ee.".