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Born This Way (Special Edition) (Lady Gaga) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Marry The Night 4:24
2.Born This Way 4:20
3.Government Hooker 4:14
4.Judas 4:09
5.Americano 4:06
6.Hair 5:08
7.Scheiße 3:45
8.Bloody Mary 4:04
9.Black Jesus + Amen Fashion 3:36
10.Bad Kids 3:50
11.Fashion Of His Love 3:39
12.Highway Unicorn (Road To Love) 4:15
13.Heavy Metal Lover 4:12
14.Electric Chapel 4:12
15.The Queen 5:16
16.Yoü And I 5:07
17.The Edge Of Glory 5:21
18.Born This Way (The Country Road Ver... 4:21
19.Judas (DJ White Shadow Remix) 4:07
20.Marry The Night (Zedd Remix) 4:20
21.Scheiße (DJ White Shadow Mugler) 9:35
22.Fashion Of His Love (Fernando Garib... 3:45

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Born This Way (Special Edition) [Lady Gaga] Album Reviews

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My anthem ❤️❤️

- Queen

Heavy metal lover


One of the best albums of all time. Queen


Every beat, every synth, every lyric has deep meaning on this album! It was so ahead of it’s time! A masterpiece hands down!

- Great 👍🏻

It isn’t all that bad good job lady gaga

- Amazing

Gaga does it again with this classic 💓

- This album saved my life

This album released me from my past and let me become free

- perfection

cultural reset

- Album of the decade

So sad to see people como here just to write ahit about this album. Sad sad people 😂. ALBUM OF THE DECADE!!!

- Absolutely legendary and life changing; a classic

This album will always be nostalgic and a favorite of mine

- An album that will never age!!

The best of the best. Only people with taste like this ❤️🖤

- 10/10

This album is the definition of ICONIC🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈💚💚💚

- Can’t stand country.

Love you Gaga, but you lost me at country version! I will not buy anything country no matter how much I support the artist. Please don’t do another country style of music.

- 5/5

The haters’ will hate. This is a top notch album. She saved a lot of lives with this album filled with anthems. ❤️ love this album forever!

- ITunes Censures Basic Speech

Stop buying music from ITunes

- Bloody Mary


- Pop Bible

No contest

- Born This Way saved my life

Born This Way saved my life. I was in high school when this album came out and I just came out of the closet a couple years earlier. I was bullied daily at school, my family didn’t know how to quite help me and looking back, I was under a lot of mental abuse. I would listen to this album on my way to school to build myself up and again on my way home to piece myself back together. Born This Way is a triumph! It‘s a comfort blanket while also a middle finger to the world. Thank you @ladygaga for being so strong for us! ✝️🦄✝️

- A monument

When artistry and activism collides in a masterpiece

- Alejandro

Everyone in my family lives for lady Gaga’s music also my aunt used to know her and was nice to her.

- Amazing!!!!!

I Love Gaga, period.

- Legendary


- amazing

happy 10th anniversary queen

- Iconic

Love it so much

- 10/10

Born This Way is my absolute favorite out of all of these. I’m lesbian, and that song makes me feel less alone in this world. It makes me feel great! Great job!



- bible

this album really saved my life

- Yes

We were!

- Pop with an Edge of Rock

While not my favorite album, it is something enjoyable to listen to. Though, for me, it did take a few years for the album to hit the ‘picky’ musical pallet of mine just right. For ‘Born This Way’ didn’t have the same feel of ‘The Fame’ or ‘The Fame Monster’ and the album still doesn’t. However, I like it moreso than I did years ago. It falls in line with the category or genre pop, but has an edge of Rock N’ Roll (which seems to be a withering away from the ether of relevancy at the moment, yet that is a different story for another day). Her vocals, as usual, never fail at plucking one’s emotional heartstrings, which can intensify with the visual theatrics that are her music videos, and, thus, reflect whatever the lyrical content tries to convey. All I can say is that ‘Born This Way’, similar to her other albums, is pure, straight up artistry. My favorite songs as of now include the following below: 1) Bloody Mary (5/5) 2) Electric Chapel (4/5) 3) Judas (5/5) 4) Marry the Night (4/5) 5) You and I (5/5)

- Imsoblue



Best album of my lifetime!

- My first concert was Gaga touring Born This Way, LOVE LOVE LOVE

Everything and more, do yourself a favor and add this to your music library

- Life Saving and Life Changing

One of the most important albums in my entire life. Revolutionary.

- Wednesday Addams Revival

Make it number one on ITunes like it deserved 11 years ago

- Best album!!!

This album is so amazing and sounds incredible the message behind it is truly powerful. This album is definitely iconic and always will be I WAS BORN THIS WAY ❤️💜💗

- Keep up the good work

I LOVE the song “Bloody Mary”, and it’s VERY underrated. I listen to Bloody Mary for over an hour every day. Keep up the good work, @ladygaga

- Music wasn’t a thing before this album came out.

All music prior to this album was just static and all music after this album was shaped from this being. Period.

- Spectacular

One of the best albums ever made

- Amazing

First off your tripping if you think lady Gaga is country also she is legendary so

- 10 Years and still perfection from beginning to end

Mi Amore Volé Fe Yah!

- I was born this way

This album has gotten me through so much in my life

- Eww

She’s a Biden fan 🤮🤮🤮🤢 and your picture on your cover is creepy you need god please stop and your eyeliner dear god your not pretty your discussing I’m gonna pray for you god please save lady Gaga and cleanse her from all her sins

- yassss

the best song ever

- 10 YEARS

We are blessed. Happy 10 years born this way we love you forever gaga

- Best album everrrrrrrrrrr

Love every single track

- Born this way

A revolutionary album that started a movement.

- Way before it’s time

A masterpiece then, an ever bigger masterpiece now thanks to its impact on pop culture.

- Million reasons to love this album

I'm grateful to be alive to say that this album saved my life ✨♥️

- Amazing 🖤🖤🖤🖤💝💗💓❤️❤️💘💘

This album is god’s work 🌟✨ I love Yoü And I and Heavy Metal Lover 💗🌽💋🏍️🍷

- a classic pop perfection masterpiece

another masterpiece

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- Bark bark howl

I’ll dance dance dance with my hand hands hands and put my head head head where Jesus said I’m gonna dance dance dance with my hands hands hands


So good I’m so happy I bought this I listen to this 30 times a day

- Queen Of Pop

Pop history

- Album of the Millenium

Ten years ago today, this album changed mine and millions of people’s lives around the world, and continues to do so a decade on. What an iconic masterpiece from start to finish!


Stream besties>>

- Masterpiece

Paws up! This is an iconic and legendary album.

- Changed forever

This is the manifesto of Mother Monster On G.O.A.T. A Government Owned Alien Territory in space A birth of magnificent and magical proportions took place But the birth was not finite It was infinite As the wombs numbered And the mitosis of the future began It was perceived that this infamous moment in life is not temporal It is eternal And thus began the beginning of the new race A race within the race of humanity A race which bears no prejudice No judgment But boundless freedom But on that same day As the eternal mother hovered in the multiverse Another more terrifying birth took place The birth of evil And as she herself split into two Rotating in agony between two ultimate forces The pendulum of choice began its dance It seems easy, you imagine To gravitate instantly and unwaveringly towards good But she wondered "How can I protect something so perfect without evil?"

- Lady gaga

Wow amazing album .. lady gaga is the queen of pop , rock , dance etc

- Pop excellence

her best album... before Chromatica drops ofc

- Gross

He’s terrible

- Born this way!

I really like born this way! I first heard it when I was 9!

- Clean version, BY THE WAY, just heads up.

It’s a good album, I assumed it was the uncensored/explicit version. The grey C wasn’t presented when I made the purchase, so I figured: “Ah! This is what I wanted.” Well, I have to deal with it. Anyway. This is the CLEAN version. I can’t stress that enough.

- WeDnEsDaY pOoPy SoNg BeLiKe

WeDnEsDaY bUt BaD lMaO

- THE album

the only album that saved my life. period

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- Cultural reset

A cultural reset


This album is a masterpiece. Thank you for releasing it when I needed it the most. I love you Gaga.

- Inspirational

Wether you are listening to this album in bed or dancing your heart out in your room, you can’t deny that this was the pinnacle of Lady Gaga’s career. This album had everything from the record breaking tour to the awesome marketing around the record. All of her songs are in some way, relatable! I’m so glad this queen is still doing what she loves and stands up for what is right! Forever a fan.

- The GOAT

This album changed the whole of music, people weren’t ready 😍

- Like a Show in the Theatre

Born This Way is this. This special edition album is the whole package of BTW. If you want to listen to the full album, get this one. When i’m in the car listening to this at full blast, I imagine i’m on stage performing a show of rainbows, dark nights and explosions. For me it’s about embracing who you are and telling the whole world. What an era, an era that changed ways, and changed lives. It still does to this day. 💀


Worth buying! after so many years still enjoying the iconic songs!! so much memories 🖤🖤🖤

- I’m born this way


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