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Artist :   Queensrÿche
Album Name :   The Verdict
Genre :   Metal
Tracks :   10
Relase Date :   01 March 2019
Country :   USA

The Verdict (Queensrÿche) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Blood of the Levant Queensrÿche 3:27
2. Man the Machine Queensrÿche 3:50
3. Light-Years Queensrÿche 4:08
4. Inside Out Queensrÿche 4:31
5. Propaganda Fashion Queensrÿche 3:36
6. Dark Reverie Queensrÿche 4:23
7. Bent Queensrÿche 5:58
8. Inner Unrest Queensrÿche 3:50
9. Launder the Conscience Queensrÿche 5:15
10. Portrait Queensrÿche 5:16

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The Verdict (Queensrÿche) Album Reviews

  • Derivative

    Sparky Owns You
    Imagine if Hamilton and Whitford went around calling themselves Aerosmith without Tyler, Perry and Kramer. That’s basically what you have here with Wilton and Jackson, who manage to charade as QR thanks to Todd LaTorre, a glorified karaoke singer who does a mean Geoff Tate impression. As a huge fan of the original lineup, it pains me to see this generic, forgettable music released under the QR banner since it bears no relation to the brilliance of the first 5 albums. Tate might be a jerk but he and DeGarmo were the heart and soul of QR—the current line up is but a mediocre imitation of what Queensryche once was.
  • dark reverie...

    "...nothing lasts forever-just revolving doors." based on these two pre-release singles, i'm really looking forward to this album! looks like they are really growing together as a band with todd. -much respect!
  • Queensryche light

    While they have brought back the melody the songs are empty. Todd while sounding better than Geoff has since Q2k the last decent album, is still just a glorified Karaoke singer. While they have had a few decent songs should have kept Rising West name and tried to be themselves not something they aren’t and will never be. Anyone who says this is Queensryche are kidding themselves much like Geoff Tate who still thinks he can sing.
  • ???

    Clearly, after Degarmo left the band their writing has no been the same. While i think the Latorre has some powerful vocals, i can only heard Iron Maiden in his voice. Replacing lead vocals in bands works for some band but for me it is not working. This songs sound great but no QueensrŸche great
  • Better without Tate

    For anyone claiming that this isn’t real queensryche, you are aware that Scott Rockenfield, Michael Wilton, and Eddie Jackson are original members right? They formed the band with DeGarmo (the only original member not around). So the La Torre Queensryche will consistently be better than anything Geoff Tate does.
  • Fauxryche

    It's not QR without Degarmo and Tate, say what you want but this is a glorified coverband
  • No

    Infrared Dreaming
    Nope. without DeGarmo the Ryche’ will NEVER be the same . Never. Sounds like Maiden 2.0 sorry dude. Been a fan since Rage . So don’t argue. Also a guitarist for 30 years. Sadness. Was hoping for better this time around. Again.
  • Sounds like Queensryche of old

    I had a chance to listen to these guys at the New Bedford Medeira Feast back in August 2018. Put it this way. The singer sounded phenomenal. I thought I was listening to Queensryche of old. Definitely will check this album out
  • So Far, sounding Good

    Q bent
    Is it just me, or does anybody else hear a little Bruce Dickenson in Todds Voice? Think he is still finding his voice in Queensryche. March is waaaay to long to wait
  • Man the Machine (5 Stars)

    Great first track. I really liked the last two albums with Todd on vocals, and I have high expectations for this one. Queensryche are again producing the kind of music that people loved about them in the early years. Thanks!

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