Queensrÿche - The Verdict

Queensrÿche - The Verdict album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Queensrÿche
Album Name :   The Verdict
Genre :   Metal
Tracks :   10
Relase Date :   01 March 2019
Country :   USA

The Verdict (Queensrÿche) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Blood of the Levant Queensrÿche 3:27
2. Man the Machine Queensrÿche 3:50
3. Light-Years Queensrÿche 4:08
4. Inside Out Queensrÿche 4:31
5. Propaganda Fashion Queensrÿche 3:36
6. Dark Reverie Queensrÿche 4:23
7. Bent Queensrÿche 5:58
8. Inner Unrest Queensrÿche 3:50
9. Launder the Conscience Queensrÿche 5:15
10. Portrait Queensrÿche 5:16

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About Queensrÿche - The Verdict Album

The Verdict is the fifteenth studio album by American heavy metal band Queensrÿche. It was released on March 1, 2019 through Century Media. It is the third studio album recorded with vocalist Todd La Torre, who additionally performed drum parts on the album due to the absence of drummer Scott Rockenfield. The record was produced by Chris "Zeuss" Harris. ..

The Verdict (Queensrÿche) Album Comments

The Verdict (Queensrÿche) Album Reviews

  • What I’ve heard is...

    What I’ve heard is everything I have wanted to hear from Queenryche since Empire!! Great vocals, melody, well written songs...Tate who?!?
  • This is Queensryche!

    Little Buck02
    I was there at the beginning for this band. Easily my top 5 of all bands ever. Tate was the master until the end when his music changed and went away from what made Ryche what they were. If one thing is constant in the universe, is that Times can and will change. Todd has filled the void just like Hagar did for Van Halen and Duvall for AIC. This is among the best ever produced by the Ryche collective and a pleasure to listen to over and over ! Well done Queensryche
  • Past dwellers

    First I’d like to say great job guys now I’ve been a QR fan since the very beginning when Queen of the Reich ep dropped I loved this band but they lost me after Empire GT steered the band into a fog degarmo left it got worse and GT had some kind of a god complex that led him to believe he didn’t need to rehearse his vocals or take care of himself which pretty much made the music that they were pushing terrible I have seen Queensryche 20 times 12 of those I would like to forget I myself am a singer and a guitarist and not understanding why or what happened to these guys but as time pressed on you could see what happened Geoff ego and his wife now we all know the story for the ones won’t let go and see how great this band is again to call Todd a karaoke singer tells me the lack of intelligence and also the sniffling baby complex that you all have no one can ever take away the greatness of the past but Geoff showed his true colors So for you few people who are bashing the new album and the band get a life or go crawl under a rock Chris left and Geoff is an embarrassment The Verdict is in 🤘😎🤘
  • dead poole

    dead poole
    no way near the range of geoff tate but not a bad inpersonatoin
  • Good R’n’R

    Bottom line here is that whether this is Queensryche or not it’s good rock music. I have to agree with comments regarding Tate being the downfall of the band. His writing went bad and wasn’t Queensryche at all. In the end I just want to hear good stuff and this lp delivers a strong dose.
  • Don’t believe the hype

    Just short of awful. Karaoke Queensryche and not good at that! Hints of Ryche guitars but vocals are unimpressive. Cringe worthy. The single star goes to the heaviness of album. Regretful purchase!!
  • Todd is in major form

    Review update. I changed from four to five stars. Are you F-ing kidding me?! Todd is the vocalist and drummer...and contributing on songwriting! After 4-5 listens this album has some superb stuff in. It’s got a couple week spots but finding out Todd did the drumming, new level.
  • Wow!

    yam suph
    The only reason for the 1 star reviews is because people are hung up on the name. This album is like the bad ones never happened! If it’s the name that’s bothering you call them The Mob or something.
  • Taters Gonna Hate

    For years if I wanted to hear the sound that made me a fan of Queensryche. To still get that sound I had to put The Warning, Rage For Order, Operation Mindcrime and Empire on repeat. As years passed each Queensryche release became more anemic then the last it seemed Queensryche had lost its soul and direction even the production got worse on each release eventually sounding like they were recording in a dead hallowed out tree stump. A band that once shared the stage in the 80's metal hayday with bands like Metallica on the Ride The Lightening Tour. A great band that had fallen so far that that a decade or so later it was selling tickets to sit down casino performances that seemed like a visit to a hospice care facility for a once great band that was on its deathbed with a terminal diagnosis. Then came the fallout with Geoff Tate and the split some thought it would be the end of Queensryche all together. While Geoff wrote childish vengence tracks that were insulting his former band mates and came off as flat and uninteresting the rest of the band went back to their roots. With Todd La Torre at the helm they band brought back everything I loved and missed about Queensryche. All those things I longed for, for so many years. I can once again mention Queensryche and people are not saying "Who?" Now they know who. They are back on the map. In hindsight I think we now know what held the band back for so many years it clearly was Tate. Hearing the result with Geoff gone I wish they would have booted him sooner. The band is now better than ever even rivaling work they have done before, adding in even more layers of complexity while still keeping the original signature sound that made them Queensryche. The production quality is perfect and crisp. The vocals are sincere and have soul. The band sounds alive with purpose. Taters can hate all the want but where is Geoff now? still writing complaint tracks in the corner of a garage? Todd La Torre and the rest of the band thank you, thank you bringing back everything I missed about Queensryche! Each release keeps getting better and this one is no exception!
  • Awesome

    Beemer Boss
    Great sound and awesome writing. Todd played the drums on this album so there are only two original members left but it’s still great music. I waited patiently for the release and was not disappointed!

Queensrÿche - The Verdict Album Wiki

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