Broods - Don't Feed the Pop Monster

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Artist :   Broods
Album Name :   Don't Feed the Pop Monster
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   12
Relase Date :   01 February 2019
Country :   USA

Don't Feed the Pop Monster (Broods) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Sucker Broods 3:57
2. Why Do You Believe Me? Broods 3:41
3. Peach Broods 4:15
4. Falling Apart Broods 4:21
5. Everytime You Go Broods 4:59
6. Dust Broods 4:02
7. Too Proud Broods 3:09
8. To Belong Broods 5:46
9. Old Dog Broods 3:42
10. Hospitalized Broods 2:56
11. Everything Goes (Wow) Broods 3:24
12. Life After Broods 2:50

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Don't Feed the Pop Monster (Broods) Album Reviews

  • Major issues

    Seriously, I have no clue how they considered this to be better than the last two albums. Evergreen was a perfect introduction to the duo and established their sound seamlessly. Evergreen to Conscious was a seamless transition and it was a masterpiece. It had amazing vocals and didn’t depend solely on the electronic portion of it; it was more of a nice addition to the song instead of what drove the whole entire existence of it. The songs all make it seem like they wanted to be hella famous so bad, that they decided to abandon all the groundwork they laid out with their previous albums and attempted to become instantly famous, but they didn’t fulfill that. If you look at successful band evolutions, for example paramore, the reason they are successful is that they SLOWLY evolved with the times. They didn’t just change their entire style instantly and hope their fanbase would do it too. None of these songs flow cohesively like the previous ones. I genuinely loved the first two albums, so I hope this doesn’t seem like a hater gon hate comment.
  • A Step Backwards

    Not feeling this album. I’m a big fan of theirs just not the music.

    I’ve loved each of their albums but this one is by far my favorite! Every song is amazing.
  • Never disappoint! Love the Broods!

    More power to you guys, I’ll be your forever fan❤️
  • yes

  • New Sound, new Depths

    Greg Applekamp
    The time in the Los Angels sunshine injected a funky retro pop energy into the brother sister duo that makes up the group Broods. It takes a few listens but there are most definitely a handful of five star diamond songs in this treasure box album. New or old Broods fam it will grow on you
  • in love!

    George Glover
    Broods has done it again with another amazing record! ❤️❤️
  • All the things

    The tentacle
    Another beloved album by the Broods! Bravo!
  • Wow

    Fav sobg is Too Proud and also the grey’s anatomy scene was too perfect with this soundtrack tbh 🥰
  • excellence


Broods - Don't Feed the Pop Monster Album Wiki

Don't Feed the Pop Monster is the third studio album by New Zealand duo Broods, released on 1 February 2019. Three singles, "Peach", "Everything Goes (Wow)", and "Hospitalized" were released prior to the album. The duo also began playing shows from November 2018 in support of the album..