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Weezer - Weezer (Black Album) album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Weezer
Album Name:   Weezer (Black Album)
Genre:   Alternative
Tracks:   10
Relase Date:   01 March 2019
Country:   USA

Weezer (Black Album) (Weezer) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Can't Knock the Hustle 3:41
2.Zombie Bastards 4:11
3.High As a Kite 3:48
4.Living In L.A. 3:38
5.Piece of Cake 3:17
6.I’m Just Being Honest 3:57
7.Too Many Thoughts In My Head 4:03
8.The Prince Who Wanted Everything 3:23
9.Byzantine 4:09
10.California Snow 3:32

About Weezer - Weezer (Black Album) Album

Weezer, also known as the Black Album, is the thirteenth studio (and sixth self-titled) album by American rock band Weezer. Produced by Dave Sitek, it was released on March 1, 2019, through Crush Music and Atlantic Records. Rivers Cuomo first hinted at the album in April 2016, shortly after the band released their tenth album Weezer (The White Album). "What could stand out more against 'White' than 'Black'? I think it's going to maybe be like Beach Boys gone bad. I'm thinking of swearing, which is something I've never done in songs." ..

Weezer (Black Album) (Weezer) Album Comments

Weezer (Black Album) (Weezer) Album Reviews

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  • all27outs
    5 stars
    The best bands evolve!. I'm sick of pseudo Weezer fans extolling the virtues of the oldest material while dismissig the newer stuff as Imagine Dragon-like. Stupid. I LOVE that they have stretched out from post-punk garage rock and opened up their toolbox to incorporate a wider range of textures. They've always been able to turn out crunchy hooks and they've certainly found more than a few for this album. Living in LA has a cool retro feel with a distinctly Police-like refrain (find it yourself...you'll hear it if you're familiar with The Police). Zombie's is fun, light-hearted and catchy. Cake is GREAT. Byzantine...super. NONE of these songs resemble HASH PIPE, which is fine...Weezer can continue to evolve beyond being 1-trick ponies. The RED album was great, and the BLACK album reminds me in many ways of my acceptance of that one from first listen. WEEZER is COOL because they can explore different presentations of "their" music. There are a lot more electronic effects incorporated into these songs...yet...they can still comfortably remain a guitar-based rock band. Shoot...they can do Ozzy Osbourne! The Teal album proved that. It's a catchy album...it deserves a much better rating than the 3-star average weighted down by elitist "old-school Weezer rules" trolls. In my humble opinion, of course.
  • Hell yeah !
    5 stars
    So confused with all the bad reviews. I like Weezer, and I especially like their first two albums. Classics. That being said, the last SEVEN albums sounds exactly the same! Basically just watered down versions of the first three albums. Yes, this album is extremely different but what’s so wrong with that? Yes, it has a very poppy tone, however it’s actually pretty catchy stuff. So for Weezer this album is actually much different. Look at it as a Weezer dance album. Don’t worry, they’ll probably be back to their repetitive albums after this.
  • ccall
    2 stars
    Wow. They should’ve just called it quits after the white album it was great.. it was more of what they started out as. No one wants this pop crap with no guitars or real drums. We want the band doing what they were meant to do and playing their instruments
  • ThinkTank386
    5 stars
    People aren’t listening.. You are supposed to “leave a 5 star review”
  • DenBroncos17!
    5 stars
    Great sounding album. I don’t love every song on it but do enjoy the overall sound. As a guy whose musical preferences are evolving I actually really enjoy artists whose style has evolved too. I think these guys are in it for the love of the game more than anything else (can’t imagine any of them are hurting for cash at this point) and just opening up the playbook a little more than they would have years ago. It may not sit well with fans now by I’d be willing to bet they’ll warm up to it down the road.
  • fitt
    1 stars
    No!. This is not a good album at all. Better luck on your next one.
  • spch42
    4 stars
    Wrong release date!. Album is amazing, but I think the release date is wrong.
  • High risers
    3 stars
    Meh. I really like high as a kite and a few others but can’t knock the hustle some others are really bad
  • Dievel12
    5 stars
    Thanks. This album makes me feel stuff. Thank you for making me feel connected and helping me see through my stained plexiglass.
  • LamIam111
    5 stars
    I love every song!. I love that my favorite band is still making music. It's different, catchy and brilliant. Weezer is gold. Stop hating!
  • rocknrollroger
    5 stars
    Black Album. I love the sound catchy songs easy to dance to
  • Pkaz
    3 stars
    Meh. I’m along time fan & this is their most disappointing album to date. The best song is can’t knock the hustle. All the rest are so generic & unmemorable. They sound like mediocre songs that the band just decided to release. A definite cash grab. The past few albums, including this 1 I preordered. I’m not doing that again. I’ll sample it when it’s out before it comes out with this band. Not a bad album, but not good. Definitely disappointed though. Wish I could give it 2 & 1/2 stars fir its mediocrity
  • Sexy Big John
    3 stars
    I hope this is not the last. Please don’t let it be the last because this album is OK and I don’t want them to leave.
  • jmc8176
    5 stars
    Excellent. Well written, crafted, catchy songs. No filler on this.
  • mynameisron71
    5 stars
    It's still Weezer. Fresh sound, very catchy, and yeah, the sound is different. But they still rock. They figure out ways to keep us guessing. What's so wrong with that? Bet if you listen to all the songs, you'll find that it's still the Weezer you've always known. Give it a chance. Consider yourselves lucky to have Weezer in your life since '94 and be grateful a band can keep delivering. ...I'm just being honest.
  • GivenToFly69
    5 stars
    Excellent Albums. This album is excellent and catchy from start to finish. I think the problem for most reviewers is that it’s a far departure from Weezer’s earlier material. That being said if you don’t compare it you will highly enjoy this record.
  • timmy grace tucker
    4 stars
    I love it. This had some great songs in it. Some of them were not the best but still good.
  • Joe44444454645656
    1 stars
    The Rivers Cuomo Band. This is not Weezer, this is manufactured pop.
  • Desmondmiles324
    4 stars
    New vibe. I’ve always liked weezer, and this new album is great!!
  • JackRussellPup
    1 stars
    Abandoned 2.0. Take me back, back to the shack. Back to the strat with the lighting strap...Weezer abandons its fans once again. I feel disrespected.
  • Cube360nubswubs
    4 stars
    It’s a fun album. Read title
  • America'sGreatAwakening
    2 stars
    Worst album to date. As a diehard and long devoted fan of Weezer, this was the biggest letdown is all the records they’ve put out. I like everything will be alright in the end, then when the White album and Pacific Daydream came out, I though they were back with a vengeance. Then over album was very good, only to be followed by this tragedy. Weezer will bounce back as they always do..
  • musicmaster9463
    1 stars
    Weezer=TRASH. I hate weezer. their only attempt to make their own album with their own music is trash
  • Carameluv27
    4 stars
    I Mean It’s Weezer. I’m glad they are trying new things. Keep making awesome music. High As A Kite is my new favorite.
  • SpyderMonkey2211
    5 stars
    Hi. Five stars because I get it.
  • aussiedawg
    1 stars
    hey, weezie, said george jefferson. WTFIT. hit play, run to the toilet and release the vomit that is to follow!
    1 stars
    Don’t listen! Stay away! Save yourself!. Yeah, the singles are the only good tracks on this album. Yes, it was indeed possible for them to do worse than Teal. No, Rivers you don’t need to drop F-bombs to make good music. It’s alright, I’ll just listen to White Album on repeat until the next project.
  • • DARREN •
    1 stars
    What???? 😫. Weezer what happened to you 😭
  • old man Erik
    5 stars
  • Az236
    1 stars
    Not Buying It. Sounds terrible
  • ramen.scrub
    5 stars
    Quit Putting Weezer in One Place. Any band/artist/etc. can be whoever they want to be. All the people in the comments are just whining about how old weezer was so much better. Kudos for weezer for branching out and changing there sound. In fact, the Beegees hated being put into one place: disco. They wanted to branch out into other genres but couldnt because they know they’d get critiqued. Weezer did the exact opposite they really changed up the formula this time and I really think that al the tracks are great. If you don’t like the new studf, listen to the old stuff. Let weezer do what it want.
  • SPIKE....
    1 stars
    I’m Just Being Honest. I love the 5 star reviews telling anyone that dislikes this that we are haters, and should just be happy Weezer is still making music. They might be making music, but it’s not GOOD music! “I’m Just Being Honest.....” anyone that likes this must be “High as a Kite,” or they are “Living In L.A,” sampling too much of that “California Snow” up their noses. Maybe I expect too much. Maybe I just have “Too Many Thoughts in My Head.” But making a simplistic album like this must have been “A Piece of Cake” for Weezer. I certainly “Can’t Knock the Hustle.” It worked to line their pockets. I guess I’m “The Prince Who Wanted Everything,” especially some good songs. Anyway, my thoughts are that the people defending this trash must be “Zombie B******s” if they aren’t high, or sampling snow. Maybe Weezer’s next record will be covers of music from the “Byzantine” era.
  • Flakbait
    1 stars
    Two Plus Two Is Four. Two Plus Two Is Four.. Were these songs written so Weezer could tour with Barney The Dinosaur? Change is hard to accept but this is a whole new genre of music. This is different. Barney sharted a rock album and it came out black.
  • DTD1313
    1 stars
    Gross. Black Abum is the perfect title because this is truly the lowlight of their career. It's nothing more than regurgitated top 40 pop garbage. I can't for the life of me understand how a group of talented musicians can agree that this sounds good enough to release to the public.
  • Tark-Dude
    3 stars
    Solid, sometimes. One of my favorite things about this album is the contrast between the poppy, upbeat music, coupled with super angry and depressed lyrics. High as a kite...yup, we all agree it’s stellar. My first few listens, it felt like they were chasing Maroon V or Nerf Herder (Honest). Production...too clean. Vocals...too many effects and very forward. So many oohs and aahs, wees, woos, and dodododos. They released this at the wrong time, it’s clearly a summer album. Living in LA belongs poolside in an episode of The OC. The music is just too far from “black” to be taken seriously. It’s an entire album of Island In the Sun. Barely memorable, always enjoyable.
  • godmadetastebuds
    5 stars
    Great Album!. This is a wonderful follow-up to Pacific Daydream, which I thought was an amazing album. Rivers Cuomo is first and foremost a song writer and these songs have his fun lyrics, unique melodies and catchy choruses that make Weezer one of the most dependable bands around. I love the addition of samples and electric sounds and rhythms. My favorites are California Snow, High as a Kite, and Living in L.A. Get the whole album though, because there isn’t a weak song on here. Pick it up and pretend it’s hot out because these sounds evoke the playful sounds of summer.
  • GenXMama
    3 stars
    Ride or Die. I hope these songs grow on me, the way several from Pacific Daydream eventually did, but I’m not optimistic. “High As a Kite” is a winner. Other tracks have catchy refrains, but they’re not reminiscent of the Weezer I know and love. Still, I’ll stick with them despite the Black Album, because I know that everything will be all right in the end.
  • bud from the cosby show
    5 stars
    Love it!. And for all of you that just say “sellout” changing style doesn’t make you a sellout, all successful bands have to change
  • rmaxon
    2 stars
    Called the “black album” for a reason. The band used to make good music, they’re in a dark time now.
  • Marigold-79
    5 stars
    Thank you!. I’m really loving this album! Thank you so much!!
  • Nick Cartoons
    5 stars
    Amazing. I love the fact the each album they do they try something different and I love that keep doing what you guys do.👍👍
  • Lycan warrior
    1 stars
    90s,2000s >2010s. Generic
  • #greg is awesome
    4 stars
    Honest review.. Ok, you people need to be more open minded! This is not bad music. Just because it’s different than their “style” or what you’re “used too”, doesn’t mean it’s not good.
  • Reader in CA
    1 stars
    Did they put any effort into this?. I am a longtime Weezer fan...but this is so bad!!! It is like the just went into the studio with a bunch of song titles and played the same song a bunch of times! I am REALLY disappointed!
  • Brown album
    1 stars
    Awful. It should have been called the brown album. I don’t think I need to further explain. Ughhhhh
  • LackedTerror9
    5 stars
    Great. Solid 9/10 highly recommended to real fans of weezer
  • bpax8989
    1 stars
    Boooo. It’s bad
    5 stars
    A very good "Album" of songs. I m not a big Weezer fan, I do have a few of their cds in my collections but they always seem to come up with songs that make me listen, but here we have a real ablum of songs, that sound good together, ANYONE MISS HEARING AN ALBUM FROM THE BEING TO THE END, I do ! This album, I went over a few times to let it set in. Yea IT IS AN ALBUM. A real good album to be played from beling to end.
  • Funbobby02001
    5 stars
    This is a band evolving...... I don’t know why all these bad ratings....this is a good album. It’s not Pinkerton. They are evolving. I know it is sacreligious, but Pinkerton is my least favorite Weezer album. So if you are like me and don’t really care for the harsh recording and catchy-less Pinkerton, you will probably like this one. There are some very catchy tunes.

Weezer - Weezer (Black Album) Album Wiki

Weezer, also known as the Black Album, is the thirteenth studio (and sixth self-titled) album by American rock band Weezer. Produced by Dave Sitek, it was released on March 1, 2019, through Crush Music and Atlantic Records..