SWMRS - Berkeley's On Fire

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Artist :   SWMRS
Album Name :   Berkeley's On Fire
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   10
Relase Date :   15 February 2019
Country :   USA

Berkeley's On Fire (SWMRS) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Berkeley's on Fire SWMRS 3:47
2. Too Much Coffee SWMRS 3:25
3. Trashbag Baby SWMRS 3:17
4. Lose Lose Lose SWMRS 3:34
5. April in Houston SWMRS 3:05
6. Lonely Ghosts SWMRS 3:12
7. IKEA Date SWMRS 3:42
8. Hellboy SWMRS 3:03
9. Bad Allergies SWMRS 3:32
10. Steve Got Robbed SWMRS 2:38

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Berkeley's On Fire (SWMRS) Album Comments

Berkeley's On Fire (SWMRS) Album Reviews

  • Ugh.

    Unoriginal, typical pop-punk garbage.
  • Amazing!

    This new album is great!!
  • It’s not awful

    It’s okay.
  • IKEA Date

    ikea date 🥰
    Album of the year thank you
  • Killer album

    Drake Klassen
    Every track is different in its own way, but they all are great as a whole album or individually!
  • eh

    this sounds like ratboy but not as good. admittedly, there are a few good songs, but most of them sound the same and don’t have the same swmrs energy i remember. i respect whatever this band does because they’re one of my favorites and i’ve been following them since the beginning, but honestly i’m disappointed. i really wish they stuck to their punk rock roots for this, but of course people change and their styles change. if you’re new to the bad definitely listen to drive north of if you really want to know what they’re about.
  • What sophomore slump?

    The boys in SWMRS are back and better than ever. The sound is tighter and more cohesive. On “Bad Allergies” Max reminds me of the lovechild of John Lennon and Billy Corgan. “Steve Got Robbed” has a Sublime vibe to it that I really dig. Also on songs like “Hellboy” and the title track, Cole’s contempt is sharp and pointed. SWMRS has something to say and they won’t be ignored. Love it.
  • Amazing

    The boys did it again. Simply amazing. Can’t stop listening.
  • yes.

    this album saved 2019
  • Good stuff

    Love this love this love this

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