ZAYN - Icarus Falls

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Artist :   ZAYN
Album Name :   Icarus Falls
Genre :   Pop
Tracks :   27
Relase Date :   13 December 2018
Country :   USA

Icarus Falls (ZAYN) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Let Me ZAYN 3:05
2. Natural ZAYN 3:13
3. Back To Life ZAYN 3:15
4. Common ZAYN 3:52
5. Imprint ZAYN 3:10
6. Stand Still ZAYN 3:18
7. Tonight ZAYN 3:40
8. Flight of the Stars ZAYN 3:20
9. If I Got You ZAYN 3:19
10. Talk To Me ZAYN 3:00
11. There You Are ZAYN 3:19
12. I Don't Mind ZAYN 3:25
13. Icarus Interlude ZAYN 4:00
14. Good Guy ZAYN 2:34
15. You Wish You Knew ZAYN 3:25
16. Sour Diesel ZAYN 4:03
17. Satisfaction ZAYN 3:28
18. Scripted ZAYN 3:41
19. Entertainer ZAYN 3:22
20. All That ZAYN 3:19
21. Good Years ZAYN 3:00
22. Fresh Air ZAYN 2:48
23. Rainberry ZAYN 2:51
24. Insomnia ZAYN 2:55
25. No Candle No Light (feat. Nicki Minaj) ZAYN 3:15
26. Fingers ZAYN 2:51
27. Too Much (feat. Timbaland) ZAYN 3:05

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Icarus Falls (ZAYN) Album Comments

Icarus Falls (ZAYN) Album Reviews

  • I’ve had it on constant rotation since this album was released

    I didn’t expect to like this album as much as I do. I recently “discovered” Zayn (I had only heard whatever songs of his that they play on the radio). I was expecting a lot of “filler” songs since the album has 27(!) songs, but I only skip two that just aren’t my cup of tea and there are so many songs that I LOVE. The songs on this album have great melodies, lyrics, and he has quite a voice. Some of my favorites are Satisfaction, Tonight, All That, Imprint, Insomnia, Flight Of The Stars, If I Got You, Let Me, Talk To Me, Fresh Air, Good Years, Fingers, No Candle No Light, There You Are, Stand Still, I Don’t Mind, Entertainer... It’s a really good album.
  • Never heard a better album

    alexis grace💕💗😁😀
    Zayn, I’m so happy for this album I love every one of your songs and you just having to drop this feels so real for a reason but I’m happy I have this I have not yet purchased just due to a new phone💕 but I’m definitely going to get it and thank you for blessing me with this and I know some are about Gigi and I’m happy that you and her have each other💕 much love Zayn💗
  • The first track is hot

    It's awite
    I loved him from pilllow talk
  • Omg 😍

    The lyrics are so beautiful and have so much meaning!!!!
  • Amazing need to buy

    supp but yeap
    Best album out there!!! Also it is a good price for that many songs if you buy the album
  • ???

    His sound is so weird...Tryna figure out what kind of artist he is or what direction he’s going b honest it sounds all over the place..can’t understand his lyrics cuz his bass is so loud he’s just singing so high pitched all the time u can’t even hear the lyrics..honestly his album is so emo....guess it fits him tho..he’s always n some type of mood if that makes sense..album is ehhh...
  • Perfect❤️

    He has the best voice and best songs.I loveeee it😍
  • Perfect

    Thank you Zayn for this piece of art 🙌🏼🔥
  • Zayne had one hit

    Zayne’s first song “Pillow Talk” was good and that song “It’s You” but other than that EVERYTHING he has ever put out since has been garbage. One song sounded like Tarzan’s animals. Eesh...

    This is so good I literally can’t, god bless u baby.

ZAYN - Icarus Falls Album Wiki

Icarus Falls is the second studio album by English singer and songwriter Zayn, released on 14 December 2018 by RCA Records. The album was preceded by the release of six singles: "Let Me", "Entertainer", "Sour Diesel", "Too Much", "Fingers" and "No Candle No Light".The album received a generally positive reception from critics..