Dream Theater - Distance Over Time (Bonus Track Version)

Dream Theater - Distance Over Time (Bonus Track Version) album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Dream Theater
Album Name :   Distance Over Time (Bonus Track Version)
Genre :   Metal
Tracks :   10
Relase Date :   22 February 2019
Country :   USA

Distance Over Time (Bonus Track Version) (Dream Theater) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Untethered Angel Dream Theater 6:15
2. Paralyzed Dream Theater 4:17
3. Fall into the Light Dream Theater 7:04
4. Barstool Warrior Dream Theater 6:43
5. Room 137 Dream Theater 4:23
6. S2n Dream Theater 6:21
7. At Wit's End Dream Theater 9:20
8. Out of Reach Dream Theater 4:04
9. Pale Blue Dot Dream Theater 8:25
10. Viper King (Bonus track) Dream Theater 4:01

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Distance Over Time (Bonus Track Version) (Dream Theater) Album Comments

Distance Over Time (Bonus Track Version) (Dream Theater) Album Reviews

  • “Wow” and that’s a quote

    At Wit’s End is the Seventh Degree on Inner Turbulence. There are so many classic Dream Theater elements in this album, you’d swear these are lost tracks from previous albums. Every Dream Theater album has a few tracks that rise above the rest, Illumination Theory, Octavarium, Learning to Live, and so on. This album has so many exceptional songs it’s hard so determine which one will be that track.
  • Best album in 20 years...

    ...hands down.
  • Just amazing...

    J&K Puget
    This band continues to make the most complex, well-balanced, gritty, melodic music that grips the soul. Do yourself a favor, put on the headphones sit back and prepare to be amazed! John P, John M, Jordan, Mike, James - job well done! Please don’t stop making music!
  • Classic DT

    Colts In '09
    This is definitely a return to their roots. More in the vein of Images & Words/Awake era. Probably their best record in quite awhile!
  • Great as always

    Moe Houston
    Everything about this album is good.
  • A goodbye.

    I have listened to this band for 11 years, not as long as they've been producing. I own every single thing they've ever made including their side project(s). Yet, after having all of that musical information for me to pull from, it sounds like as of the album before this that they're out of ideas. Spent. I've really been craving something novel, creative, & original. This is all very derivative of their earlier work. Sure, Portnoy, yadda yadda yadda, and they made some new lyrics, blah. But the problem, it's that the style and techniques used that are dialed back, are just done. So Dream Theater, I'm done. I really wish this never came to pass, I'm just let down Dream Theater. And where's the solo album John?
  • A dream session

    Dream theater, what can I say ?? Totally awesome. Listen and enjoy this 5⭐️ album.
  • Wow!!!

    Best Dream Theater album in long time!!!
  • A return to greatness!

    There have been very few DT albums I haven’t cared for and the astonishing was one of them. A for effort but execution lacked for me. This album felt like a triumphant return! This album maybe should have been called Dream Theater because it contains songs that encompass their career more then any other. Songs like S2N, Barstool Warrior and At Winds End feel like I&W/Awake era, Untethered Angel felt like something from BCSL, Paralyzed and Room 137 felt like a mix of Octavarium/TOT. Fall into the light really felt like a Metallica song in DT clothing. Pale Blue Dot is the unique song and my favorite. It’s different but heavy and very DT. Paralyzed and 137 were my least favorite tracks. Felt very mainstream and just not DT. Overall, I loved this album and they finally got the drum mix right!
  • Rediscovery

    Way to go boys! Missed those quintessential nasty rifts. There’s even an Easter Egg in the form of Owen Wilson’s voice saying, “Wow...” on track S2N.

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