KIDZ BOP Kids - KIDZ BOP 39 album wiki, reviews
Artist :   KIDZ BOP Kids
Album Name :   KIDZ BOP 39
Genre :   Children's Music
Tracks :   18
Relase Date :   18 January 2019
Country :   USA

KIDZ BOP 39 (KIDZ BOP Kids) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. I like It KIDZ BOP Kids 2:40
2. No Brainer KIDZ BOP Kids 3:04
3. Girls like You KIDZ BOP Kids 3:02
4. Breathin KIDZ BOP Kids 3:08
5. Youngblood KIDZ BOP Kids 3:24
6. In My Feelings KIDZ BOP Kids 3:01
7. Happier KIDZ BOP Kids 3:25
8. Beautiful KIDZ BOP Kids 3:01
9. Lost in Japan KIDZ BOP Kids 2:52
10. High Hopes KIDZ BOP Kids 3:10
11. Better Now KIDZ BOP Kids 3:35
12. Eastside KIDZ BOP Kids 2:53
13. Back to You KIDZ BOP Kids 2:54
14. Natural KIDZ BOP Kids 3:09
15. One Kiss KIDZ BOP Kids 3:10
16. Love Lies KIDZ BOP Kids 2:46
17. This Is Me KIDZ BOP Kids 2:53
18. Sit Next to Me KIDZ BOP Kids 3:08

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KIDZ BOP 39 (KIDZ BOP Kids) Album Comments

KIDZ BOP 39 (KIDZ BOP Kids) Album Reviews

  • Love

    maddog 231
    Better then jojo siwa so why so many 1 stars.
  • So good 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

    I love all albums
  • 😂this is a friggin joke

    I ♥️ Bass 🔊🔊🔊🔊
    these garbage cans sound like mooing cows. this is a Category 5 earrape. s.o.s. if y’all make the thank u next album into a 3 year old remix, i will sue you and bomb your location

    TØP.Fan |-/
    Why does kids bop ruin every song? Just deal with the bad words in the originals. DANG!🤮
  • I’m sorry

    I’m sorry I know you worked hard on this I just got upset because u made my fav song and......well I don’t like how it sounds but that’s my opinion I’m sorry if I hurt any of u kidz bop people’s feelings
  • What the heck

    munchkin 7
    Y’all kids bop people need to stop trying to take good songs and ruin them.Stop making these albums so high priced.No one wants to buy this crap!You ruined my life!this is me?REALLY!?I bet Keala settle is so ashamed
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Love kids bop! For all the people who wrote bad siblings, mom, dad, and some cousins LOVE listening to kids Bop! My favorite is High Hopes you guys were awesome at singing high hopes!! If your looking for a fun soundtrack to listen to I’d suggest kids bop !!!!!KIDS BOP ROCKS!!!!!!

    Kidz Bop is just pure trash 🗑 this sounds like it was made by 2nd graders!!! All they do is take the hottest songs that are trending and RUIN THEM!!!! 😡😡😡😡
  • I’m sorry

    Kids bop SERIOUSLY went down hill. It used to be a good way for kids to listen to appropriate songs but now it just sounds like a bunch of little babies trying to copy cat an incredible artists. And some of the words that they change aren’t even bad. And WHY you redo an imagine dragons song . AND COME ON, “YOU SAY” IS A CHRISTIAN SONG!!!! i listened to a preview of it and it sound really bad. It doesn’t saying any cuss words or inappropriate thing!!!!!!!! I MEAN SERIOUSLY! And don’t dare mess with Ariana Grande. Not to be mean or anything but this album is not very good. Please don’t make any more albums. and u act like kids have never heard of alcohol or anything like that. and i know that i sound like the typical teenage hater. and i have seen the reviews saying “oh well ur a preteen, so of course u don’t like it, just don’t buy it, some younger kids enjoy it ” but the problem is, my teacher plays it in the classroom because they r not allowed to play real songs, and i’m really not just hating to hate, i just honestly don’t like it, the kids don’t sound just right, the voices r too high pitched and they don’t match the original artist, and i just don’t enjoy the experience, but i enjoyed it when i was in 1st grade so thanks for that. Hope i did not offend anyone with this review. Have a blessed day.
  • 🗑 🗑 trash 🗑

    Kidz bop just ruins good songs. Just get the real versions. 🤦🏿‍♂️ if u can’t because they say bad words get the CLEAN version. They make clean versions so u don’t have to listen to garbage like kidz bop 😐 even my little cousins hate dis stuff

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