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Artist :   Gary Clark Jr.
Album Name :   This Land
Genre :   Rock
Tracks :   17
Relase Date :   01 March 2019
Country :   USA

This Land (Gary Clark Jr.) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. This Land Gary Clark Jr. 5:41
2. What About Us Gary Clark Jr. 0:00
3. I Got My Eyes on You (Locked & Loaded) Gary Clark Jr. 0:00
4. I Walk Alone Gary Clark Jr. 0:00
5. Feelin' Like a Million Gary Clark Jr. 0:00
6. Gotta Get Into Something Gary Clark Jr. 0:00
7. Got to Get Up Gary Clark Jr. 0:00
8. Feed the Babies Gary Clark Jr. 0:00
9. Pearl Cadillac Gary Clark Jr. 0:00
10. When I'm Gone Gary Clark Jr. 0:00
11. The Guitar Man Gary Clark Jr. 0:00
12. Low Down Rolling Stone Gary Clark Jr. 0:00
13. The Governor Gary Clark Jr. 0:00
14. Don't Wait Til Tomorrow Gary Clark Jr. 0:00
15. Dirty Dishes Blues Gary Clark Jr. 0:00
16. Highway 71 (Bonus Track) Gary Clark Jr. 0:00
17. Did Dat (Bonus Track) Gary Clark Jr. 0:00

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  • SMH

    Doesn’t take much talent to write a bunch of curse words.
  • Powerful

    Ryan Steinbeck
    If you can’t handle opposing views, you probably shouldn’t be listening to music. This is bold, definitely written out of anger and frustration, which is always a good source of inspiration for music.
  • NEXT Level

    Find out the story and listen again! FANTASTIC! A serious artist is born! He is the RAL DEAL!
  • Pffffttt

    Axe 2 Grind
    Was he kneeling when he wrote and recorded this garbage?
  • Interesting

    Cool I guess
  • How am I supposed to sing along at a show?

    What a mess.....hopefully the rest of the album doesn’t follow this theme.
  • This Land is Gutsy and Defiant

    He could have played it safe and more traditional to please some of the blues fans, but This Land is a bold and provocative song with a powerful message that clearly will infuriate some people. I don't see this as a victimization song, to me the message is about defiantly standing up to injustice and bigotry. Hope the rest of the album is this good!
  • Terrible

    Worst career move skrrrt
  • Disappointing

    The Holy Poet
    Not all of us want to hear this hateful black vicitmization garbage. We don;t all think that way or buy into it. Sad to see another blck man brainwashed. No more purchases from me. Garbage.
  • Cry about it

    Lot of softies in the reviews who can’t tolerate a different perspective on their closed world view

Gary Clark Jr. - This Land Album Wiki

This Land was a Canadian television series, which aired from 1970 to 1982 on CBC Television. Evolving from the earlier series This Land of Ours, a documentary series about Canada's agricultural and natural resources, This Land expanded its focus to include environmental and conservation issues. Hosts of the show included Jon Hopkins, Phyllis Gorman, Laurie Jennings, Mary Chapman, John Foster, Mike Halleran and Don Francks..