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Artist :   Gary Clark Jr.
Album Name :   This Land
Genre :   Rock
Tracks :   17
Relase Date :   22 February 2019
Country :   USA

This Land (Gary Clark Jr.) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. This Land Gary Clark Jr. 5:41
2. What About Us Gary Clark Jr. 4:30
3. I Got My Eyes on You (Locked & Loaded) Gary Clark Jr. 5:11
4. I Walk Alone Gary Clark Jr. 3:44
5. Feelin' Like a Million Gary Clark Jr. 3:34
6. Gotta Get Into Something Gary Clark Jr. 3:04
7. Got to Get Up Gary Clark Jr. 2:37
8. Feed the Babies Gary Clark Jr. 4:46
9. Pearl Cadillac Gary Clark Jr. 5:05
10. When I'm Gone Gary Clark Jr. 3:48
11. The Guitar Man Gary Clark Jr. 4:26
12. Low Down Rolling Stone Gary Clark Jr. 4:18
13. The Governor Gary Clark Jr. 2:21
14. Don't Wait Til Tomorrow Gary Clark Jr. 4:05
15. Dirty Dishes Blues Gary Clark Jr. 5:03
16. Highway 71 (Bonus Track) Gary Clark Jr. 3:31
17. Did Dat (Bonus Track) Gary Clark Jr. 6:42

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About Gary Clark Jr. - This Land Album

This Land is the third studio album by American musician Gary Clark Jr., and was released on February 22, 2019 by Warner Bros. Records. The album was announced with a video for lead single "This Land" ..

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  • Snowflakes

    All those snowflakes crying about the message of the title track. They have NO IDEA the pain and suffering of millions that the heritage they’re sooo proud of caused and continues to contribute to. I say good on Gary Clark Jr. for speaking his mind, for not being afraid to tell his side of the story and share his truth.
  • One of the most diverse albums I’ve heard in years

    This album has so much diversity to it! Finally an album that doesn’t sound the same way all the way through. There’s everything here. Not just the blues. Gary has made a masterpiece here! From being a professional sound engineer perspective even. I’m loving this album! Every song is a surprise and amazing!
  • So much talent

    Gary Clark Jr albums are not only diverse in his approach to music but his talent and skill is beyond amazing. The range in his voice is inspiring. I love this album as I love all his albums. Also it seems many of you complaining have forgotten the literal roots of Blues (hello it’s called the blues) and rock music. You feel uncomfortable hearing about his experiences? Good. Now I imagine how he feels living those experiences. Buy this album
  • Very unimpressive

    Bob Jigglebones
    I mean its eh. You would think with all the time between albums this would have been a much stronger album. But he has his 1 song he got press for and thats all that matters to him. Expected much more from this album
  • Man

    I would submit this review if
    Best album I have heard in years. Nails in on every track across so many genres. Glad to see so many snowflakes complaining about their poor little hurt feelings. Sometimes art is uncomfortable and intentionally so. Perhaps you should reflect on why this makes you so uncomfortable.
  • GCJ’s best studio album to date

    “This Land” is a rock solid record from front to back and is the powerhouse singer/guitarist’s best studio effort to date. The triggered “stick to playing guitar” crowd is obviously turned off by the title track, but I say “good”! Time for GCJ to cull his audience. The dunces who want to fit him in to their preordained mold can bugger off to their respective local, open blues jams. “This Land” is Gary at his best. Blistering guitar and stellar vocals shine throughout this set of inspired tunes. Shades of early Funkadelic, Curtis Mayfield, the Clash, and Prince are blended together brilliantly and cohesively. The hands of Blues, Punk, Surf, Reggae, R&B, Jazz, and early rock n roll are all firmly raised during the course of this album. GCJ is much more than a blues guitar savior, he is a true artist with his own unique voice. If we’re lucky, he’s just beginning to show us what he’s capable of.
  • Great tune

    I don’t understand why the haters don’t get this very talented artist desire to write songs that are true to life. Get over yourselves and just emerge into the music. What GCJ is saying is the truth and the music he conveys that truth with is fantastic. Keep following your muse.
  • Breakthrough Music

    It has been quite some time since I've listened to a whole record that is so powerful. I don't wite that many reviews but this is insane music: a killer guitar, heart-wrenching lyrics, and even when the songs are very varied in style, they all somehow carry through as a solid bundle. Pearl Cadillac has a crazy Prince vibe. This Land will *hopefully* piss people off. Dirty Dishes Blues is so simply delightful it makes me want to tap my foot to follow it along. I could go on and on.
  • The best album I’ve listened to all year

    Love it!!
  • Exceptional and amazing

    Some might have wondered if GCJ could top his first album. I will say this has far surpassed it. From the in your face THIS LAND to the groovy feels of GUITAR MAN. This is quite simply the best album of the year.

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This Land was a Canadian television series, which aired from 1970 to 1982 on CBC Television. Evolving from the earlier series This Land of Ours, a documentary series about Canada's agricultural and natural resources, This Land expanded its focus to include environmental and conservation issues. Hosts of the show included Jon Hopkins, Phyllis Gorman, Laurie Jennings, Mary Chapman, John Foster, Mike Halleran and Don Francks..