Foals - Part 1 Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost

Foals - Part 1 Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Foals
Album Name:   Part 1 Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost
Genre:   Alternative
Tracks:   11
Relase Date:   08 March 2019
Country:   USA

Part 1 Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost (Foals) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Moonlight 2:39
2.Exits 5:57
3.White Onions 3:05
4.In Degrees 4:57
5.Syrups 5:28
6.On the Luna 3:12
7.Cafe D'Athens 4:06
8.Surf, Pt. 1 0:44
9.Sunday 5:54
10.I'm Done With the World (& It's Done Wit.. 3:02

About Foals - Part 1 Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Album

Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1 is the fifth studio album by British band Foals, released on 8 March 2019 via Transgressive Records and Warner in the UK and North America respectively. The album is considered the first half of a two-piece project, being supplemented by their consecutive sixth studio album Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 2, to be released in the fourth quarter of autumn 2019. The band promoted the release with a lead single Exits. ..

Part 1 Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost (Foals) Album Comments

Part 1 Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost (Foals) Album Reviews

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  • famousbrillance
    5 stars
    So In Love. I love this album and this band. I am glad they are back. They original bassist left and that is always worrisome. But they rose above and were able to find what Foals is with and without Walter. The sound of this album is original, different and better than anything I hear from most bands these days. Part II will be a treat.
  • Qickin
    5 stars
    everyone should know this band. I thought "what went down" would be hard to beat, but this does it. everyone should know this band.
  • bpax8989
    5 stars
    Soooo good.. It’s a masterpiece. Ready for volume 2.
  • S.Laney
    2 stars
    Huh?. Speed it up fellas! Great music to sketch or sleep to.....
  • ertting
    5 stars
    But it. It Syrups was the only song on the album it would be worth it
  • J.Blunt
    5 stars
    Foals never disappoints. I’ve been listening to this band since 2008, and this is already my favorite album they’ve put out. Unique, immersive, brilliant. Bravo boys.
  • ddelgado805
    5 stars
    You are true musical genius’!!. The world will catch up with you! You are beyond great!! Keep rocking this world!!
  • vadjuhny
    5 stars
    Art.. As yannis said people don’t really listen to white dudes with guitars which is why the fly under the radar in the states but anyone who gives it a go won’t be disappointed. In degrees has potential to be a hit.
  • foals=goat
    5 stars
    Best band of all time. Amazing album
  • jkatno
    5 stars
    Melodic, hypnotic and haunting!. Foals have been one of my favorite bands for almost a decade, and they never fail to impress. They continue to grow, mature and experiment with different sounds and genres in their music, and, to me, remains one of the most underrated bands out there today. I went on a rhythmic and emotional journey listening to this album, and absolutely can not wait for part 2!
  • Missouri_Paul
    5 stars
    Band of the decade. Can’t wait to hear the new songs live
  • hhhehehehehlol289
    5 stars
    Amazing. Seriously there isn’t enough of this original sound and this is so amazing to have
  • Rohan152
    5 stars
    Another beautiful album by Foals. This album is pure magic. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait for Part 2.
  • Kevanted
    5 stars
    Part 1. Sublime listening experience. Severely under rated outside the U.K. can’t wait to listen to part 2
  • Goodbye Babylon
    5 stars
    Their Most Complete Album to Date. As a Foals fan since the spring of '08, it's been amazing to watch this band progress. What makes great bands is an ability to move forward without pressures from outside. Organic progress driven from the inside. Foals are a modern example of how this works. What's really cool about it too, is that you can clearly hear elements of 'Total Life Forever', 'Holy Fire' and 'What Went Down' on the album. 'Antidotes' is a little less present, but that has been the case since TLF. In an era of homogenous, synth-heavy, and uninventive lyrical music, Foals consistently deliver something different - no matter how much they increase the production level, there is a definitive level of raw power. This record outpaces their past efforts in their ability to pair a fresh musical direction with their most relevant and poignant lyrics to date. If this is what Part 2 will feel like as well, then I'll say with conviction that this two part release is one of the finest of the 2000s. Period.
  • jpmusic
    5 stars
    In a world of lots of bad new music.... This band continues to shine. Foals are on par with bands that made great alt music in the 80's & 90's. Every song is good, can't wait to hear Pt.2. Keep it going boys!
  • Biscuitgirl81
    5 stars
    YESSSS FINALLY. This album sounds amazing so far! Can’t wait for the release!
  • RussDrums123
    5 stars
    So under appreciated in the US. Foals is the best band I have ever heard in my life! I have been listening to them since 2012 when I first discovered them, and they just keep getting better. Lyrically and musically, these guys have proven that alt rock is still alive and beating in todays music scene. They are by far my favorite band and have been ever sense I first listened to their catalog. I hope they continue to make music for many years to come, as they can always count on my preorder for every album without a second thought.
  • Heapso1217
    5 stars
    Have to love it.. Another great track by Foals. The single’s amazing, can’t wait for the rest of the album(s)! Thanks, boys!
  • camkel8
    5 stars
    Exits is amazing!. Can’t wait to hear this album, love this song! So glad they are back.
  • I am John Macaws
    5 stars
    Dope in Everyday. I'm a longtime Foals fan saw them twice here in Frankfurt Germany Cant wait fo this album.

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