The Chemical Brothers - No Geography

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Artist :   The Chemical Brothers
Album Name :   No Geography
Genre :   Electronic
Tracks :   10
Relase Date :   12 April 2019
Country :   USA

No Geography (The Chemical Brothers) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Eve of Destruction The Chemical Brothers 4:40
2. Bango The Chemical Brothers 4:07
3. No Geography The Chemical Brothers 3:10
4. Got to Keep On The Chemical Brothers 5:16
5. Gravity Drops The Chemical Brothers 4:30
6. The Universe Sent Me The Chemical Brothers 6:03
7. We've Got to Try The Chemical Brothers 3:35
8. Free Yourself The Chemical Brothers 4:21
9. MAH The Chemical Brothers 5:36
10. Catch Me I'm Falling The Chemical Brothers 5:28

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About The Chemical Brothers - No Geography Album

No Geography is the ninth studio album by The Chemical Brothers. It is scheduled to be released on 12 April 2019. The first single, "Free Yourself", was released in 28 September 2018, with "MAH" (Mad as Hell) following in 7 January 2019. On 1 February they released the third single, "Got to Keep On". On 8 March, The Chemical Brothers released the fourth single, "We've Got to Try". * If No Geography is The Chemical Brothers' most daring album in 20 ..

No Geography (The Chemical Brothers) Album Comments

No Geography (The Chemical Brothers) Album Reviews

  • Amazing Soundscapes

    I loved CB back in the 90’s and here we are 20 some years later and they are more amazing than ever. Way to go guys! This is a home run. Every song is like a new adventure of beats.
  • need a new name

    i almost got excited thinking MCR... rename your band, didt bother listening
  • Phenomenal!!

    Not sure exactly what to say, I've been playing this on a loop to digest it all. As a complete body of work, everything here is of excellence. My favorite stand-out track is "The Universe Sent Me," which is so rich and textured that in a great pair of headphones it's as if it could transport you. It's other-worldly, cinematic and ethereal. A gem of a track that takes a few listens to fully appreciate. I also love all of the singles and the closing track, "Catch Me I'm Falling" is such a cozy, melodic and vulnerable sounding send off. This album is fantastic.
  • First?

    Jesus, why do I have to be the first to review this long time coming album from these guys? Way to step it up!
  • Stunning + Vibrant

    Jorge C. Galban
    Awesome new album.

    The Chemical Brothers never disappoint. live and studio. they stay true to the electronic genre and themselves. Outstanding new record.
  • Awesome Album

    This album is wonderful ear candy. It packs in the elements of their earlier hits with the polished production that comes from modern electronic albums. If this is your first Chemical Brothers album, you will be perfectly prepared to jump back to their classics (Star Guitar, Hey Boy/Hey Girl, etc). My only (extremely minor) grip would be the seamlessness is not between EVERY track. Catch Me I'm Falling is a superb closer.
  • We've Got To Try

    I think your popularity rating may be incorrect. The Chemical Brothers - We've Got To Try is more well recived by the fans
  • Crazy good!

    I’m absolutely loving this sound from TCB. Refreshing! Excited to hear new material from these pioneers of electro. Keep it coming!!!
  • Life style comfort

    I am thrilled at this and I am dying for remixes. LOVE LOVE LOVE

The Chemical Brothers - No Geography Album Wiki

No Geography is the ninth studio album by English electronic music duo The Chemical Brothers, released on 12 April 2019 by Virgin EMI Records. It is the duo's first album in four years. The album features vocals by Aurora and Japanese rapper Nene. The album was met with critical acclaim. .