Rodrigo y Gabriela - Mettavolution

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Mettavolution album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Rodrigo y Gabriela
Album Name :   Mettavolution
Genre :   World
Tracks :   7
Relase Date :   26 April 2019
Country :   USA

Mettavolution (Rodrigo y Gabriela) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Mettavolution Rodrigo y Gabriela 4:04
2. Terracentric Rodrigo y Gabriela 3:33
3. Cumbé Rodrigo y Gabriela 3:19
4. Electric Soul Rodrigo y Gabriela 3:58
5. Krotona Days Rodrigo y Gabriela 4:19
6. Witness Tree Rodrigo y Gabriela 3:01
7. Echoes Rodrigo y Gabriela 18:57

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About Rodrigo y Gabriela - Mettavolution Album

Mettavolution, the title of acoustic guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela's fifth studio album, is drawn from two distinct words. "Metta" is Sanskrit for loving kindness, compassion for self and others, and one of Buddhism's engines of "bodhichitta," the awakened heart's desire to benefit all beings through meditation and action. The word "revolution," with its Latin root, offers several meanings, including "a fundamental change in the way of thinking about something. ..

Mettavolution (Rodrigo y Gabriela) Album Comments

Mettavolution (Rodrigo y Gabriela) Album Reviews

  • Incredible, Inspiring

    I just saw them live. WOW. They played a few songs from this album. It is so inspiring because it comes from a sincere and loving place. These two will rock your face off.
  • Amazing - Must Hear

    Suberb musicianship. They played at The Beacon in NYC last night and were great. Hearing Echoes on this album and live is transforming. This duo is so creative and this album is so fresh and unique that I think it is a must listen. I hope they put out a deluxe version with the tour material too.
  • So Incredible!

    These guys are amazing! I've been a fan since the beginning and I think this is one of their best albums yet! I caution you not to listen to this while you're driving, it's so energizing you're going to break the speed limit! XD
  • Amazing

    Simply amazing
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ECHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A Human Graboid
    Rodrigo Y Gabriela recording their version of Pink Floyd's Echoes is instantly one of my all time favorite things. So well done! This whole album is excellent. Echoes is something else. I feel confident calling it sublime. They have covered somg big songs in the past and always nailed them! This was a mammoth song to cover and they did it perfectly! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING BAND! THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC YOU MAKE!
  • Amazing Musicians

    These musicians are some of the best in the world.

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Mettavolution Album Wiki

Mettavolution is the fifth studio album by Mexican duo Rodrigo y Gabriela. It was released on April 26, 2019 through ATO Records..