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Artist :   Aaron Lewis
Album Name :   State I'm In
Genre :   Country
Tracks :   10
Relase Date :   12 April 2019
Country :   USA

State I'm In (Aaron Lewis) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. The Party’s Over Aaron Lewis 3:34
2. Can’t Take Back Aaron Lewis 3:38
3. Reconsider Aaron Lewis 3:51
4. It Keeps on Workin’ Aaron Lewis 4:17
5. State I’m In Aaron Lewis 3:01
6. God and Guns Aaron Lewis 3:45
7. Love Me Aaron Lewis 5:46
8. If I Were the Devil Aaron Lewis 3:58
9. Burnt the Sawmill Down Aaron Lewis 3:31
10. The Bottom Aaron Lewis 4:58

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State I'm In (Aaron Lewis) Album Comments

State I'm In (Aaron Lewis) Album Reviews

  • Exceptional

    Beautiful. Lovely. Perfection.
  • Has been....never was.

    Douche of country music.
  • Please. No more attempts at country.

    Here’s the deal. I love all kinds of music. Literally. Huge rock fan. Huge country fan. And I enjoy some pop and hip hop as well. That said, I’m also a huge Staind fan. Or was anyways. I just find it all a bit silly Aaron Lewis decides all of a sudden to try to have a country accent. It doesn’t work that way. lol I can appreciate the effort I guess? But it’s not genuine at all.
  • He’s so good

    Real country music
  • Miss You with Staind

    Cool to see the guy enjoying making his music. But man hopefully one day he goes back to kick someone’s teeth in with Staind. Great voice regardless
  • Staind was a good band

    Staind was a good band. in the wave of neu-metal it spoke to a generation of early millenials. Admittedly as musicians age, their music does too. But this, this is crap. It's cookie cutter canned "country". So it's not even good at what it is. Additionally it's overly political, and completely alienates the message of Staind. What a waste.
  • Always amazing

    Scott huntington
    I am a metal kind of guy, wife not so much. I’m not into the new country by any means as she is but Aaron Lewis has been a compromise. I have been a fan of Stained since day one. I love the older country, Willie Nelson, and Johnny Cash etc.. Maybe the older I get the more I can appreciate the old school country. Perhaps, I’m getting older like Mr. Lewis and can relate more. Who knows, regardless his country is freaking awesome... a must buy!!!!
  • Lost it

    I don’t know where Aaron Lewis has gone but this individual needs to go. His songwriting, lyrics, sound used to be so powerful and gut wrenching. So unfortunate.
  • Bland

    Shame to see Aaron devolve into such a boring and uninteresting artist.
  • Staind

    Lawlipop 78
    You already wrote a song called “The Bottom” with Staind.

Aaron Lewis - State I'm In Album Wiki

"State I'm In" is the third single from Needtobreathe's fifth studio album Rivers in the Wasteland. It was released on February 17, 2014 by Atlantic Records, Word Records and Curb Records, and the song were written by Bear and Bo Rinehart. On May 3, 2014, the band performed the song "State I'm In" on CBS This Morning: Saturday, as a web exclusive bonus..