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Artist :   Aaron Lewis
Album Name :   State I'm In
Genre :   Country
Tracks :   10
Relase Date :   12 April 2019
Country :   USA

State I'm In (Aaron Lewis) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. The Party’s Over Aaron Lewis 3:34
2. Can’t Take Back Aaron Lewis 3:38
3. Reconsider Aaron Lewis 3:51
4. It Keeps on Workin’ Aaron Lewis 4:17
5. State I’m In Aaron Lewis 3:01
6. God and Guns Aaron Lewis 3:45
7. Love Me Aaron Lewis 5:46
8. If I Were the Devil Aaron Lewis 3:58
9. Burnt the Sawmill Down Aaron Lewis 3:31
10. The Bottom Aaron Lewis 4:58

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State I'm In (Aaron Lewis) Album Comments

State I'm In (Aaron Lewis) Album Reviews

  • True country

    This is country music. Love you Aaron. Country is your calling. GOD BLESS.
  • Great tunes

    All of Aaron’s releases are great. This new album is up there with the rest. Great stuff!!
  • Great Album!

    Cannot stop listening to it. Well done, Aaron.
  • Love his music

    I LOVE Aaron Lewis from his Staind days to now. I really like this album. I was afraid I wouldn’t but I do. Aaron F****** Lewis!!!!
  • The good stuff

    Real country music coming back!
  • Thats what makes you country

    Real song writing about real life and it all comes through in the music. This is EXACATLY what I expect from Aaron and I'm not disappointed. 10x better than the bubblegum crap on country radio. Way to go Aarron. Keep up the good work!!
  • Bringing back country

    1 Music Fan
    Love the passion and life story Aaron puts into his music, whether or not he’s singing Stained or Country music. He is an amazing vocal talent from his low baritone to the high notes. Aaron’s staying true instead of selling out to what most people call Country music today.
  • Great songs, but give then gun theme a rest already.

    You dont need to bang that drum on every record. We get it.
  • Three solid tracks

    Purchased the whole album and oof...what a waste of money. Three good songs and the rest is garbage, similar to past albums. Trumpers will love it because he hits all the trigger words “God & Guns” and liberals will hate it mainly because they know this dude is as country as eye brow piercings and nu metal. 👎
  • More “Real” Coumtry!

    The Blood Taker
    What a singer, what an album! Good to see some true country being made. This is an awesome album with grit and feeling, not to mention a nod to a time when country misic was genuine.

Aaron Lewis - State I'm In Album Wiki

"State I'm In" is the third single from Needtobreathe's fifth studio album Rivers in the Wasteland. It was released on February 17, 2014 by Atlantic Records, Word Records and Curb Records, and the song were written by Bear and Bo Rinehart. On May 3, 2014, the band performed the song "State I'm In" on CBS This Morning: Saturday, as a web exclusive bonus..