Cage the Elephant - Social Cues

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Artist :   Cage the Elephant
Album Name :   Social Cues
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   13
Relase Date :   19 April 2019
Country :   USA

Social Cues (Cage the Elephant) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Broken Boy Cage the Elephant 0:00
2. Social Cues Cage the Elephant 0:00
3. Black Madonna Cage the Elephant 0:00
4. Night Running Cage the Elephant & Beck 0:00
5. Skin and Bones Cage the Elephant 0:00
6. Ready to Let Go Cage the Elephant 3:07
7. House of Glass Cage the Elephant 0:00
8. Love's the Only Way Cage the Elephant 0:00
9. The War Is Over Cage the Elephant 0:00
10. Dance Dance Cage the Elephant 0:00
11. What I'm Becoming Cage the Elephant 0:00
12. Tokyo Smoke Cage the Elephant 0:00
13. Goodbye Cage the Elephant 0:00

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Social Cues (Cage the Elephant) Album Comments

Social Cues (Cage the Elephant) Album Reviews

  • Love, love, love

    Paramore |||
    I’m really excited for their new album to be released… I literally listen to Read To Let Go on repeat everyday. Such a great song and relatable!!!!!
  • Excited!

    I love their sound , I can’t wait to hear the rest of this album
  • Change it up

    Wouldn’t mind if they changed up the formula a bit. It’s a predictable song.
  • Fantastic as usual

    Cage the Elephant is one of my all time favorite bands. I am by no means any musical expert, but I think they are a unique and substantial band amidst today's typical junk. I have been excited about their new album for months. I thought it would be tough to top "Tell Me I'm Pretty", but if the first single is indicative of "Social Cues" this may be their best yet!
  • Finally!!

    Just dis kid
    This album will be amazing
  • I'm ready, I'm ready

    Bring it! So far so good.
  • Sounds great

    Read the title
  • Great stuff

    This will be a good album.
  • pure music

    When I read the preface for “Ready to Let Go” and the truth and pure emotion that went into writing such a song I knew this album could be nothing short of raw talent and songs written through suffering. The single, referencing the collapse of songwriter’s 7 year marriage (according to Rolling Stones interview), was excruciating to execute, battling emotional stress and physical exhaustion from it all. This album is genuine human emotion displayed through music and the riveting melodies that Cage the Elephant never ceases to provide.
  • So far so good

    Sister Anna
    Love the sound of their opening song! Hope the rest of the cd is as good.

Cage the Elephant - Social Cues Album Wiki

Social Cues is the upcoming fifth studio album by American rock band Cage the Elephant. Announced on January 31, 2019, the album is set to be released on April 19, 2019. .