Twiztid - Generation Nightmare

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Artist :   Twiztid
Album Name :   Generation Nightmare
Genre :   Rap
Tracks :   20
Relase Date :   26 April 2019
Country :   USA

Generation Nightmare (Twiztid) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Live Forever Twiztid 2:31
2. Phlegm In the Windpipe Twiztid 2:51
3. Speak Of Twiztid 3:14
4. Something New Twiztid 2:50
5. Siamese Amazement Twiztid 2:09
6. Sick Mind Twiztid 4:05
7. Here With the Dead Twiztid 3:17
8. Disappear Twiztid 3:16
9. Bring Me Back Twiztid 2:39
10. Magic Spellz Twiztid 2:57
11. Livin' @ the Bottom Twiztid 3:30
12. Skit 17 Twiztid 1:29
13. Let It Flow Twiztid 1:51
14. Don't Be Hatin' (feat. Young Wicked) Twiztid 3:57
15. Role Models Twiztid 3:20
16. Wreck Twiztid 3:34
17. if it matters what I think now Twiztid 3:30
18. 4 The Nightmare Children Twiztid 1:31
19. The End of the Beginning Twiztid 1:00
20. V5 - Strike (feat. Alla Xul Elu) Twiztid 3:31

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Generation Nightmare (Twiztid) Album Comments

Generation Nightmare (Twiztid) Album Reviews

  • Track not working!

    In the windpipe goes mute halfway through...
  • their music has consistently been top notch.

    One of the things that keeps Twiztid that while ICP keeps putting out inconsistent albums...part weird al...part michael jackson style dancey beats...part generic rap as of late....twiztid has been on point and consistent with its atmospheric music and beats. thier music has the flair that ICP hasnt shown in a looong time. now...while I will agree the cover is fairly dissapointing and needs to be far what I have heard has me excited.
  • People make me laugh

    g the lemon
    I only put 5 stars to anger the people who are giving it one star based off 2 tracks and the album art work like are y’all for real? It’s Twiztid so you know they gonna bring the heat to bad I can’t say that for most artist on Psychopathic records...
  • Not so good but not so bad

    This sounds to like mainstream rap/hip hop. Expected more from the demented duo. The worse art album cover ever expected Something more their style.
  • Twizted does it again

    awesome porter
    I’ve been waiting for this album MNE and twizted are God’s

Twiztid - Generation Nightmare Album Wiki

Generation Nightmare is the upcoming twelfth studio album by American hip hop duo Twiztid from Detroit, Michigan. It is set to be released on April 26, 2019 via Majik Ninja Entertainment. It will be composed of twenty tracks and featured guest appearances from Alla Xul Elu and Young Wicked..