Twiztid - Generation Nightmare

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Artist :   Twiztid
Album Name :   Generation Nightmare
Genre :   Rap
Tracks :   20
Relase Date :   26 April 2019
Country :   USA

Generation Nightmare (Twiztid) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Live Forever Twiztid 2:31
2. Phlegm In the Windpipe Twiztid 2:51
3. Speak Of Twiztid 3:14
4. Something New Twiztid 2:50
5. Siamese Amazement Twiztid 2:09
6. Sick Mind Twiztid 4:05
7. Here With the Dead Twiztid 3:17
8. Disappear Twiztid 3:16
9. Bring Me Back Twiztid 2:39
10. Magic Spellz Twiztid 2:57
11. Livin' @ the Bottom Twiztid 3:30
12. Skit 17 Twiztid 1:29
13. Let It Flow Twiztid 1:51
14. Don't Be Hatin' (feat. Young Wicked) Twiztid 3:57
15. Role Models Twiztid 3:20
16. Wreck Twiztid 3:34
17. if it matters what I think now Twiztid 3:30
18. 4 The Nightmare Children Twiztid 1:31
19. The End of the Beginning Twiztid 1:00
20. V5 - Strike (feat. Alla Xul Elu) Twiztid 3:31

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Generation Nightmare (Twiztid) Album Comments

Generation Nightmare (Twiztid) Album Reviews

  • Strongest album in forever

    I’m an oddity in that Heartbroken and Homicidal is my favorite Twiztid album. I love when they try new creative sounds and rock mixes. This is the first album since then to truly scratch the itch and feel like the same duo that made that album. I love it
  • best yet

    WEST Q
    best album yet, there leaving icp in the dust imo....
  • New sound

    As with the last twiztid album. This album has a new twiztid vibe. Experimental? Triple Threat is better
  • Best yet!

    Truly believe Gen Nightmare is Twiztid's best Work to date.
  • Game-Changer!

    A monster of an Album! Rap, Metal, Horror-Core. This one is stacked --possibly their Best work yet.
  • Twiztid always evolving

    Wreck-it Rich
    With every album, Twiztid flips the game and continuously evolves and Generation Nightmare is no different. This album is one the best to date!!!
  • Reaching new heights!!!!

    Wow never liked twiztid before, because of their psychopathic sound. This album is proof of how held back they were by ICP. Madrox is a true artist. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for these OG’s!
  • Cool, but ...

    Pros: Twiztid has crazy talent and skills. Production is on point. Overall a good album. But... Cons: Twiztid doesn’t do the rock thing that well. At least not up to par with their rap skills. This album was missing 2 things: Not even 1 serial killer track! And, not one supernatural track! That’s kinda what they’re best at. V5 comes close but Alla Xul Alu can’t match Twiztid with their delivery, so that doesn’t count. I’m now officially done wanting to hear about their separation from Psy... I’d like to hear less songs about all that, we get it.
  • MAJIK NINJA ENT taking ova for the Twenty Nineteen!

    Great album from start to finish. Surpasses their 2012 album Abominationz which was previously my favorite album from them. Twiztid really brought the perfect mix of Rock and Detroit Hip-Hop to the table here. The tracks I enjoyed the most from Generation Nightmare were: Sick Mind, Role Models, If It Matters What I Think Now, Speak Of, Wreck, Let It Flow woah I need to stop naming tracks before I just lost every track. Anyway I give this a strong 5 stars. 🤘

    Another MONSTER of an Album from Madrox and Monoxide!

Twiztid - Generation Nightmare Album Wiki

Generation Nightmare is the twelfth studio album by American hip hop duo Twiztid. It was released on April 26, 2019 through Majik Ninja Entertainment with distribution via INgrooves. Recording sessions took place at the Dojo in Michigan. Production was handled by A Danger Within, Michael "Seven" Summers, YYBeats, Godsynth, Young Wicked, Fritz the Cat and Lunar⋆Vision. The album is noted for its Rap metal sound, a concept that Twiztid first explored on the album Mutant, but this time the rock oriented sound gets much more emphasis than the duo's characteristic Hip-Hop. It features guest appearances from Alla Xul Elu, Young Wicked and Tuckas Budghras..