Judah & The Lion - Pep Talks

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Artist :   Judah & The Lion
Album Name :   Pep Talks
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   17
Relase Date :   03 May 2019
Country :   USA

Pep Talks (Judah & The Lion) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Pep Talk Judah & The Lion 2:34
2. Quarter-Life Crisis Judah & The Lion 3:37
3. Why Did You Run? Judah & The Lion 3:53
4. i'm ok. Judah & The Lion 3:45
5. pictures (feat. Kacey Musgraves) Judah & The Lion 4:13
6. Over my head Judah & The Lion 3:15
7. Queen Songs / human. Judah & The Lion 8:00
8. Don't Mess With My Mama Judah & The Lion 3:04
9. 7000x Judah & The Lion 2:55
10. Alright (frick it!) Judah & The Lion 2:44
11. GoofBallerz Judah & The Lion 2:49
12. JOYBOY Judah & The Lion 2:24
13. Passion Fashion (feat. Jon Bellion) Judah & The Lion 3:23
14. Dance With Ya Judah & The Lion 3:58
15. Family / Best Is Yet to Come Judah & The Lion 4:00
16. sportz Judah & The Lion 3:13
17. 17 Judah & The Lion 3:08

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Pep Talks (Judah & The Lion) Album Comments

Pep Talks (Judah & The Lion) Album Reviews

  • Obsessed!!

    I love love love this album! Thanks for the fabulous music
  • Best yet

    This is a great album. You can tell they got the studio time they deserve.
  • I love it!!!

    3/4 of this album is freakin amazing!! Two or three songs I’m not really sure about \_(o-o)_/
  • Different...and Amazing

    What a ride! Fun but emotional. Got it cranked now. Thanks for sharing your life Judah! Nashville loves you!
  • Tragic

    It's tragic this group has went from singing about the Hope of the world to instead singing about hopelessness and barely getting by. Great to throw in we all go through struggles but not at all the same as hearing we were created by a Creator that has a plan and loves us. Now their music is pretty depressing. Guess the lure of fame changes some. Too bad they are willing to affect so many lives for the worse so they can make a extra buck.
  • They’ve outdone themselves

    Idk what genre this album gets categorized as. But I love it. Hop-rock-folk-country-bop-edm alternative. I love this album. It is so raw and pure and sad, but sang/instrumented in a happy way. Thank you, Judah and the Lion, for sharing this with us and getting me in my feels.
  • Great listen

    Just listened start to finish. Beautiful, fun and inspiring.
  • Fake

    Bs don’t like no marks (of the beast) claiming my people history
  • Wow

    Wow. So raw and personal. Must have taken so much courage to create and release this album. This bands messaging is unlike any other. Love.
  • Real talks

    This album is honest and relatable. I’m so glad they made it!

Judah & The Lion - Pep Talks Album Wiki

A motivational speaker or inspirational speaker is a speaker who makes speeches intended to motivate or inspire an audience. Such speakers may attempt to challenge or transform their audiences. The speech itself is popularly known as a pep talk..