Reba McEntire - Stronger Than the Truth

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Artist :   Reba McEntire
Album Name :   Stronger Than the Truth
Genre :   Country
Tracks :   12
Relase Date :   05 April 2019
Country :   USA

Stronger Than the Truth (Reba McEntire) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Swing All Night Long With You Reba McEntire 4:42
2. Stronger Than the Truth Reba McEntire 4:10
3. Storm In a Shot Glass Reba McEntire 3:02
4. Tammy Wynette Kind of Pain Reba McEntire 3:58
5. Cactus In a Coffee Can Reba McEntire 4:27
6. Your Heart Reba McEntire 3:57
7. The Clown Reba McEntire 5:07
8. No U In Oklahoma Reba McEntire 3:08
9. The Bar’s Getting Lower Reba McEntire 3:27
10. In His Mind Reba McEntire 3:33
11. Freedom Reba McEntire 3:50
12. You Never Gave Up On Me Reba McEntire 3:59

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Stronger Than the Truth (Reba McEntire) Album Comments

Stronger Than the Truth (Reba McEntire) Album Reviews

  • This is why I love country music!

    Grma Cat
    Haven’t listened to country music much the last few years. It’s mostly too pop for me. This is why I loved country so much. I haven’t bought a whole album in years either. This is a joy from one song to the next. Thank you Reba!!

    I am so happy for this album! This sounds like the Reba I loved years ago. Great song choices and I love the Texas swing additions!
  • Amazing

    Sometimes this album is my go to. Love Reba’s songs and voice.
  • Your heart

    caline priestley
    I absolutely love this album! The lyrics are very deep and very relatable. “Your Heart” is absolutely amazing!!! Love the guitar and her voice!
  • Awesome of Reba’s best!

    TD in VB
    This album is awesome! The Queen of Country is back and sounding better than ever. Buy this album if you haven’t already! Reba is the best!
  • This album is more than oookkkkuuurr A+

    Reba is at the top of her game with this cd. If you want songs that make your heart smile, songs that literally break your heart in two((cactus in a coffee can)) and swingin honky tonk two stepping than this album is for you. If you've experienced heart ache you didn't think you'd make it through, this album has the song for you...if you need a reason to believe again than this album is for you. Now I have to go to target and buy the record for two extra tracks because her cd is JUST that GOOD!
  • Pop Country Nonsense

    Just a product of over-produced pop. Talentless and tuneless. Nothing interesting or genuine on here. If people think this is country they must be be from New York.
  • I love Reba

    The whole cd is just beautiful. It was done so amazingly I am proud be a Reba fan

    The stories inside the songs -thats country. The music itself that's country. Yet it crosses the generations of music audiences. Take a look at the song Tammy Wynette Kind of Pain -tell me what woman young or old hasn't heard Tammys Stand By You Man or DIVORCE. And we (woman) get the story she's telling. Yet the music is Fresh. The Media needs to wake up ! And start playing this on the Radios ! Fantastic Album!
  • Excellent!

    Classic Reba! Love every song!

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Stronger Than the Truth is the thirty-third studio album by American country music singer Reba McEntire. It was released on April 5, 2019, by Big Machine Records..