Mac DeMarco - Here Comes the Cowboy

Mac DeMarco - Here Comes the Cowboy album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Mac DeMarco
Album Name :   Here Comes the Cowboy
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   13
Relase Date :   10 May 2019
Country :   USA

Here Comes the Cowboy (Mac DeMarco) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Here Comes the Cowboy Mac DeMarco 3:00
2. Nobody Mac DeMarco 3:32
3. Finally Alone Mac DeMarco 2:24
4. Little Dogs March Mac DeMarco 2:29
5. Preoccupied Mac DeMarco 3:59
6. Choo Choo Mac DeMarco 2:39
7. K Mac DeMarco 3:33
8. Heart to Heart Mac DeMarco 3:31
9. Hey Cowgirl Mac DeMarco 2:15
10. On the Square Mac DeMarco 3:29
11. All of Our Yesterdays Mac DeMarco 4:03
12. Skyless Moon Mac DeMarco 4:04
13. Baby Bye Bye Mac DeMarco 7:28

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Here Comes the Cowboy (Mac DeMarco) Album Comments

Here Comes the Cowboy (Mac DeMarco) Album Reviews

  • Just not feeling this album, its not the MAC DEMARCO we love

    I'm sorry Mac, I love your music, but I just purchased this album and I can't give it anything more than 1 star. It seems like it was rushed to make this album. It sounds nothing like you, the songs arent that great, I tried liking it but it's not for me. It's not the old Mac Demarco and I know artists change, but this is change to the worse. I hope you can make albums like 2, salad days, and Another one soon! Go back to the roots Mac please!
  • Thank you Mac

  • yes daddy

    its beautiful. feed me more buddy.
  • a good album

    very relaxing album to listen to
  • Literally so good

    Helena Scuderi
    Honestly this has helped me through countless anxiety attacks over last minute finals prep work etc. helped me get comfortable driving and more In tune with my self. So good he has never let me down with his music much much love
  • I get it

    He’s finally free and we all love him
  • Another Banger!

    I could eat this for breakfast, lunch, and din din ya dingus. Buy it.
  • Ahhh

    The best album yet. Way to go Mac
  • <3

    Makes my heart feel so warm and full. Thank you Macaroni
  • Gutsy Move

    To me, this record is much different than the Mac that we’re used to, the old sound. I feel that with time, it will warm up to a lot of listeners. I’d rather not judge a record off of one listen. I’m not sure if critics or long-time Mac DeMarco fans will like it or not. This is more self-indulgent, but I don’t mind. Some of the best records of all time were not well received at first. I hope people will understand where Mac is coming from. A complete sonic turnaround from his previous records.

Mac DeMarco - Here Comes the Cowboy Album Wiki

Here Comes the Cowboy is the fourth full-length album by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mac DeMarco, released on May 10, 2019, through Mac's Record Label..