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Artist :   The National
Album Name :   I Am Easy to Find
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   16
Relase Date :   17 May 2019
Country :   USA

I Am Easy to Find (The National) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. You Had Your Soul with You The National 3:26
2. Quiet Light The National 4:15
3. Roman Holiday The National 3:34
4. Oblivions The National 4:13
5. The Pull of You The National 3:58
6. Hey Rosey The National 4:14
7. I Am Easy to Find The National 4:30
8. Her Father in the Pool The National 1:02
9. Where Is Her Head The National 4:41
10. Not in Kansas The National 6:44
11. So Far So Fast The National 6:36
12. Dust Swirls in Strange Light The National 3:18
13. Hairpin Turns The National 4:27
14. Rylan The National 3:43
15. Underwater The National 1:21
16. Light Years The National 3:33

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I Am Easy to Find (The National) Album Comments

I Am Easy to Find (The National) Album Reviews

  • Amazing!

    The song light years has a piano sonata feel to it, and the piano is stunningly beautiful. Seeing them live in September. For a third or fourth time! Can't wait!
  • Finally!

    The National are finally releasing songs they've only played live, like Rylan and Light Years! I'm so excited about this album.
  • Love the first single

    I didn’t really get You Had Your Soul With You, until I let it play on repeat all day and I heard just how many layers there were to it. My favorite part is the strings section, hands down. I can’t wait to see what’s next.
  • Sooo bad.

    This track is TERRIBLE- like, who are we kidding? I’m starting to worry that they’ve lost their magic.

    Captains C
    These guys keep outdoing themselves
  • Amazing First Single

    As if The National and the Postal Service collaborated on the first track. Enjoyed.
  • Can’t be beat

    Too excited
  • New National Album!

  • Loving it

    Feel like were going back to "High Violet" with this first single-cannot wait for the rest of the album.
  • Great first single

    I read there was going to be a lot of female vocal presence on this album which will be an enjoyable change!! There will be plenty of old school fans not liking change as usual but The National’s sound through every album always shines through underneath it all.

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I Am Easy to Find I Am Easy to Find (album), a 2019 album by The National "I Am Easy to Find", the title track from the album I Am Easy to Find, a companion film to the album of the same name.