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Artist :   The National
Album Name :   I Am Easy to Find
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   16
Relase Date :   17 May 2019
Country :   USA

I Am Easy to Find (The National) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. You Had Your Soul with You The National 3:26
2. Quiet Light The National 4:15
3. Roman Holiday The National 3:34
4. Oblivions The National 4:13
5. The Pull of You The National 3:58
6. Hey Rosey The National 4:14
7. I Am Easy to Find The National 4:30
8. Her Father in the Pool The National 1:02
9. Where Is Her Head The National 4:41
10. Not in Kansas The National 6:44
11. So Far So Fast The National 6:36
12. Dust Swirls in Strange Light The National 3:18
13. Hairpin Turns The National 4:27
14. Rylan The National 3:43
15. Underwater The National 1:21
16. Light Years The National 3:33

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I Am Easy to Find (The National) Album Reviews

  • Not their best

    Favorite band, with a not-so-great album. Why is Matt’s voice buried under all these back-up singers?? Makes no sense. Credit to them for trying something a bit different. But I’m not digging it. It’s a fair few steps behind Trouble Will Find Me, High Violet, or Boxer, which are all stellar 10/10 efforts in my view.
  • Just stop

    How many times can these ageing hipsters make the same album?
  • Oof. A concept album?

    Love the band, but this album is ear trash. Will delete and pretend it never happened.
  • Exceptional!

    Steph S.
    The duets add a nice harmony.
  • Ummmmm...

    My take on the first track, You Had Your Soul with You, as it is currently the only track available. I find it to be only "meh" at this point. I tend to gravitate to the darker side of The National, in terms of both lyrics and sound. This track sounds a bit like spillover from the EL VY project. I wasn't exactly overjoyed with that either. Here's hoping the rest of the album has more to offer. *UPDATE* After reading the iTunes Review (which wasn't published when I first wrote my initial review), it caused me to approach this album with a very different mindset, and I definitely enjoy it more now. It's by no means their best, IMHO, but I am no longer so dissapointed. I do agree with the common sentiment that the abundance of female vocals is a surprising turn. BTW, It's perfectly ok to dislike an album, but it certainly doesn't make you a brain dead idiot as one reviewer suggests. Some people... SMH
  • Gets better and better

    Moondog Rocks
    I'm loving this album. Like most National albums, it takes me a few listens to warm up to it. Then, when it's familiar to my ear, I can't get enough. I find myself going back to it over and over. I love it and know that it will be in my playlist for a long time.
  • I’m confused with who the lead singer is?

    I have been a fan of The National for quit a few years. The music is excellent all the time. So much feeling and emotion is in every song. I’m not against having some female back up vocals from time to time. I am a little disappointed that so many female vocalist were singing on many tracks. Matt is an incredible singer, and we all were looking forward to hearing mainly him. If you wanted to make the album with 10 songs instead of 16, and Matt sang lead on all 10 songs, that would have been better. I cannot criticize the female vocalist, they are very talented. I just don’t think it goes with the regular sounding songs that the National always would have released........
  • Devon

    ST from Devon
    I have always been connected to The National music. More often than not, it has taken me a few listens to fully appreciate the nature and subtleties of their music. This album is no different. In fact, I was disappointed, and somewhat bored, by the initial few listens. At about listen number five, it clicked, as most of their music often does, and now I'm in love with this album. There are a couple of misses but overall a treamendous effort and very good listen, especially with high-end earphones where the complexity of the arrangements really shows. Thanks for this fine effort so soon after another stellar album. Warning, however, you have to put in some time to fully appreciate the brilliance; it is very worth the wait.
  • Yikes

    So excited became so dissapointed. Terrible
  • Bands change

    People need to understand that bands do not serve the market. If they’re great artists, they follow their own impulses, ideas, and forms—while still having their unique voice/style. This album sounds different but still beautiful National work. I’ll take this over them remaking their old stuff time and time again.

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I Am Easy to Find I Am Easy to Find (album), a 2019 album by The National "I Am Easy to Find", the title track from the album I Am Easy to Find (short film), a companion film to the album of the same name by Mike Mills starring Alicia Vikander.