Justin Moore - Late Nights and Longnecks

Justin Moore - Late Nights and Longnecks album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Justin Moore
Album Name :   Late Nights and Longnecks
Genre :   Country
Tracks :   10
Relase Date :   26 April 2019
Country :   USA

Late Nights and Longnecks (Justin Moore) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Why We Drink Justin Moore 3:31
2. That’s My Boy Justin Moore 3:10
3. The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home Justin Moore 3:11
4. Jesus and Jack Daniels Justin Moore 3:04
5. Airport Bar Justin Moore 2:54
6. Small Town Street Cred Justin Moore 3:52
7. Never Gonna Drink Again Justin Moore 4:09
8. On the Rocks Justin Moore 3:30
9. Someday I Gotta Quit Justin Moore 3:37
10. Good Times Don’t Justin Moore 2:46

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Late Nights and Longnecks (Justin Moore) Album Comments

Late Nights and Longnecks (Justin Moore) Album Reviews

  • Yup

    J Moore is at it again!!!!
  • Nice!

    Justin Moore done got his groove back.
  • Great job Justin! Really great singles so far. Can’t wait for the rest of the album

    JB 1979
  • It’s country music

    The real kind of country music I want to listen to. And he didn’t have to take his clothing off and pose in a magazine to get anyone to listen.....Justin is just singing good ole country music the way it’s supposed to be done. Good for us!
  • This song is so good

    bulldog yall
    The song ones who didn’t make it back home is so sad just actually listen to the lyrics you could cry.
  • So far it sounds like he is back in the saddle!!

    I’ve been a huge fan fan for years and think he is the closest person to the great ones that I grew up with. The last album there were only 2 songs I could get behind, the rest of it I thought were record company forced pop garbage! Maybe he pulled a Waylon and said my way or the highway or maybe the record company figured it out to leave him alone and do his thing because it works!! Love it so far Justin stay true to yourself and your roots and you’ll stick around for awhile. Do what these other guys are doing and you’ll have a couple radio hits and fade-away like the rest of these pop-country guys!
  • Love it

    Anything Justin Moore puts out is the best of country!
  • A country sound!!

    Thanks for not sounding like this new pop country!! We love ya down in BAMA!!
  • Wow

    Another amazing album, finally something I can really get into.
  • YESS!!

    Ender daimand
    He’s back doing country

Justin Moore - Late Nights and Longnecks Album Wiki

Late Nights and Longnecks is the upcoming fifth studio album by American country music singer Justin Moore, set to be released on July 26, 2019, through via Valory Music Group, an imprint of Big Machine Records. It was supported by the lead single "The Ones That Didn't Make It Back Home"..