Ra Ra Riot - Superbloom

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Artist:   Ra Ra Riot
Album Name:   Superbloom
Genre:   Alternative
Tracks:   12
Relase Date:   09 August 2019
Country:   USA

Superbloom (Ra Ra Riot) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Flowers 4:57
2.Bad to Worse 4:18
3.Belladonna 4:13
4.Endless Pain/Endless Joy 3:09
5.War & Famine 3:41
6.Bitter Conversation 3:08
7.This Time of Year 3:56
8.Gimme Time 3:58
9.Backroads 3:53
10.Dangerous 3:48
11.An Accident 4:19
12.A Check for Daniel 3:44

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Superbloom (Ra Ra Riot) Album Comments

Superbloom (Ra Ra Riot) Album Reviews

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  • Chalmers1
    5 stars
    Great work. Love you all’s work. Listen all the time in the car.
  • The Yeeting Cow
    1 stars
    The Yeeting Cow. Not for me.
  • Mjndrum
    1 stars
    Ok but kinda sleepy. The band’s albums have been strong and steady from their start through Beta Love. This new one and Light are trying but not really landing. Lyrics eh. Super synth pop eh. I prefer newer acts trying something different and edgier, such as French Vanilla.
  • Wesco671
    5 stars
    Ra Ra Riot has done it again!!. It’s not an understatement when I say that Ra Ra Riot is my absolute favorite band. The writing, the song structure, the lyrics, they all play to each other and the end result is amazing. No this is not a paid review, this is someone who truly believes that Ra Ra Riot is the best band of our century, and their diversity in style when it comes to music is outstanding. WOO!!! Can’t wait for the tour guys! 🤘🤘🤘 -wesco

Ra Ra Riot - Superbloom Album Wiki

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