Baroness - Gold & Grey

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Artist :   Baroness
Album Name :   Gold & Grey
Genre :   Hard Rock
Tracks :   17
Relase Date :   14 June 2019
Country :   USA

Gold & Grey (Baroness) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Front Toward Enemy Baroness 3:44
2. I'm Already Gone Baroness 3:50
3. Seasons Baroness 4:26
4. Sevens Baroness 2:05
5. Tourniquet Baroness 5:45
6. Anchor's Lament Baroness 1:39
7. Throw Me an Anchor Baroness 4:00
8. I'd Do Anything Baroness 4:10
9. Blankets of Ash Baroness 1:04
10. Emmett - Radiating Light Baroness 4:12
11. Cold: Blooded Angels Baroness 5:38
12. Crooked Mile Baroness 0:41
13. Broken Halo Baroness 4:24
14. Can Oscura Baroness 2:01
15. Borderlines Baroness 6:16
16. Assault on East Falls Baroness 2:19
17. Pale Sun Baroness 4:14

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Gold & Grey (Baroness) Album Comments

Gold & Grey (Baroness) Album Reviews

  • This is not metal

    This is trash pop music
  • Production is terrible/the rest is pretty good

    The production on this is flat out awful. Purple sufferd a bit from the same problem. It sounds like everything is peaking out and most of the sound has a layer of fuzz on it. I had written an early review so here's my thoughts after multiple listenings: This contains some very cool writing and ideas. I think it's more like Yellow & Green than any other album in thier past. It contains some really great guitar playing and Gina Gleason fits in as a fine addition to the band. I would highly reccomend getting it if you are a Baroness fan, just be ready to be disappointed by the production. Ths sad thing is, that the better the sound system you play it on, the worse it sounds.
  • Still worth a listen

    Monster bulldog
    My least favorite out of all their albums but still awesome nonetheless. Production is a little weak but I don’t think it takes away the enjoyment of listening to baroness
  • Bummer

    Songs sound great, but... If this was a deliberate decision to "artist low-fi", and we all think is was, they did a terrible job. Instead of sounding like it was recorded on a 1/4" reel, tube consol with vintage preamps, it sounds like writing with a pen thats running out of ink. I get the limmit on pollish, but this just creates fatigue and frustration. dynamics are lost in a buzzy honky over limmited threshold. Bummer
  • Y

    First few were good
    Bad production
  • The production is just fine

    It's more than just fine, it's fantastic. Good instrument separation. Good ambience. A bit on the high end maybe, but very clean. There is some purposeful distortion on the drums at some points, but if you don't get that then I guess you don't get what musicians are after, which is not always going to be clean. This album is brilliant, their best work yet. An amazing triumph. Don't listen to the naysayers.
  • Meh...

    Don't understand how this is in Metal category or hard rock for that matter....sounds like weak alternative to my ears. And the production is terrible . Meh.....I just dont get it at all.
  • not again

    Good tunes. Hopefully I'm around long enough to buy a remastered version of them some day...
  • Powerful

    Fantastic album, very strong stuff
  • Good-great songs overshadowed by garbage production.

    I love this band. They make amazing music. I was so excited to get their last album, Purple, until I heard it for the first time and it sounded like my speakers were blown. It was incredibly frustrating because the songs were great but the production made the album nearly unlistenable for me. When I got the new album, Gold & Grey I was hoping so badly that the audio quality on the last album had been some kind of mistake or one-time poor decision but that hope was destroyed within the first second of listening. Clearly the clipping, the distortion, and absent dynamics are a deliberate choice by the band and it’s a confounding choice. Their older albums sound good and their songwriting has only improved with time but the audio quality is so bad I honestly can't listen to this album for more then 10-15 minutes at a time before the crappy sound turns me off. I wish it weren’t the case.

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