P!nk - Hurts 2B Human

P!nk - Hurts 2B Human album wiki, reviews
Artist :   P!nk
Album Name :   Hurts 2B Human
Genre :   Pop
Tracks :   13
Relase Date :   26 April 2019
Country :   USA

Hurts 2B Human (P!nk) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Hustle P!nk 2:55
2. (Hey Why) Miss You Sometime P!nk 3:23
3. Walk Me Home P!nk 2:59
4. My Attic P!nk 3:02
5. 90 Days (feat. Wrabel) P!nk 3:50
6. Hurts 2B Human (feat. Khalid) P!nk 3:22
7. Can We Pretend (feat. Cash Cash) P!nk 3:44
8. Courage P!nk 4:19
9. Happy P!nk 3:01
10. We Could Have It All P!nk 4:33
11. Love Me Anyway (feat. Chris Stapleton) P!nk 3:08
12. Circle Game P!nk 4:54
13. The Last Song of Your Life P!nk 3:53

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Hurts 2B Human (P!nk) Album Comments

Hurts 2B Human (P!nk) Album Reviews

  • Not good

    Horrible songs, then she gets political in one song. Annoying.
  • Great album

    Great album! Love the new music and the songs are so different. Keep expanding your horizons
  • True p!nk fan

    Not cliche as some have said. Her voice never could be with all the rock, blues and style behind it. She could sing anything and with her twist on it, it sounds amazing. Can’t wait for the entire CD!
  • What is this?

    Stephanie wangler
    Oh garbage. Right into the bin! Boring. Stupid title. Nope.
  • Rod pyriteldreehiiirr

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  • 2 in the pink, 1 in the stink.

    Sounds like generic pop, of a angry child mad at our great president.
  • I got a VIP pass to Pinks Show!!! Who wants to come with me?

    Hailey Beiber
    Who wants to come with me to meet pink?
  • Can we pretend feat cash cash great song

    This is great! Cash Cash and Pink hit a homerun! Should be top 10 song!
  • Love this!

    Original pink with a bit of a flare. I love it 😊
  • Can We Pretend

    Held out after Walk Me Home and wasn’t disappointed. Can We Pretend is an absolute jam! Pink goes to different influences for each album and the final product never disappoints. She is constantly evolving so shouldn’t her music?? She won’t let y’all keep her in a box.

P!nk - Hurts 2B Human Album Wiki

Hurts 2B Human is the upcoming eighth studio album by American singer Pink, set to be released on April 26, 2019. "Walk Me Home" was released as the lead single on February 20, 2019..