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Artist :   Jesca Hoop
Album Name :   Stonechild
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   11
Relase Date :   05 July 2019
Country :   USA

Stonechild (Jesca Hoop) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Free of the Feeling Jesca Hoop 4:38
2. Shoulder Charge (feat. Lucius) Jesca Hoop 5:43
3. Old Fear of Father Jesca Hoop 3:12
4. Footfall to the Path Jesca Hoop 3:45
5. Death Row Jesca Hoop 4:59
6. Red White and Black Jesca Hoop 3:16
7. 01 Tear Jesca Hoop 3:17
8. All Time Low Jesca Hoop 4:19
9. Outside of Eden (feat. Kate Stables & Ju.. Jesca Hoop 3:09
10. Passage's End Jesca Hoop 4:37
11. Time Capsule Jesca Hoop 3:19

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Neil Stonechild (August 24, 1973 – November 25, 1990) was a Saulteaux First Nations teenager who died of hypothermia. There were accusations that the Saskatoon Police Service may have taken him to the northwest section of the city and abandoned him in a field on a night when temperatures were below −28 °C (−18 °F). The practice is known as a starlight tour, and a number of such cases in Saskatoon area have been referred to collectively as the Saskatoon freezing deaths..