Ashley Tisdale - Symptoms

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Artist :   Ashley Tisdale
Album Name :   Symptoms
Genre :   Pop
Tracks :   9
Relase Date :   03 May 2019
Country :   USA

Symptoms (Ashley Tisdale) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Symptoms Ashley Tisdale 2:54
2. Looking Glass Ashley Tisdale 2:37
3. Love Me & Let Me Go Ashley Tisdale 2:46
4. Insomnia Ashley Tisdale 2:54
5. Vibrations Ashley Tisdale 2:23
6. Under Pressure Ashley Tisdale 2:33
7. True Romance Ashley Tisdale 2:34
8. Voices in My Head Ashley Tisdale 3:19
9. Feeling so Good Ashley Tisdale 3:07

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Symptoms (Ashley Tisdale) Album Comments

Symptoms (Ashley Tisdale) Album Reviews

  • Really Good!

    Enjoyed the album and her new music.
  • On repeat.. 😍😍

    For a thirty something whose been cheering you on since HSM, this is my favorite album. I love how raw this is & speaks to anyone whose had their own personal struggles with not feeling good enough or thinking they are alone with mental health. Every song is my favorite but Symptoms and Feeling So Good are the ones in my head. Thank you for sharing you with us. Because I am excited to keep cheering you on!!
  • So proud!!

    This album is phenomenal! So happy I get to be a proud listener of you and all your hard work 😊
  • Ashley

    I love it !! Plz do a clean version
  • Love it

    I have always been a fan of Ashley Tisdale but this my favorite album of hers. Love it!
  • Wow.

    This is.. woah. Make a clean ver. Please.
  • Feeling so good

    Love the album!! Every song is different and catchy!
  • Love it

    I love her album I replay her music Again again love it so much........
  • 💖💖💖

    McKenzie Eke
    I’ve always been a fan and thanks to this album, I’ll continue to be one. Love her so much 💫
  • Mentally Fixing

    THANK YOU. Thank you for creating an album centered around mental health. From feeling those "Symptoms" from "Living my life" under the pressure. A M A Z I N G!!! Worth the purchase, streams, downloads - everything!!

Ashley Tisdale - Symptoms Album Wiki

A symptom (from Greek σύμπτωμα, "accident, misfortune, that which befalls", from συμπίπτω, "I befall", from συν- "together, with" and πίπτω, "I fall") is a departure from normal function or feeling which is apparent to a patient, reflecting the presence of an unusual state, or of a disease. A symptom can be subjective or objective. Tiredness is a subjective symptom whereas cough or fever are objective symptoms. In contrast to a symptom, a sign is a clue to a disease elicited by an examiner or a doctor. For example, paresthesia is a symptom (only the person experiencing it can directly observe their own tingling feeling), whereas erythema is a sign (anyone can confirm that the skin is redder than usual). Symptoms and signs are often nonspecific, but often combinations of them are at least suggestive of certain diagnoses, helping to narrow down what may be wrong. In other cases they are specific even to the point of being pathognomonic. The term is sometimes also applied to physiological states outside the context of disease, as for example when referring to "symptoms of pregnancy". Many people use the term sign and symptom interchangeably..