Sum 41 - Order In Decline

Sum 41 - Order In Decline album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Sum 41
Album Name :   Order In Decline
Genre :   Hard Rock
Tracks :   10
Relase Date :   19 July 2019
Country :   USA

Order In Decline (Sum 41) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Turning Away Sum 41 3:50
2. Out For Blood Sum 41 3:36
3. The New Sensation Sum 41 3:50
4. A Death In the Family Sum 41 3:18
5. Heads Will Roll Sum 41 3:50
6. 45 (A Matter of Time) Sum 41 3:12
7. Never There Sum 41 4:20
8. Eat You Alive Sum 41 2:44
9. The People Vs… Sum 41 3:19
10. Catching Fire Sum 41 4:01

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Order In Decline (Sum 41) Album Comments

Order In Decline (Sum 41) Album Reviews

  • Brown Sound

    Just Brown Sounds Solo!!! Nuff said...
  • Nice!

    I did not expect to see Sum 41 out with new music. The first release track sounds like thy have not lost a beat from their past records! Can’t wait for the rest to release!
  • Awesome

    I think it’s amazing. Whoever Thomas Mickey is needs to stop listening to butt rock..
  • Can’t wait!

    This is not taken is taken
    I did not expect a song like this, but I love the feel, it has some Chuck vibes and Screaming Bloody Murder vibes but I feel this will be one of their best yet. Go Sum 41! 🤟🏽
  • These haters don’t know what they’re talking about

    Sum 41 has always felt “punk” and didn’t brag about politics. Glad to see their still making music.
  • No slowing down

    Vintage Jedi
    Sum 41 just keeps pumping out amazing music
  • Yes

    So good!!!
  • OFB

    The guitar solo in OFB cleansed my soul. This album is gonna be incredible.
  • If I could give negative stars I would!

    Thomas Mickie
    Laughable doesn’t even describe this band, they were terrible as a “punk” band but their absurd accusations of making a heavy album are retarded 😂
  • My absolute favorite band are back and I couldn’t be more in anticipation! Bring on the bangers.🤘🏻

Sum 41 - Order In Decline Album Wiki

Order in Decline is the upcoming seventh studio album by Canadian rock band Sum 41. It will be released on July 19, 2019. The band released the lead single "Out for Blood" on April 24, 2019. .