The Lumineers - III

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Artist :   The Lumineers
Album Name :   III
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   13
Relase Date :   13 September 2019
Country :   USA

III (The Lumineers) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Donna The Lumineers 3:05
2. Life in the City The Lumineers 3:51
3. Gloria The Lumineers 3:36
4. It Wasn't Easy to Be Happy for You The Lumineers 3:34
5. Leader of the Landslide The Lumineers 5:54
6. Left for Denver The Lumineers 3:16
7. My Cell The Lumineers 3:16
8. Jimmy Sparks The Lumineers 5:55
9. April The Lumineers 0:50
10. Salt and the Sea The Lumineers 4:30
11. Democracy (Bonus Track) The Lumineers 6:44
12. Old Lady (Bonus Track) The Lumineers 4:17
13. Soundtrack Song (Bonus Track) The Lumineers 2:01

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III (The Lumineers) Album Reviews

  • Nothing New

    At first I enjoyed what I heard from these guys. But at this point, a change in sound or direction would be greatly appreciated. And how many songs can they make that involve women whose name ends with a?
  • ❤️

    This is so refreshing to my ears after all of these trashy musicians taking over the charts these days. Let’s bring good music back. Thank you, The Lumineers x
  • Growing Larger

    I’m so happy that while the Lumineers have grown in their fan base, they have managed to hold true to their original sounds. Their first album seems very timid in comparison to their newer music. Their sound has grown along with their popularity. I’m so excited for this upcoming album! I wish it would be released sooner than September.
  • Same thing, different year.

    A lot of bands only have one good album in them and the Lumineers are one of those bands. Just buy their first album, it's all you really need of them. Unless you like paying for the same slightly reworked songs again and again.
  • 👀👀👀

    ya boy jb
    Possibly their most impressive music to date. Very good storytelling in a short amount of time
  • Solid ground

    You guys are on 🔥
  • Meh...

    Blitz 15
    Is it just me, or do all their songs sound the same, or less? Boring.
  • Eek

    Not terrible, but super generic-and the vocals aren’t sounding too great
  • Love!!

    I love this album!! Very deep lyrics and meaning. On top of that, great instrumentation! I am always impressed by their music.
  • Uninspired

    mrs. chanandler bong
    So far not so good... These first few songs seem hollow. There are lines taken directly from earlier albums which I have to think was deliberate but it comes off feeling lazy. The song rhythms and melodies are lacking and missing a lot. Also, the album art is flat out bad and here’s that word again, lazy. I don’t like the 3 stage release plan either. I really hope Neyla (the third member, cellist, and backup vocalist) who departed the band prior to this album wasn’t the real heart, soul, and composer for the Lumineers. I had a feeling after the second album that she was being phased out and not being given fair credit & compensation. A couple years later and she leaves the band, hmm... Bottom line is what we have so far is far from illuminating.

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