Motionless In White - Disguise

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Artist :   Motionless In White
Album Name :   Disguise
Genre :   Hard Rock
Tracks :   11
Relase Date :   07 June 2019
Country :   USA

Disguise (Motionless In White) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Disguise Motionless In White 3:57
2. Headache Motionless In White 3:29
3. Motionless In White 3:48
4. Thoughts & Prayers Motionless In White 4:00
5. Legacy Motionless In White 3:33
6. Undead Ahead 2: The Tale of the Midnight.. Motionless In White 4:33
7. Holding On To Smoke Motionless In White 4:14
8. Another Life Motionless In White 3:25
9. Broadcasting from Beyond the Grave: Deat.. Motionless In White 3:54
10. Brand New Numb Motionless In White 3:42
11. Catharsis Motionless In White 3:51

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Disguise (Motionless In White) Album Comments

Disguise (Motionless In White) Album Reviews

  • So stoked for this upcoming album!!!

    Can’t wait for it! It’s going to be lit! 🤟🔥💥
  • Undead ahead 2

    This is their best work since creatures
  • Open mind

    Honestly love what I hear. I can wait to hear more super stoked have a really open mind for this album love it!! So far can’t wait undead ahead 2 is killer so lit!!! 🔥🤘 I feel a mix when hearing to of the singles but definitely it’s MIW fr.
  • Gonna be a great record like always got the cd on preorder as well

    brady r creasy
    Undead ahead 2 is so heavy and amazing songs I’m also really stoked for is another life and death inc
  • Disguise

    Really can’t wait for this album to be released! The three songs released so far are great!!
  • Best band ever

    Absolutely love the direction the album is going! Good job guys!
  • This could be huge

    This could be a really huge album for MIW, Disguise is a perfect combination of Creatures Reincarnate and Graveyard Shift, Brand New Numb has a catchy groove that sounds straight of Infamous, and Undead Ahead Part 2 is atmoshperic as hell, can't wait to hear the full album
  • The sign of a decline

    Blazing Lucario
    Graveyard shift was already a relatively sub par album, but this feels like its only scraping farther down and trying to see how different they can make their sound, and although it’s not bad to experiment this feels like a cut and paste that any band could do album, there’s no MIW flare or originality here
  • Where’s the rest of the songs??

  • Nope

    This sounds like a horrible combination of Marilyn Manson, The Cult, and Nine Inch Nails, and the lyrics to Disguise sound like the diary entry of a 13 year old scene kind from 2009. Cringe.

Motionless In White - Disguise Album Wiki

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