The Black Keys - "Let's Rock"

The Black Keys -
Artist :   The Black Keys
Album Name :   "Let's Rock"
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   13
Relase Date :   28 June 2019
Country :   USA

"Let's Rock" (The Black Keys) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Shine A Little Light The Black Keys 0:00
2. Eagle Birds The Black Keys 2:40
3. Lo/Hi The Black Keys 2:57
4. Walk Across The Water The Black Keys 0:00
5. Tell Me Lies The Black Keys 0:00
6. Every Little Thing The Black Keys 0:00
7. Get Yourself Together The Black Keys 0:00
8. Sit Around And Miss You The Black Keys 0:00
9. Go The Black Keys 2:26
10. Breaking Down The Black Keys 0:00
11. Under The Gun The Black Keys 0:00
12. Fire Walk With Me The Black Keys 0:00

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"Let's Rock" (The Black Keys) Album Comments

"Let's Rock" (The Black Keys) Album Reviews

  • Not their best but still enjoyable

    This feels like a mashup between their last two albums Turn Blue & El Camino. I am a pretty big fan, and I do like it but it’s they have done better
  • Lo/HI - Site unseen

    Lo/Hi is an absolute banger! The rest of the album is not out yet but Lo/Hi WOW!!!!
  • Eh

  • Better than the White stripes

    Kunye vest
    This bluesy garage rock transcends the entire genre of what it represents! The best voices, talents, energy pushes the boundaries of what the culture of today represents! In the modern age of social media human disconnect and millennial entitlement there is a tiny dot of hope left at the end of the tunnel called The Black Keys! This music brings you to another age when talent was real, when people connected, when reality was actually real! The originality of this band is its soul, it’s actions speak louder than words. We will begin to see a major shift on earth and people will begin to BELIEVE again!!!
  • This album gonna be lit 🔥

    After hearing the new singles I can tell this is gonna be one hell of an album. Between the Keys, Greta van fleet and rival sons I think rock music is making a comeback!
  • Ehh

    This ain’t rock
  • That rock n roll

    It just wont go away

    Tony game man
    I thought the Black Keys were over! I GUESS I WAS WRONG!
  • This is going to be a good album.

    Between Greta Van Fleet and The Black Keys, I feel Rock is on a coming up again.
  • uhhh

    rock what? this band is a joke

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