The Black Keys - "Let's Rock"

The Black Keys -
Artist :   The Black Keys
Album Name :   "Let's Rock"
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   13
Relase Date :   28 June 2019
Country :   USA

"Let's Rock" (The Black Keys) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Shine A Little Light The Black Keys 3:16
2. Eagle Birds The Black Keys 2:40
3. Lo/Hi The Black Keys 2:57
4. Walk Across The Water The Black Keys 3:55
5. Tell Me Lies The Black Keys 3:39
6. Every Little Thing The Black Keys 3:19
7. Get Yourself Together The Black Keys 3:56
8. Sit Around And Miss You The Black Keys 2:40
9. Go The Black Keys 2:26
10. Breaking Down The Black Keys 3:25
11. Under The Gun The Black Keys 3:16
12. Fire Walk With Me The Black Keys 2:58

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About The Black Keys - "Let's Rock" Album

Let's Rock (stylized with quotation marks) is the ninth studio album by American rock duo the Black Keys, released on June 28, 2019, through Easy Eye Sound/Nonesuch Records. ..

"Let's Rock" (The Black Keys) Album Comments

"Let's Rock" (The Black Keys) Album Reviews

  • Fun Rock Record

    This is not ground breaking or genre changing, but I think this is just a fun blues rock record that we need more of in the world. If you want rock to come back you should at least give this a few listens so that companies actually see that people like this music still
  • Awesome!!!

    This is off the beaten path compared to their early work, but this is a very catchy album. I’ve been listening to it over and over and have yet to get tired of it. Does it have more of a studio production sound to it? Yeah, but don’t let that deter you from giving it a spin. Don’t listen to the haters who are dissing it for various reasons. All artists change up their game every now and then for better or worse...this is definitely for the better.
  • A new meaning for "keeping it simple"

    90% of the songs on this album sound like something that would start playing when you put the required amount of quarters into a cheesy arcade racing game. That being said, it's fine, not sure what the hate is on Turn Blue especially after listening to this.
  • They’re back!

    Awesome new album that proves their versatility. Great new songs with some excellent arrangements and musicianship. Love it!!
  • Wow what an awesome album

    Joe Maw
    The Black Keys are back with this rocking new album and it is 🔥!
  • So disappointed

    I’m a huge Black Keys fan, but this album isn’t them! A couple good guitar riffs, but overall weak, mushy vocals. No edge, no “Brothers.”
  • The Black Keys are back.

    Jacob Denyse
    So, Ive been listening to this album the last week and a half. Like many previous albums by the Black Keys, it is a great album with some well written music that i love and enjoy. Sadly there is a strange lack of more up-beat/“Rock” tracks on the album even though its called “lets rock”. Now I love each song as it is but I just wish maybe there were less slower tracks this time around. Turn blue was an amazing album with the slow tracks it make u anticipate with the name of the album. But this really led me on to believe it would be a louder, maybe more fast paced album like el camino was. Over all 8.9/10, love it and I'm glad to have more from my favorite two boys Dan and Pat. If you love the black keys you have to hear this one but just dont expect many “rock” tracks.
  • YES

    I am absolutely in love with this album. Shine a Little Light is phenomenal, Walk Across the Water will touch your soul, Go and Under the Gun will make you groove. Dan and Patrick once again put together the best Rock/Blues and some of the best music you will ever have the luckiness to hear. Rock on!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻👊🏻❤️🍻 EDIT: Walk Across the Water is my new jam. Thank you once again. Soul and love...all the way throughout
  • Way better than the last album.

    I don’t get the negative reviews. I was reluctant to purchase this album because of Turn Blue, but this is a great album. Yeah, it’s not as raw as their earlier albums, and may not be as good as Brothers, but it’s a great album. Fire Walk With Me has hints of Roy Orbison vocals in parts. Across the Water is another great song. And Lo/Hi is pretty raw. I highly recommend it for a Black Keys fan.
  • Outstanding

    Just good Rock n' roll! Great album! We need more bands and more talented musicians like this!

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