Karol G - OCEAN

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Artist :   Karol G
Album Name :   OCEAN
Genre :   Urbano latino
Tracks :   16
Relase Date :   03 May 2019
Country :   USA

OCEAN (Karol G) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Ocean Karol G 2:33
2. Punto G Karol G 3:01
3. Love With A Quality (feat. Damian "Jr. G.. Karol G 3:41
4. Baby Karol G 3:58
5. Sin Corazón Karol G 2:49
6. Dices Que Te Vas (feat. Anuel AA) Karol G 3:23
7. Pineapple Karol G 2:58
8. La Vida Continuó (feat. Simone & Simaria.. Karol G 2:45
9. Bebesita Karol G 3:02
10. Culpables Karol G & Anuel AA 3:46
11. Mi Cama Karol G 2:30
12. La Ocasión Perfecta (feat. Yandel) Karol G 3:41
13. Créeme Karol G & Maluma 3:32
14. Go Karo Karol G 2:28
15. Mi Cama (feat. Nicky Jam) Karol G & J Balvin 3:15
16. Yo Aprendí (feat. Danay Suárez) Karol G 3:05

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OCEAN (Karol G) Album Reviews

  • 💕💕🔝🔥

    So many beautiful songs
  • Best yet

    Love this album, you can tell she put so much of her soul & heart into it!
  • Basura

    el chino de guerrero mex.
  • Just plain AMAZING!!!

    This whole album is beautiful. Can’t get these songs out of my head. Great job!
  • 💙💎Oceanaya!!💙💎

    😎Jenesis 😎
  • No

  • Slay

  • La Reina 👑

    On replay from start to finish over & over again... Straight to the heart 💘
  • ?

    #1 why ??
  • Me 5 faltan canciones

    5 de las 16 canciones no bajaron que porque no están disponibles en mi país.... estoy triste... Estaba tan emocionada

Karol G - OCEAN Album Wiki

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