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Artist :   Batushka
Album Name :   Господи
Genre :   Metal
Tracks :   10
Relase Date :   12 July 2019
Country :   USA

Господи (Batushka) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Wozglas Batushka 2:33
2. Dziewiatyj Czas Batushka 6:08
3. Wieczernia Batushka 5:31
4. Powieczerje Batushka 5:29
5. Polunosznica Batushka 5:23
6. Utrenia Batushka 5:26
7. Pierwyj Czas Batushka 4:37
8. Tretij Czas Batushka 4:59
9. Szestoj Czas Batushka 4:29
10. Liturgiya Batushka 6:32

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Господи (Batushka) Album Comments

Господи (Batushka) Album Reviews

  • Fake

    Just found out about the split, want my money back- don’t support this thief!
  • More like BarPooshka

    The Katatoniac
    Jokes aside, what’s happened is a terrible thing. Please support the original artist and his music.
  • Metal blade messed up

    God this is dull by comparison to the other band.
  • Hail, Hospodi! \m/

    Metal Marc K
    Don't be a hater (even though this version of the band MAY deserve it...we don't know the entire story), but this album RIPS! I like it better thank Krysz's version. It's more interesting.
  • This is good

    I get why people are mad, but I still think this is a great record. I never heard the first record so maybe so don’t have that attachment but good tunes are good tunes. And we get another record from the guitarist who left. Seems like a win win to me.
  • Faketushka garbage album

    Only remotely sounds like original Batushka. It shows in the composition that the singer was not the creative brains behind the band. Overproduced crap.
  • Not Good

    This is what would happen if your local christian Youth Group decided to copy Batushka. Great job Metal Blade, you backed the wrong horse.
  • Thief

  • I mean....I like it

    It sounds different....but I still like it! I understand the hate is coming from Bart supposedly stealing the name and stuff, but whoever is writing these tracks is crushing it. Definitely buying it.
  • Tried giving them a chance

    I listened to their three singles and it is very clear that, while they have the same name, they lost the one responsible for their songs compositions.

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