K.Flay - Solutions

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Artist :   K.Flay
Album Name :   Solutions
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   10
Relase Date :   12 July 2019
Country :   USA

Solutions (K.Flay) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. I Like Myself (Most of the Time) K.Flay 4:05
2. Bad Vibes K.Flay 3:05
3. This Baby Don’t Cry K.Flay 3:04
4. Sister K.Flay 3:25
5. Nervous K.Flay 3:45
6. Good News K.Flay 3:31
7. Ice Cream K.Flay 3:43
8. Not in California K.Flay 3:37
9. Only the Dark K.Flay 3:54
10. DNA K.Flay 4:39

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  • More K.Flay 😍

    Can’t wait to jam out with the rest of the album

K.Flay - Solutions Album Wiki

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