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Artist :   K.Flay
Album Name :   Solutions
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   10
Relase Date :   12 July 2019
Country :   USA

Solutions (K.Flay) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. I Like Myself (Most of the Time) K.Flay 4:05
2. Bad Vibes K.Flay 3:05
3. This Baby Don’t Cry K.Flay 3:04
4. Sister K.Flay 3:25
5. Nervous K.Flay 3:45
6. Good News K.Flay 3:31
7. Ice Cream K.Flay 3:43
8. Not in California K.Flay 3:37
9. Only the Dark K.Flay 3:54
10. DNA K.Flay 4:39

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  • 4/5

    Her previous album was better, but this one has some bops(almost like she found what resonated best and maximized it). Some songs sound the same, but I like the positivity!
  • KFlay is REAL Kool😎🎧🥇

    Her music is so down to earth, real, likable, relatable, and really fun to listen to. Awesome lyrics! Great Work Kflay! I would definitely recommend her songs!!
  • K.Flay is AWESOME!

    Everything she does is pure gold. What a cool voice, cool beats, and amazing lyrics.
  • Kflay is the best ever

    So happy kflay exists, and excited for the rest of this album to drop
  • by Ada Castle - June 7/ Review For Sisters

    AJ Castle
    I was going to wait and review the whole album on July 12, that is what I normally do ....But then I heard Sister and went all nuts, in a good way! I must of listened to it at least 30 times so far today on Spotify, Youtube and Itunes now and the more I hear it the more love for it I have. I seen K.Flay on Instagram write out what inspired her to write the song and it deeply touched my heart. I do have one sibling but we aren't close and are 15 years apart in age, so the whole searching for family and finding it with people who don't share any of our blood, sometimes half blood ( sounds like the Harry Potter book now doesn't it ? * wink* sorry had to) sometimes a trace of our blood, it's all a humbling, cathartic lesson of life. Sometimes we feel connected and then when we find ourselves apart sometimes we get confused and it hurts and we get clingy, sad or a lot of other things but in the end all the twists and turns our feelings go through are worth the love we find. What I feel when I hear the song is Friendship is Family and Family is Friendship. Maybe one day all of us Humans and Critters will be each others Sister. Wouldn't that be Awesome!! Yep. Good place to start that happening is to play this song for someone you love like a Sister, and see what happens, at the very least you gotta dance to that beat together, right? Yep.
  • so excited

    Jonah Varc
    ready for more. can’t wait! been a fan for years.
  • It’s Gonna Be...

    I Really Really Like K.Flay And I’m Sure She’s Gonna Do Great In Solutions Album. Also Loved The Two Songs Of The Album Soooo... It’s Gonna Be Great.

K.Flay - Solutions Album Wiki

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