Catching Flies - Silver Linings

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Artist:   Catching Flies
Album Name:   Silver Linings
Genre:   Electronic
Tracks:   10
Relase Date:   05 July 2019
Country:   USA

Silver Linings (Catching Flies) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Komorebi 3:50
2. 3:33
3.New Gods (feat. Jay Prince & Oscar Jerom.. 3:18
4.Silver Linings 4:01
5.Opals 2:24
6.Satisfied (Edit) 3:43
7.When the Sun Bursts 4:19
8.She Goes out of Focus 5:24
9.Kite Hill Theme 4:02
10.Z 6:04

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Catching Flies - Silver Linings Album Wiki

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