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Artist :   Tycho
Album Name :   Weather
Genre :   Electronic
Tracks :   8
Relase Date :   12 July 2019
Country :   USA

Weather (Tycho) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Easy Tycho 3:27
2. Pink & Blue (feat. Saint Sinner) Tycho 4:19
3. Japan (feat. Saint Sinner) Tycho 3:18
4. Into the Woods Tycho 4:02
5. Skate (feat. Saint Sinner) Tycho 3:07
6. For How Long (feat. Saint Sinner) Tycho 3:00
7. No Stress (feat. Saint Sinner) Tycho 3:49
8. Weather Tycho 4:14

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Weather (Tycho) Album Reviews

  • Words Do Not Express ...

    Sweetish music but so sorry to see him wander off his unique instrumental island niche into the Big Pond of Dreamy Vocal Mediocrity. It may have felt good making it but the result puts the album into Where’s Waldo Hiding Territory. Hope he finds his way back.
  • I don't care about her diet

    I still enjoy it, but the lyrics are stupid.

    I love absolutely love this album. I feel like Tycho has been leading up to this moment where the fascinating ambient and organic sound combines with the human voice, and it does so excellently. Saint sinner is so so good and I’m so glad this album turned out exactly the way it did. I know some people are turned off by the vocals, but give it some time and be open minded. I really liked it right away because I like that kind of sound, since Saint Sinner has a very airy and roomy voice. For How Long is my favorite.
  • Ignore the bad reviews

    If you like Tycho, I can't see why you wouldn't like the new album. Sure, it's somewhat different--it has vocals . . . Just enjoy it. He's an artist; let an artist explore--this isn't even branching out that far--it still sounds just like Tycho. If you don't want vocals, listen to his other albums, or, likely, wait for the next. Saint Sinner's voice is nice and soothing and weaves well as another instrument to Hansen's synth. Good work by both. Some folks giving reviews just need to stop being haters. Smile sometimes :)
  • I will always support Tycho

    The music that speaks beyond vocals has added vocals... I am not on board 100% here. I love every Tycho album but I can’t say the same here. I will always support Tycho and the evolving sound, but the sound already has its own story to tell without lyrics. In regards to adding lyrics, it would seem the sound and it’s story are muddied. This would have been better perceived as the vocalists album with Tycho-esque loops in the background.
  • Bëåûtîfûł

    As always. First time I ever herd tycho was around the same time my life took a pretty chaotic shift. He brought calmness and tranquility into my life and every time I hear a song by him I know immediately that it’s tycho, the overwhelming feeling of euphoria that washes over me when I hear this music is a feeling and sound I will always recognize and cherish. Thank you so much for your music. Peace and love ✌🏼💙
  • Silly pandering pop electronica

    See title
  • Vocals

    Sad. One of the most enjoyable bands around produced a record with vocals (ugh) done by someone who can’t sing. She’s probably a friend or his girlfriend. If you are going to recruit a singer, make it Mariah Carey.
  • It’s all Love

    I’ve had the pleasure of listening to & watching Scott’s artistic journey as a musical artist & graphic designer. I think we all have to have an open mind to what avenues he wants to explore. Thank you Scott for sharing with us another chapter in the Tycho saga. Enjoying Weather. :)
  • Sonic Progress

    Initially was hesitant about the additional of vocals, but I think it’s safe to say that this is the natural direction to follow after 4 instrumental albums. Some of the lyrics are hard to understand but they blend well with the instrumental. Would like to see where things go from here

Tycho - Weather Album Wiki

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