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Artist :   311
Album Name :   Voyager
Genre :   Rock
Tracks :   13
Relase Date :   12 July 2019
Country :   USA

Voyager (311) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Crossfire 311 2:38
2. Don't You Worry 311 3:37
3. Stainless 311 3:50
4. Space and Time 311 3:34
5. Dream State 311 3:15
6. Good Feeling 311 3:23
7. What The?! 311 3:34
8. Better Space 311 3:23
9. Dodging Raindrops 311 3:27
10. Rolling Through 311 2:53
11. Born to Live 311 3:30
12. Charge It Up 311 3:12
13. Lucid Dreams 311 3:49

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Voyager (311) Album Comments

Voyager (311) Album Reviews

  • Wow

    Prog 22
    This album is amazingly chill and groovy. Maybe their best?!?!
  • Great 311 Album

    Pretty much liked all of the songs on this album. 311 fans will dig it!
  • This album was fantastic!

    It brought in all the old sounds to create new and modern sounding songs plus some completely old sounding ones. The whole album is a masterpiece and I’m seeing them on my birthday!!!!
  • Rolling Through!

    It's so hard to review a 311 album. I took my time to really listen trough all the tracks as one collection. This album is SO GOOD! No two 311 albums are exactly alike, which is the joy of being a 311 fan. The band gave a heads up that there were some 'departures' for them on this record. I wouldn't call them 'departures' but rather 'expansions'. These 'exapnsions' are catchy and fun but still have a solid uniquenss to them. There are still no competitors and we keep getting more beats for buck. Keep Rolling Through 311!!!!
  • Not good

    At all
  • Love It.

    Once again 311 has shown their dedication to producing well crafted songs that sound new and familiar at the same time. As a long time fan, I can’t believe they are still making such great music. For that, I thank you 311 for enriching my life with another album that gives my chills every time I listen.
  • Absolutely Inspiring!!

    I've listed to 311 since Music came out. Unbelievable how dedicated to evolving their craft they are while loving their roots. The audio mastering is perfection. Guitars are perfectly rendered, and the drums could be on solo the entire album. Notice how everyone has a different favorite song, that sums 311 up perfectly, they play something for everyone. One of my top 2 favorite band of all time! Thanks for always uplifting 311!
  • So Good

    311 never disappoints.
  • A+

    Great new album from a never fading band! Positive vibes throughout!!
  • True form

    Beside Good Feeling... this album hits.

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