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Descendants 3 (Original TV Movie Soundtrack) (Various Artists) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 3:09
2. 3:09
3. 2:57
4. 3:08
5. 2:29
6. 3:48
7. 3:29
8. 2:57
9. 0:29
10. 2:47
11. 0:36
12. 1:59
13. 5:01

Various Artists - Descendants 3 (Original TV Movie Soundtrack) Album Comments

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Descendants 3 (Original TV Movie Soundtrack) [Various Artists] Album Reviews

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- Descendants5 star

I loved the movie

- A Cinderella story if the shoe fits Sofia Carson5 star

dear Sofia you are the dreamiest and ones of wonderfully Sofia Carson ever and I love to watch A Cinderella story if the shoe fits movie it impaired of the girl named Tessa who had a dream and when I watch Sofia Carson on walk the prank of Disney channel on my phone I am about 15 years and I love to see my biggest fan to shine like a bright shining sun and she is putting the sweet 16 spotlight in descendants2 and Disney channel descendants3 and descendants4 and walk the prank and congratulations Sofia Carson as Evie and she is the biggest fan in me and she is the big sister in me and she is my twin in me and she never ever ever giving up on me and I never ever ever giving up on her and I will getting my twin big sister back and that’s the girl I am really really into her and she always make me feel just the way I am and i never ever ever heard of a teenage girl talk about her biggest fan Sofia is talking everything all about me and she always puts a biggest famous and fabulous smile on her face how I never ever ever done it without her and I have a crush on her forever I am the part of her real life and she felt in love with a little girl who is setting her Autograph and she is there with me for the whole day and I want to watch walk the prank and be with Sofia because Sofia makes me feel 100 percent of happy and cutest and smartest letting me and Sofia become best Biggest fans forever and I am only girl lover who wishes and hopes and smiling faces and girls and ladies and braveness and happiness I😍you We are the ladies in the whole wild world WE ARE BBF xoxoxo Jadyn

- So catchy! Rest In Peace Cameron5 star

It’s so catchy! Rest In Peace Cameron you are missed! I still watch the older episodes of Jesse.

- Amazing5 star

Love it. Miss you Cameron

- You guys are the best5 star

I hope you guys can keep making descendants movies and I’m so sorry for their loss of Cameron. Before I knew the songs I wasn’t really the Disney princess fan like I was when I was little you have brought my 5 year old self back to life.🤟🤩🥰 I hope you continue the descendant movies

- Ansleigh long5 star

Cameron Boyce is a rock star since every day Rest In Peace bro

- Best songs ever!!5 star

These are the best songs I’ve ever heard of!!!😁I am I happy right now

- We all miss you cam4 star

May Cameron Rest In Peace, we will never forget you 😘

- Rip cam5 star

Omg Cameron Boyce I miss you so much

- 2100 South fork Ave Amarillo Texas 791185 star

My Name is Chris Ybarra I miss you Cameron Royce Brother You Are The Best Bff I Watching my Movie Descendant 3 Put Chris ybarra On The Movie Tell Mal she hot Evie she Hot I will Take Your spot

- I love you3 star

I love you

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️5 star

I love the movie and songs they are so good to dance to and let my emotions free.

- RIP Cameron5 star

I enjoyed all three Descendants music and always am reminded of the magic & the talent that was Cameron Boyce. Buy the album so you can always remember the amazing times these movies gave us.

- I love descendants5 star

I love you Dove Cameron

- Um :(2 star

Well, rip cameron. But this movie since the start, was bad. Not original or anything. Sry,

- Actually camron Boyce dead 💀😭5 star

I been a fan since 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

- Hermione3345 star

Good voice Sarah Jeffery the Queen of Mean is one of my favorite song!

- Rip5 star

So sorry for Cameron Voice, Me and him where Friends!!!!-Mia Hovater

- LoveDescendants5 star

I love descendants but what makes me sad is that there won’t be a fourth one RIP Camron Boyce

- Queen5 star

I’m in dove Cameron’s family so I’m famous

- Amazing5 star

It’s always the best when you hear descendants music!!!!!!!!😝

- RIP Cameron Boyce😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️5 star

Sadly Cameron died after the making of the movie but this movie should be cherished in his honor I have all 3 of the books and I cherish them in his memory forever shall Cameron be loved and cherished in our memories❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Love5 star

l love eve . Please make an other movie.RIP Cameron😭😭😭😭.

- Sofia Carson is the best5 star

Sofia Carson is fairest of them all I a actual crush her

- Im here for the SDRA2 memes5 star

There will always be a little evil behind my smile... DOn't double cROSS ME ILL GET YOU HUKED i'm sorry Disney

- They have to5 star

They have to make a fourth one where they get married I mean the story has to go on to a fourth one please please please please I’m only ten years old whoever is reading this byeeee pleas make another one but with a look a like for Cameron

- Ways to be wicked5 star

We love ❤️ you I sound just like you all love you 😍 I wish I was there to be their love 💕

- Descendent’s 35 star

The songs are very good and they are stuck in my head .😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

- 😭😭😭5 star

Rip cam

- For carlos de vill5 star

We want another descendants four

- Great5 star

I love this movie because it has personality! The songs tell the story as well as the acting. But also rest in peace Cameron Boyce🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

- Dove camron camron Boyce and Sofia Carson5 star

I want to be a fam singer pop and my fave song by camron Boyce is well all of em and dove camron I love my once upon a time and froyolo and Sofia Carson I love one kiss and I really pray o camron Boyce all the time and sing him songs and dove camron I watched live and Maddie the sesonses 10 times and I really hope your gonna many make more episodes and and movie seasones I hope camron Boyce is happy Rest In Peace camron Boyce .

- We'll miss you Cameron Forever5 star

It was honor of Cameron boyce,but now Cameron is RIP now I'll miss you 👍👏🏻🤗 Bye~

- Rip Cameron Boyce5 star

I love him

- I am mad5 star

I am mad at mal because she really did steal someone’s boyfriend

- You are the5 star

You are the

- Love the soundtracks5 star

Love them all

- 👎🏻5 star

I’m so disappointed in dove

- Hi 👋5 star


- Rip Cameron we will miss you5 star

i loved him

- Wow🤩😮5 star

I love 💗 it. It is amazing 😉. I love the music 🎶 and the movie 🎥

- Cameron Boyce Died what5 star

That’s so sad.He was such a good actor and singer I am so sorry for Sophia Carson he was like a brother to her.😭

- Love it !!!!!!!5 star

This is movie in world

- Cameron should Rest In Peace!!!!5 star

Cameron was a very good man we should all cry over it and be sad but hopefully he is in a good place right now we miss him he is Jewish for those who are wondering and I'm also a proud Jew we will see him one day amen!!!

- #2 Of Cameron Will Be Missed5 star

Second review, when I watched the end of Descendants 3, before the credits started there was something that was saying RIP to Cameron. When I saw that message is was heart broken💔💔💔....If you don’t miss Cameron, I WILL find you..... and punish you.......

- RIP5 star

I was watching D1 and my sis told me cam was dead😭😭😭😢😿. We miss you cam❤️💜🧡🖤💛🤍💚🤎💙❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝

- Hey I gotta is a time to get you a little something you wanna is a great time5 star

Huh ICU I’ll let ya go back in the time

- Descendants 35 star

I love the movie

- Cameron5 star

Love Dove But, really RIP Cameron And Cheyenne did good with Dove

- Amazinggggg5 star

Descendants 3 was not only my favorite movie, BUT! The songs were soooo good! I personally liked Do What You Gotta Do and Night Falls! I have all of these songs on 24/7! I don’t think you could ever get tired of these really catchy songs.


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Groundhog645 - DESCENDANTS IS THE BEST5 star

I love all albums soooo much but I think this is my favourite I like: Queen of mean, Night falls and Break this down they are probably my favourite songs from descendants 3 Definitely worth it 🤩

Rock shotgun_YT - Bad bad bad1 star

It it is the worst movie ever

Shoopner - 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩5 star

1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Out of 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Mia2489 - Descendants 35 star

This is pretty good.

#Demilover - LOVE5 star

Love this so much! It is soooooo worth it!!!

samath123go - Best music ever5 star

This the best music ever I can’t live without it

unicorn100fan99 - This is dumb1 star

I play songs on my google and they aren’t the ones I want I have to play them on my Alexa

Nornor is the best - Love the music5 star

1000000 out of 1000000

Ninjago fan🤗 - Good5 star


HilaryMae - Helium girls1 star

Just more helium sounds. Contrived, copied, cloned and boring.

blublukn - Descendants5 star

I love descendants me and my best friends are fans

Alicornia2009 - Ali5 star

I love queen of mean so much

Tamilla Ismailova - I love descendants 35 star

I am the biggest fan they are amazing my favorite song from descendants 3 is queen of mean well done dove Cameron, Cameron Boyce,Sofia Carson,booboo stewart,Sarah Jeffrey,Michelle hope,China Anne McLain

Bree Writes Reviews - Descendants 😍😭💙5 star

I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! me and my bff Jasmine love Descendants and all their movies!! Personally my fav song from D3 is qom (queen of mean.) Also RIP to Cameron Boyce!! 🙏🏻💙 he was my childhood!!

noot2.0 - Rotten to the core (D3 remix)5 star


E-girl2007 - Mdhd4 star

I love the song and I would even love it more if it was free

JLevApple - Good4 star

Great songs, especially Good To be Bad, Queen of Mean and DWYGD, but it’s not as good as Descendants 2

LapMonsterJexSaehyung - lovely album4 star

Honestly One Kiss is a work of art and I love it so much. 😔💖 highly recommended!

pmlrk - i love it5 star

for some reason i always listen o it

crazyboy$&@ - Bets album5 star

My favourite song is nightfalls or queen of mean

baddiesoha - Awesome movie5 star

It’s such a good movie I legit would recommend this movie to Cameron much love for him and his family 👼😭❤️

samy_bean - ❤️5 star

Love it!

Awogirl - It’s so good.5 star

Buy it as a tribute to Cameron Boyce.

wertyiojxdy - Jay5 star

You inspire me

Payton_victoriS&C - OMG!!!5 star

Love the soundtrack! My fav is either Night Falls or One Kiss! I have a really strong connection with descendants music because my jazz last year was rotten to the core! Love ya all!!!

neprilyx - BEST5 star

best album out of them all!!!

Awesomelyme001 - bops5 star

they truly served great songs. let’s honor cam <3

Tigersandburgers! - YES YES YES YES!!!!!5 star

The songs are so good, my fav is Night Falls, But I can’t find the movie.

Itslateandishouldbeasleep - love this so much.5 star


Paigemeansnothing - Rip Cameron Boyce5 star

I’m in shock and in disbelief. Cameron was an amazing actor as Carlos on Descendants and he always will be the Carlos and Luke from Jessie. Thank you for your amazing talent Cameron RIP 💔💔

gfhhgghvfg - Free5 star


chicken567 - I love it5 star

I love the music 🎧 and the movie 🎥 two but will there be a D4 because it can’t end like that? Please bring more out please!

Izapoophead - Why D3 is da best5 star

D3 is the best I watched all of the movies and OMG I am obsessed!! 😁😆😁😁😁😁😁😁

Ava and Mal - Love it5 star

I love the movie and songs

hfkjuhbku - Amazing5 star

The lyrics are very catchy like everyday I listen to it and it gets stuck in my head. This is one of my favourite songs

luka langdon - Descendants 35 star

My name is Luka and I love descendants because I have seen 1 and 2 on dvd and I know all the songs of 1 2 and 3 and I love to sing it I am the best fan of it i know all the people from 1 and 2 and I know the mane people of the descendants 3 From Luka .

as wdr - Tb ok5 star

I Love it I rate it 100 out of 100

Dove Cameron Jr - Love the movie5 star

I've seen all the movies my fav is D3

Descendants 3 lober - LUV THE MOVIE5 star

The movie is so beautiful! I can’t believe it’s already the end! R.I.P Cameron Boyce! He will always be in my heart! The sound tracks is also very good! I’ve been a Descendants fan since the first movie trailer came out! I don’t want it to end!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Melmoomoo - Dependence 35 star

OMG I’ve already seen the movie and it is amazing it is like my favourite movie I watch it almost every day but I don’t think there is going to be a D4 because Camron Boyce past away😭😭😭😭😭😭but D3 I like the best movie ever it also dramatic and it is just miraculous. Make sure you follow the decendence on Facebook the post up so many things and I already follow them so yeah and also you watch the movie 🍿 as soon a possible and the sound track, music and songs in the film are amazing

boxybeater - So good5 star

OMG OMG 😆😁😆😁😆😁nothing to say

Kylie2014 - Tayden’s message to d35 star

I ❤️D1,D2 and D3 because they feature new characters every new movie and will there be a D4

burky - Love Descendants 35 star

I can’t believe they ended off this wonderful saga

kalan🍔 - Yes5 star

Yeh nah

Hermionecat01 - It won’t download5 star

This soundtrack will not download for me. I can buy the songs separately but it won’t eat me buy the full album.

lachlana20 - Once upon a time...5 star

I wish this wasn’t the end :( such a beautiful story, so glad I got to grow up with these characters. This new soundtrack is amazing, the movie also

Lightning Hoof - Descendants 35 star

if you are a fand of Disney Descendants then don't miss out on this OTVMS cause I have seen the music video for Good To be Bad from Descendants 3 and I'm wanting to know what happens next. Also the music for Descendants 3 is AWESOME, though iTunes forgot to put up another song Make it Hot by Chris Villain which is on YouTube

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Buggatibest - Did I mention5 star

He has the voice of an angel

every superstar loves me - Do what you gotta do5 star

Omg i love this song it is awesome Hades : poor Mali are u sad Mal : not as sad as you without your powers Hades :*burn* Lol

Pete dor - Night falls5 star

I love this song because it’s very catchy and lively

# decsendants 3 - Queen of mean5 star

I liked queen of mean because it is very catchy

9strawberry9 - Evil is me5 star

I love descendants 3 my favourite song is queen of mean but I’m really sad Cameron Boyce did rip

Kira Grima-Williams - Nah1 star


macie 45 - Descendants 35 star

So cool and amazing

heidi1347 - AMAZING4 star

Now to the evil queen!

Sophie Teresa - Decided to buy the songs seperately4 star

I realised I didn’t really need the extras that weren’t in the movie, nor did I want the 29 and 36 second ones, so I bought the ones I wanted separately for less. Great songs though

hk🦄🦄❤️ - I love Descendants5 star

The songs from all movies are amazing and I feel really bad about Cameron Boyce he died so young

@ilovethenoreisnuts - Best movie/song in the galaxy5 star

Sad days for camreron boiye but I'll never forget him but I love the song and movie

Decendance lover - Decandance5 star

I agree bell boo

Bell_Boo1712 - OMG5 star

OMG THIS MOVE IS AMAZING I ❤️ MAL AND rip Cameron Boyce 😭 you were an amazing actor.

The star!!!🤩 - Awesome music!!!🍬4 star

Love all the songs and albums best muais ever📀💿💽

jjajdgdbxufn - Great!!!💋💋💋5 star

I love Queen Of Mean it’s amazing!!!!!

The B14ck P34rl - A really good soundtrack!5 star

What a great soundtrack! Queen of Mean is my personal favourite.

The Best Judge Ever - Best movie out of Descendants ever♥️♥️5 star

Love Hades and RIP Cameron Boyce♥️💔💝

Nayarivera88778 - Amazing 😉5 star

Amazing soundtrack and film 🎞



Lara_!67 - Good to be bad5 star

This song is amazing!😉

Wombat546 - Yayayay5 star

Amazing 5 stars!!

Spoilt princess 2000 - Love it5 star

Omg I love the music. Every song is so so uniques.

Fahwnoapakabshjsdb - Amazing soundtrack5 star

Amazing music to go with the fantastic movie the music is so beautiful and brilliant the best send off descendants fans could possibly ask for sad the franchise is ending but best final movie ever

Wowgamer5864 - Descendants5 star

I am so exited about descendants 3 but it is still sad that cameron boyce died at the age of 20 but i have some ideas about what descendants can do about that 1.something happen to him in end of descendants 3 or start of descendants 4 (if there will be a descendants 4) 2.make descendants 3 the last film 3.get another actor that sounds and looks like him/get the stunt double.

Emmamoore7 - IS IT CANCELLED!?5 star

How could the descendants premiere be cancelled?

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Descendants 3 (Original TV Movie Soundtrack) Wiki

Descendants 3 (Original TV Movie Soundtrack) music album wiki coming soon...

Descendants 3 (Original TV Movie Soundtrack) by Various Artists Descendants 3 (Original TV Movie Soundtrack) album songs Descendants 3 (Original TV Movie Soundtrack) comments Descendants 3 (Original TV Movie Soundtrack) album credits Descendants 3 (Original TV Movie Soundtrack) reviews listen Descendants 3 (Original TV Movie Soundtrack)

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