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Atonement is the eighth studio album by American metalcore band Killswitch Engage, released through Metal Blade Records on August 16, 2019. Lead single "Unleashed" was released on June 25, and followed by "I Am Broken Too" in July which would later follow up with a music video in August, as well as "The Signal Fire" shortly before the album's release.The band began a co-headlining tour of North America with Clutch in promotion of the album in July. In November 2019, the track "Unleashed" was nominated for the Grammy Award for "Best Metal Performance", making it the third Grammy nomination for Killswitch Engage. The album was recorded over a period of two years, with ideas for the album beginning in 2017. Recording sessions took place on both coasts of the United States, but they were put on hold when vocalist Jesse Leach developed scar tissue on a polyp in his throat and underwent speech and vocal therapy for three months. Atonement was thus described as a "reflection of perseverance and passion through the trials and suffering of our existence" by the band, and by Leach as "musically the most diverse record we've done as a band". 1. Unleashed 2. The Signal Fire 3. Us Against the World 4. The Crownless King 5. I Am Broken Too 6. As Sure as the Sun Will Rise 7. Know Your Enemy 8. Take Control 9. Ravenous 10. I Can't Be the Only One 11. Bite the Hand That Feeds Killswitch Engage Jesse Leach – lead vocals Adam Dutkiewicz – lead guitar, backing vocals Joel Stroetzel – rhythm guitar, backing vocals Mike D'Antonio – bass guitar Justin Foley – drums

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Atonement (Killswitch Engage) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 4:35
2. 3:05
3. 3:19
4. 3:10
5. 2:39
6. 2:49
7. 3:51
8. 3:44
9. 2:52
10. 4:09
11. 4:48

Killswitch Engage - Atonement Album Comments

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Atonement [Killswitch Engage] Album Reviews

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- Could be their best5 star

To be honest I haven’t listen a ton since Howard left. I tried but couldn’t plug in. This one.....and the B side release...I can’t turn it off. Classic but new and fresh with the same KE feel we all know and love. I’m glad I clicked to check it out

- Kse1 star

All their music sounds the same on this record. No standout songs, no standout breakdowns.

- Great Album, but they need Howard back5 star

I loved this album, but they would be smart to bring Howard Jones back and have him & Jesse work together. It would bring back most of the old fans who moved on once he left the band. Just saying

- My mind is blown!5 star

I don’t put down reviews that often, but for this album, I will. I’ve listened to Killswitch Engage since the beginning & as a die hard fan, I have no problem saying that this is their best album since As Daylight Dies & that came out in 2006. Seriously, listen to this album. You won’t be disappointed.

- Good.3 star

Sound quality in the drums is pretty bad. Overall good album

- Weak1 star

Didn’t really feel this album. Come on guys! Step up the game, you are soooo much better.

- Haters Galore!!!5 star

This album is sick!! That’s all you need to know.

- A pleasant throwback!5 star

They go back to their roots. Great Album.

- Needs more Howard Jones2 star

I’ve listened to every album released since Jesse came back and I just can’t get into him I want to love them like I did when Howard was front man. He sounds like a generic metal lead singer and I just can’t, it’s so sad to watch them fall so far. Adam is the only thing keeping them alive

- Love this album5 star

This is definitely a fantastic album loving it!!

- No.1 star

Retire already.

- Great Southern Trend Kill5 star

For me this album reminds me a lot of GSTK - Brutally hard and up front. Inspiring and motivating. No apologies. If KSE did a album with Jesse and Howard would make series dollars! Just imagime a Killswitch Engage S&M style record with both Jesse & Howard.

- Disappointed2 star

I had high expectations for this album coming out but this one, and the last two, did not grab my attention. Yes there are couple songs from each one that are good songs, but the albums overall just didn’t cut it. I’ve been a Killswitch Engage fan for a long time but honestly, once Howard left, their music is not as good as it once was. As a fan though, I will still listen and have high expectations for future albums to come.

- Don’t hate5 star

This is legit, old school, Killswitch. This band is defined by their hooks. And those have been leaking in the past few releases. They went back to their roots and made an album for the ages. This is some of their best work. Hands down. Can’t argue that. Thank you.

- A+5 star

Love the new album! Have about 50+ listens already!

- Awesome!5 star

I effin love you guys. Bringing Howard in three it over the top. I just bought yet another album from y’all. 👍🇺🇸👍

- Howard Jones2 star

I agree this album is a little weak as far as KSE is concerned. All the songs sound rushed. The only exception, in my opinion, is Howard Jones. He seemed to bring the spark back. Other than that, it could be better. 🤘🏽

- Oh my f@&ing g-d!!!5 star

Amazing album. Killswitch keeps dishing it out with solid releases. Jesse and Howard together is just unreal.

- Very impressed... We see The Signal Fire5 star

Great job KSE, you succeeded yet again!

- The album we’ve been waiting for.5 star

For KSE fans young and less young, this IS THE ALBUM of our dreams. Every song hits the melodic metal notes we love. The collaboration of Jesse and Howard on ‘The Signal Fire’ is an absolute masterpiece, a song fans will listen to for years to come, yearning for another. This album is simply perfect, exactly what KSE fans needed in a time of mediocre music. Rock on brothers. This album is beautiful.

- GREAT Album!!5 star

All I can say is this Album ROCKS!!

- Finally!4 star

I discovered KSE from their contributions to the Ultimate Bar-room Babes and Brawls DVD while deployed in Iraq in 2003. Have been a fan ever since. I was finally able to see them perform with Parkway Drive a few months ago in Nashville and their live performance was insane. Admittedly, I am more of a Howard Jones fan than a Jesse Leach fan, so I’m thrilled to hear Hoards wonderful voice on a track again, and only wish he was on more...While I definitely like this album, even with Jones on just one track, it doesn’t wow me like previous albums. It’s good, but lacks the repeatability of several of their previous bands.

- Nice5 star


- Best one yet5 star


- Best since AOJB!!5 star

Atonement takes you back to the early days of “My Last Serenade” to the power of “Numbered Days” I think this is the album KSE needed to give fans a walk down memory lane. Incarnate had some weak points in my opinion. This album does not have a bad song on the album. It’s ranked #2 after Alive or just Breathing In my book! Best songs: the crownless king, take control and I am broken too.

- Amazing5 star

This band continues to be a part of my life since high school, 14 years! I love seeing the growth they go through and hearing the amazing material that this band puts out.

- Atonement5 star

This album is classic Killswitch Engage. They haven’t sold out for trends or changed their style at all, which I love. If you’re a KSE fan, get this album. Worth every penny.

- An album filled with B-Sides2 star

Don’t listen to the people rating the album 5 stars. They are the fanboys who will rate their band 5stars no matter what. I gave this album two stars to be respectful of their previous work. It sounds uninspired to say the least. Not what I’ve come to expect from Killswitch. Their last two albums were great; this, not so much. I suspected trouble when the first single came out, then I knew it was a dud after I Am Broken Too. Very boring, plain and simple as that. I wouldn’t even put any of these songs as filler for their previous LP’s. I bought this albums physical copy only cause the artwork, since I collect hard copies, and cause I support Metal/Rock bands. I just bought Volbeat’s new album, and I don’t even like them (only cause their vocalist). It’s as if they gathered a bunch of old stuff from the archives that didn’t make previous cut, then slapped on some lyrics.

- Solid Comeback5 star

After Incarnate, I was a little concerned Killswitch lost a little bit of their edge. Then I heard this record and that concern immediately went away. Great record start to finish.

- 👏👏5 star

Yes.... that’s all I have to say

- More mainstream than metal3 star

I’ll give the new guy credit. His voice is pretty good but it’s sad that people nowadays are going more mainstream and not actually staying with their metal roots. These guys were way better back in 00’s... just sayin

- Disappointing album2 star

Their weakest effort in my opinion. No song has a truly memorable riff and guitars feel weak a majority of the time. The drums and guitars don’t really build off of each other as in previous releases.

- really good album4 star

I really like this album. the vocals are really strong and most of it's great. there are one or two songs I really don't care for but most of this is really good. I can hear some maturity in jessie's voice and I think it fits the tone of the album very well. treack scores unleashed 8.5 Really good opening trck with strong hooks and vocals. The single Fire 12 my favorite song on the entier album. Jessie said this was a ripper and he was 100% right. Howard did an amazing job on this as well. Us Against The World 8 Strong song good guitar work and good lyrics. The Crownless King 8.5 great guitar work and Chuck Berry's vocals are on point. I am Broken Too 10 Amazing song number 2 on my favorite tracks. the video's insanly powerful as well. As Sure As The Sun Will Rise 8. strong guitar work and good lyrics. Know your enemy 8. good song all around. Take Control 8. good song strong lyrical content. Ravenous 7.5. I like it but not my favorite track on the album. I can't Be The Only One. 8 A little slower but still a solid song. Bite The Hand That Feeds 8. good song to close the album. This is a very strong album all around. get this if you love the band you won't regreat it.

- Meh3 star

It has like 3 good songs tops. And those 3 aren’t anything new. Could fall asleep listening to this album tbh. But whatever their making money

- Still Amazing!5 star

Does not disappoint! Super amazing album! Each riff has that signature sound, and the vocals are absolutely top notch! Can’t wait to catch them on tour again.

- All you can eat metal buffet!5 star

This takes all of the tastiest elements from their previous albums and BAM kicks it up a notch!

- Keeps getting better5 star

It’s funny how people that only know the three Albums they did with Howard and feel the music was superior. The closed mindedness. This new song is fantastic. Similar to the last album. Pretty hardcore. The first full album with Jesse is a masterpiece and will never be touched. But I will say every single album with Howard or Jesse are all masterpieces in their own right. They all make statements. If you like Howard better fine grab some Light the Torch. Stop complaining and enjoy this great music. For those that say replacing Howard is tough it isn’t Howard has had to change his singing and by the way spoiler alert the first 2 albums were Jesse and arguably the best. So relax this new album is heavy as hell and is every Killswitch has ever been.

- Not their best album2 star

Not a single song jumps out and grabs you and makes you want to listen to it over and over. Sound is very generic across the board on all songs. I love early KSE but this honestly is just not a good album at all.

- Thank you KSE!!!5 star

They did it again! The worst part about this band (either singer any album) is that it is hard to find something similar. Something that will hit so hard and with positive undertones!! Amazing Thank you

- Another rock solid record5 star

After the return of Jesse, most of us Howard-era KSE fans were concerned. I grew up with Mr. Jones vocals being synonymous with the KSE moniker. Luckily, Jesse has not only brought some of the best KSE tracks to date, but he’s managed to rejuvenate the bands sound in a way that feels fresh yet familiar. Atonement is front to back a great record. The band went out of their way to bring a blend of old school melodic death metal and hardcore combined with the 2000’s metal core elements we know them for. Atonement lands in my top 5 favorite albums of 2019 so far.

- Their best since Jesse's return!5 star

this is their best record since Jesse returned to the band - it's great! I'd rank it third overall in their catalog - and that's saying something. THe songs are shorter and tighter. Love it!

- Not Feeling It2 star

First off, I'm not going to trash the whole album because there are a few good songs which is why it gets 2 stars. Without these songs the album would have got 1 star, only because I can't put 0 stars. All the other songs sound the same and have the same feel. It feels like the band was pretty lazy when it came to writing the musical parts of the songs. There is no passion and no aggression on this album with the exception of a couple songs and you already know which ones those are. It is a shame because this album could have been great but it seems the band was on vacation since the last album and decided to whip up some cookie cutter songs to fulfill their obligation of putting out their next album.

- Can I give 10 stars5 star

Just mind blown overall perfection

- I’m Engaged!🔥🔥🔥5 star

I am new to this band. I have heard the name but never listened. I now have listened to every song on this album twice and can’t get enough. The vocalist is outstanding. Time to check out their older stuff immediately. Btw the album cover art is Killer!

- Atonement!5 star

Finally some new inspirational heavy tunes from my favorite band to help me stay sane. This album does not disappoint. Killswitch Engage has been unleashed!

- Great4 star

I have loved Killswitch since 2002 and have seen them a handful of times. Though Jesse is an excellent singer, filling the shoes of Howard is very difficult to do. That said, KSE persistently puts out really good albums. In this album however, although good, I feel there are some political undertones. The world is already such a divisive place where we constantly have political ideologies thrown in our faces. Whether you are a republican or a Democrat, I think we can all agree that politics should not be in metal. Certainly understand people are passionate about it, but as musicians who rely on music sales, I would try not to alienate half of the fan base. That said, it’s still a really good cd and really enjoy the positive lyrics that highlight the internal struggles of humans.

- KSE stays on top!🤘🏽🔥💥⚡️🏆5 star

To each their own, but this is a metal album of my liking. Some people could say they didn’t venture far from the formula they’ve used in albums past, and to me that is not a problem. This is what I wanted. A KSE Metal album. The lyrics, the music, the production, vocals, drums, bass, guitars. It’s what we’ve come to know and love about KSE. The train keeps chugging forward and plowing through! Not disappointed.

- Amazing5 star


- Solid KSE4 star

If you are a fan you will appreciate this album. Killswitch has their formula down tight, and they are masters of their craft. Is it there best album? Probably not. But it’s amazing this album even exists given Jesse’s surgery and personal issues. And he sounds great! I can’t understand how anyone can rate an album after one or two listens, let alone based off a few singles. I have been listening to this all day and it’s really growing on me. BTW Jesse has been back with the band for like SEVEN years so everyone saying Howard was better...get over it already. Enjoy!

- Warm Apple Pie5 star

It’s like warm apple pie, and for those of us that enjoy warm apple pie - that’s a very good thing!


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baileyboot 74 - Dude5 star

This album is very good , - 👌5 star


Charlot879 - 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽5 star

Une autre album qui me fait " crasher" la tête sur les murs 🤙🏽

JPgnar8 - Great!!5 star

Wicked album. So far my favourite since JL’s return.

Alpocalypse97 - Classic5 star

Another solid release from KSE 🤘🏽

ShreddZ84 - I CANT FWACKIN WAIT!!!5 star

Omg I can’t wait for this. Unleashed is AMAZING!! I have no doubt the rest of the album with nothing but FIRE 🔥 💪🏼🤘🏿😈

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Coradotalks5 star

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Hammer33Minade5 star

@wiIdshot: pride and prejudice (2005) // atonement (2007) dir. joe wright

SetterscIub5 star

@josephinielinie omg yaaassss atonement

Slimbenny4385 star

@ThatEricAlper Atonement. The confrontation scene. 2:50.

StephanieSPEDpk5 star

@rmnelsonquotes: Thanks to the ransom paid by the Atonement of Jesus Christ, full forgiveness is given to the sinner who repents and rem…

Kennyparsonsjr5 star

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Preacherzhayes5 star

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Stephaniealdama5 star

@wiIdshot: pride and prejudice (2005) // atonement (2007) dir. joe wright

JChalamet45 star

@wiIdshot: pride and prejudice (2005) // atonement (2007) dir. joe wright

PaulWHankins5 star

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UVBrewery5 star

Drinking an Atonement by @selkirkabbey at @selkirkabbey —


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Atonement Wiki

Atonement (also atoning, to atone) is the concept of a person taking action to correct previous wrongdoing on their part, either through direct action to undo the consequences of that act, equivalent action to do good for others, or some other expression of feelings of remorse. From the Middle English attone or atoon ("agreed", literally "at one"), now meaning to be "at one", in harmony, with someone. Atonement "is closely associated to forgiveness, reconciliation, sorrow, remorse, repentance, reparation, and guilt". It can be seen as a necessary step on a path to redemption.

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