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Artist :   Chris Brown
Album Name :   Indigo
Genre :   R&B/Soul
Tracks :   32
Relase Date :   28 June 2019
Country :   USA

Indigo (Chris Brown) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Indigo Chris Brown 3:12
2. Back to Love Chris Brown 3:40
3. Come Together (feat. H.E.R.) Chris Brown 3:54
4. Temporary Lover (feat. Lil Jon) Chris Brown 3:17
5. Emerald / Burgundy (feat. Juvenile & Jui.. Chris Brown 6:39
6. Red Chris Brown 3:38
7. All I Want (feat. Tyga) Chris Brown 3:33
8. Wobble Up (feat. Nicki Minaj & G-Eazy) Chris Brown 3:41
9. Need a Stack (feat. Lil Wayne & Joyner L.. Chris Brown 5:28
10. Heat (feat. Gunna) Chris Brown 3:52
11. No Guidance (feat. Drake) Chris Brown 4:20
12. Girl of My Dreams Chris Brown 3:22
13. Natural Disaster / Aura Chris Brown 5:03
14. Don't Check On Me (feat. Justin Bieber &.. Chris Brown 3:24
15. Sorry Enough Chris Brown 4:25
16. Juice Chris Brown 3:25
17. You Like That Chris Brown 3:04
18. Troubled Waters Chris Brown 3:13
19. Take a Risk Chris Brown 3:32
20. Lurkin' (feat. Tory Lanez) Chris Brown 2:49
21. Trust Issues / Act In Chris Brown 4:58
22. Cheetah Chris Brown 2:35
23. Undecided Chris Brown 3:05
24. BP / No Judgement Chris Brown 6:20
25. Side Nigga Chris Brown 3:55
26. Throw It Back Chris Brown 3:06
27. All On Me Chris Brown 3:51
28. Sexy (feat. Trey Songz) Chris Brown 4:18
29. Early 2K (feat. Tank) Chris Brown 3:46
30. Dear God Chris Brown 4:02
31. Part of the Plan Chris Brown 3:03
32. Play Catch Up Chris Brown 3:00

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  • Listen‼️

    All I have to say is that I fell in love Bc I related and this diversity of music is beautiful
  • Chris Brown is a legend

    Straight fire🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Dope

    He still got it who else is dropping 32 tracks I mean look at him now shoot I remember run it with Santana all the way to now and he’s still remaining relevant and pushing through I have to love credit there
  • Smooth af!

    I’m in the forest of Pacific Northwest and this album got me relaxed and hyped at the same time. Thank you for the blessing of your music Breezy! It gets no better. May God continue to strengthen your rare talents.
  • god

    Big foot ape gorilla balls
  • 😩

  • This rating for the music

    Chris has voice and talent, i aint here to hate but to rate excellent album, wish him the best thing
  • He ain’t good

    I liked Chris brown back in the day and even though he has issues was hoping for a great album. This ain’t it..
  • Awesome Album

    There looks to be a lot of fake Gods commenting. (Only God Can judge). What behoove me is that people will really waste time to post a comment that has nothing to do with the quality of the album. THIS IS THE REVIEW SECTION...For those that can’t read. Great album...
  • INDIGO Summer

    It’s a summer album and it gives vibes to have fun. I can’t wait for the videos of this era🤩

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