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Bad guy - Single (Billie Eilish & Justin Bieber) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Bad Guy 3:14

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Bad guy - Single [Billie Eilish & Justin Bieber] Album Reviews

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- the lyrics 🤮

8'i want to throw up when i hear the song

- I agree

I agree with cute kitten 42 I didn’t hear the song or am a fan but That’s just straight up rude Learn what’s respect It’s offensive to people that like Billie eyelashes and Justin bieber I don’t care if you hate it just say it in a nice way or just don’t talk at all And if u think it’s crap let me see you do better hon’ And everyone that thinks it’s bad pls say it in a nicer way bc a lot of the reviews are just rude #cutekitten42 #respect #billie #bieber ✌🏾🤟🏾✊🏾👏🏾 Oops I wrote billie eyelashes sorry! Have a nice day/night

- Beurk 🤢🤢🤢

Franchement, c’est une des moin bonne chanson que j’ai entendu de ma vie🤮🤮🤢🤢

- Great

It’s great both of them sound Great but if I’m honest it sounds better with just Billie Nvm I take that back I listened to it again and it’s amazing lol I’m not the type to be like “oh just stop being rude” but listen to it again and y’all might change your mind😉 Like honestly if you don’t like it don’t download it cmon people this is common sense keep it up billie 😁

- Love it

The best ever

- I guess three

I chose three because in my opinion Justin didn’t sound that bad but I do believe Billie is much better by herself.

- I actually like it.

I don’t like any of Bieber’s songs but I think this song is awesome. He sounds good. I want him to be in more songs

- Btwww

To-🍾🍿🍹🥂🍶🥂🥂🥂🥂 1)SHES NOT A SELL OUT!! 😡😤 2)ur just rude and annoying 🙄 3)try to be nice 🤔 4)that could be offensive to other Billie fans😑 5)Justin bieber doesn’t sing like crap 😡 6)ITS NOT PATHETIC!THE SONG IS GREAT! AND IM NOT SURPRISED THAT IT WAS ONE OF THE TOP MUSIC CHARTS!!!!!!😏😡👌🏼🎶

- Love


- Awesome love it!!!!

Biebs is the icing on this cake!!!

- Justin?

Justin what the f are u doing in a Billie remix. 🤢 both of you are good singers but this is 🗑

- Original

The original one is better. Justin beiber just like takes out the theme of the song. I do not like it.

- ...

I love Justin but this wasn't necessary. Something's are just not meant to be redone.

- 😔🤢

Sorry Billie but... Justin just ruined your iconic song :( the other version with just you is 1000 times better then this version ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

- You’re famous popstar

Your songs that you have written I ❤️ them you are really really inspiring me and everyone else in the world you are the best Billie Eilish don’t ever give up on writing songs keep on right on them and kill them ,your a super popular

- Opinion 🤢

Justin ruined the whole song 🤢

- Boo Justin

Um I like the one with out Justin. To the original🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠

- It’s not that bad

I actually like it 🤷🏽‍♀️

- Justin is worse is the song

I like it but only if Justin was removed

- Very bad

What is this? Why add Justin??

- She got her wish at least ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Both of them are completely different people with different music. They are talented in their own ways but they don’t match up at all. Also, here comes Justin with more auto tune. 🤠

- No

Never do a song with Justin Bieber if you want to be taken seriously.

- It was ok

I like the song itself but with Justin's part It loses the effect of the song I think it's ment to be darker and less pop but adding Justin to me made the song to pop for Billie. I have a lot of respect for Justin though he's awesome. Just not the best remix of the song. Ily Billie and Justin 😘😘❤️😍

- Why ?

If I could give it zero stars I would.


I had mad respect for Billie and her talent but now she's shown her true form as a sellout just like everyone else. This stunt to bring this song back to the charts is pathetic! Justin can't sing worth crap and I've lost all respect for Billie.

- Original was great

I love Justin and I love Billie they r both wonderfully talented in their own ways. But they have 2 complete different styles of music. When u hear Justin’s voice in the song the song automatically feels off like his voice just doesn’t belong in the song.

- Nope, don’t like it

Justin’s voice is very autotuned, I listened it over and over and it got worst everytime. He basically ruined the song. The original is way much better than this!

- really girl

justin made this song seem... BAD.. no spice, terrible lyrics, basic, and all around repulsive! hate it

- Luv,,,,,wha?

The original was better. Should’ve kept it the way it was tbh.

- Amazing

I love this song Justin Bieber’s voice is incredible.

- 0 star

I mean it’s great that she gets to literally have this dream come true...but no. Just no. Girl this is one of the best songs out there...and I’m not even a fan of this genre really. But I have your original to this...waaaay better.

- Sell out


- It’s good, Justin adds another element.

It’s still good with him, it’s just different than the original which is fine.

- Best


- Terrible

The cover makes it worse

- Great

Both are amazing

- Really girl??

It was awesome alone now the magic is gone and the song too!😢😢#whybieber

- Kill me

I enjoyed it with just bille. She’s so talented and Justin sounds like crap compared to her.

- Justin ruined it :/



Just plain and boring, nothing really exciting, 1 star from me :/ No hate ofc

- This is sooooo amazing!

Omg! I love this so frickin much. It’s amazing... Bad Guy with Billie Eilish and Justin Bieber is absolutely amazing!!


i see u billie go get ur mans

- um

🚫🧢 im proud of billie but THIS AINT IT

- 50/50

Don’t get me wrong they’re both amazing singers and Justin sounds really good in the songs but I don’t think their voices compliment too well in this track. I feel like they need a different song to collab in because Billie’s voice is quite lower than Justin’s so when it transitions from his verse back to her’s it just sounds very studio. Collabs should sound like they’re in the same room when done well and this didn’t really flow, love them though x

- Poor

He doesn’t suit this for what Billie made it

- Give it a go

Stop hating. They’re appreciating each other and you need to stop being horrible trolls. There both in top of their game and that’s the end.

- This is bad

This isn’t it chief



- Hey I’m just leaving my phone now I’ll send you a picture


- killed the og buzz

this is so bad. the originals are always better.

- Oh no you don’t

I actually liked both of their vocals on the song but putting them together... ugh...

- I don’t like it

Justin beibers voice don’t match the song and doesn’t work

- OOF he ruined it

When I was listening to the radio it started bad guy and I was exited but when it came to the bit where Justin sang and I was like WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THAT IS RLLY BAD no offence Justin even tho I don’t like ur music OOF

- Ok

Justin is thinks his awesome which he’s not anyway this song is alright but when Justin’s says bad guy he says so...I don’t know how to say he just doesn’t have the same vibes as Billie

- No thanks....

No need for a remix in the first place, Justin does not fit for this song it just sounds really weird and the original is always superior.


I love Billie but there vocals together are saying👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- This ain’t it chief

I was excited for this as soon as billie announced it on Instagram but when I listened to it... this ain’t it chief... BILLE PLS JUST MAKE A WHOLE DIFFERENT SONG FEATURING JUSTIN !1!1!

- I guess


- Ruined the original

This is bad

- Anyways Selena is better

don’t stream trash ... save yourself the trouble.

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- nah better when it was just billie

Justin ruined the song PERIOD, he doesn’t have to be on every single song released in 2019!!

- Really bad

I love her and the fact she got to do this but it’s absolutely terrible. His voice doesn’t fit, it’s damn right cringy.

- 😂😂😭😭

Justin is the bad guy for ruining this amazing song with some bad autotune 😂😂

- Bad Song

The the hell is that

- 🤦‍♀️

I love Billie Eilish but Justin should NOT be here. He sounds like a robot.

- BillieXjustin

I never knew I needed this 🔥!

- No


- I likeee

Am I the only one who likes Justin’s on more then the original???


Nice song 😍 BUT Justin shouldn’t be here LOL

- Why?

The original is far superior. Pointless.

- Trash

Justin retire

- Massive joke

This remix is horrendous. The original song is brilliant. Who had this idiotic idea to spoil this song by adding the wet, weak and crappy vocal of Bieber. The A&R from her company should be fired. Justin Bieber a bad guy... don't make me laugh :D

- Justin?

Why is he in this?!


Why all the hate ?? It’ll slay the charts🧨

- Billie just another Liar

She pretends to have psychiatric disorders like depression. But in interviews she's overly aggressive for show. 9 times out of 10, ALL psychiatric disorders are based upon low self esteem in a downward spiral causing isolatlation / withdrawl as a reaction to everything. The psychiatric disorders that exhibit aggresion are the ones that become serial abusers / killers. If her disorder is real, then she's going to have a future criminal record of increasing behaviour.

- Love it

Billie so freaking proud of u

- Overrated

She admitted herself in Carpool karaoke that the song is ‘two notes, you don’t even have to try’. She’s just whispering the entire time. There are no ‘vocals’, just whispers.

- Bad decision

Can we put Justin in a vice

- beiber 😕😳

i was in love with the old one and then beiber comes along and is like ‘i’m the bad guyyy’ just no their voices don’t work well together

- 🔥🔥🔥

Another banger

- Sounds f’ing AMAZING!!!

Now this was a collab that I would have never expected. Wasn’t sure if JB would suit this track, however he really does. The whole song has changed and sounds even better now. Definitely gave the song something it was missing in the first place. And the pic is jokes too.

- no

No just no please billie why

- 😱💔❌❗️❓❗️😪🤮🤢🤬😡🥶😭

JUSYIN YOU SAID THAT YOU WILL NOT GO IN THIS SONG, YOU SHOULD NOT SAY THAT SO’NG LIKE A ROBOT 🤖 909 WHAT JUSTIN YOU 🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖BLAH BLAH BLAH 😱😭THAT’S WHAT I SAY BLAH BLAH BLAH KESHA’S BETER THAN YOU IN THE BLAH BLAH BLAB BLOH BLAH BLOH 😧😵🤧🤒🤐AND SUT YOUR MAWTH IN THE SOOOOO’”’NG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^…^ its now ekkkk; : cas of you by.terible FROM LOLIPOP GAMER 645312

- Bieber has butchered the original

Sorry but I’m not digging it

- Fire!!

Doesn’t deserve all the criticism it is receiving at all, great song 😍

- Ewwwww

this is terrible

- Cool

Better Then Original

- Brilliant

People are just so judgemental today... just enjoy the song. Good beat. Good lyrics. Billie and Justin's vocals bounce off eachother really well.

- Fab

The original is brilliant of course and this is a great version of it too. Lighten up!

- Good but

It’s amazing but justin came and ruined it all lol

- No need


- Typical Bieber

Can always expect JB to jump on a remix of successful singles.. The original wasn’t great, but this is just horrible. Can’t give it 0 stars, unfortunately.

- Justin is the real bad guy and to pietunes2

I’m sorry Billie I love you without another artist around you apart from Khalid he has real talent , Justin should of stayed back in the 10s sorry Maybe do your research before saying stuff because she has depression she talked about this subject not to long about thanks to online bullies and haters

- The original was bad enough

Shockingly awful. What’s going on in the music industry these days

- Kidz bop found a new member

I love Billie but Justin sounds like one of the kidz bop kids and it’s just cringey

- Why billie

I have no words to explain how bad this is

- both trash

made it even worse

- Ok...

The original was terrible, I really don’t like billie eilish weird voice. This version Justin makes it slightly better but only by about 20 %

- Hell yes


- oof

i loveeeee the original and billie but JUSTINNN what are you doing heeeeerreeee

- No

Billie plz don’t have Justin!!

- ... Meh

Not really a fan of the remix with Justin Bieber as there seems to be some disconnect between the messages both of them are conveying vocally but fair play to Billie getting the collab she’s always dreamt of (the single cover is also SO FUNNY hahaha!)

- It’s great without bieber

I LOVE Billie Eilish. And ik billie loves Justin but Justin has ruined it

- Brilliant

This song is iconic! I’m in love with it!!!



- Rubbish

Terrible. Just Terrible

- Why

Justin ruined it

- Hate the original and this is intolerable to listen to

I’d rather listen my dog barking for two hours then to even listen to this once.

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