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Artist:   The Highwomen
Album Name:   The Highwomen
Genre:   Country
Tracks:   12
Relase Date:   06 September 2019
Country:   USA

The Highwomen (The Highwomen) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Highwomen 3:32
2.Redesigning Women 2:54
3.Loose Change 0:00
4.Crowded Table 3:29
5.My Name Can't Be Mama 0:00
6.If She Ever Leaves Me 0:00
7.Old Soul 0:00
8.Don't Call Me 0:00
9.My Only Child 0:00
10.Heaven Is a Honky Tonk 0:00
11.Cocktail and a Song 0:00
12.Wheels of Laredo 0:00

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The Highwomen (The Highwomen) Album Comments

The Highwomen (The Highwomen) Album Reviews

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  • monty5
    2 stars
    hit the road. "HighWoman" unoriginal. Even the music is unoriginal - you gonna copy/imply a name like that you better have lived the history and traveled the roads these guys spent their lives riding down, these are just a bunch of young pretty twang artists stealing a somewhat branded name and sticking bubble gum on it...and this "women=power" thing has become as exciting and meaningful as stepping in a pothole
  • bhad bhabie trash
    1 stars
    Horrible. They’re ruining a perfectly good group called highwayman and calling it highwomen. It’s completely stupid. Don’t copy other people’s hits and make your pow
  • gringo99
    1 stars
    Yuck. Ewwwww
  • Tilemeister
    1 stars
    Uninspired. Boring crap. Nothing original or new sounding. This whole strong woman theme is getting old. Then you rip of the Highwaymen name. Whole thing is a mess.
  • Missliss5512
    5 stars
    LOVE. Love the old school sound! Going back to real country!
  • Lee567
    5 stars
    excited. Not really a country fan typically, but Brandi is amazing and this is a pleasant surprise.
  • lightgirl13
    5 stars
    The Highwomen. I’ve only heard three songs and I’m in love. The Highwomen song took a song I love and elevated it in a way I still can’t believe. The original was about men being men. This version is about women being extraordinary.
  • 😘😚😝🤨🦛🐪🦏
    3 stars
    "Highwoman" great! (song). But the others slack
  • Jeff Lo
    5 stars
    Stellar !. Hints of The Trio dominate their sound on the first single. Their sound is magical !
  • JDC23_007
    5 stars
    SOLD!. So good! The harmony, the music, tone....soooo good. Maybe it's a little "pop", but 95% of country music today is; save for a few artists (and they're borderline). This sounds good and mad respect for all of these women's carrers. Solo or together. I'm in...
  • kenucatchme810
    1 stars
    Rebooting is not original. Ghostbusters 2016 all over again.
  • ndsquirrel
    5 stars
    Is it September 6, yet?!. I don’t want summer to end, but I cannot wait for the rest of this album! The harmonization, the solos, the guitars—be still my country girl heart!
  • Emmmmmmmmmmmmm197
    4 stars
    🙌🏼. Crowded Table is great- looking forward to the rest!
  • Hannajo357
    5 stars
    Wow. I love the first two singles can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. I also love how they are getting back to country.
  • CSoulard
    5 stars
    More than another country album. Only two songs out so far but this group is breaking every country norm and stereotype. The first single, “Redesigning Women”, draws on the rough and raw vocal styling of country trailblazers (several featured in the music video) and lays the ground work for deeper exploration and inclusivity of the female experience anticipated from this album - all with the sly side-eye of a woman who knows her liquor and her limits. At the same time, “Crowded Table” is an open welcome to any who wants to gather as family, using cozy imagery of a full house, walls of pictures, and a roaring fire to evoke nostalgic feelings of simplicity and acceptance. The rest of this album can’t come soon enough.
  • Kate McGilsky
    5 stars
    🏹☄️. 5 stars for If She Ever Leaves Me! Great song!!
  • Amasterofpuppets
    5 stars
    A GREAT GROUP. Blown away by the first two singles. Can not wait for the rest of the album. Well done ladies.
  • Ash and Indy
    5 stars
    Great - perfect, actually. I hope the Highwomen don’t suffer from all the Miranda fans organizing online to leave negative reviews and working against it. It’s way better than Miranda’s stuff and they’re jealous. I love it.
  • The Miracle Squeeze-Box
    5 stars
    Watch out; here come the Highwomen. With country music going through a surprisingly great revival in these last few years, it’s refreshing to see an amazing new supergroup made up of 4 of the most talented & fearless ladies the world’s has ever heard 🗺 🌍 🌎 😉 👍 🎵 🎼 🎶 The only catch is, unlike other big groups, this quartet not only makes a bold statement by blending traditional twang with modern sensibilities, their original style & subject matter is definitely pitch perfect for these times, and with their first 2 songs “Redesigning Women” & “Crowded Table” their intentions are crystal clear: The future of Country music is in the right hands 🎵 🎼 🎶 👌🏻
  • RockNRolll4Ever
    5 stars
    I like this. Really good- hits ya in a good way
  • 🙊🙈🙊🙈🙊🙈🙊🙈🙈🙈
    1 stars
    Okay come on.... I had previously left a 5 star review but my mind has changed with the release of this second single. The first song was okay so I left a 5 star review because of Maren Morris, but this new song and the one before it are cheap lyrics that seem as if they were written in an hour.
  • Gary the baddass
    4 stars
    Pretty good. I don’t love the production but I really do like the songs, live
  • BrookeM83
    4 stars
    Yaaasss Queens!. Get it girls! I love girl collaborations and these songs are beautiful!
  • Drotus12715
    5 stars
    So Kickass. Just amazing! I’ve loved Brandi Carlile forever, so I was pumped to hear about this album. Love it!!
  • A Dugan
    5 stars
    ❤️. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • virginiasteelmagnolia
    5 stars
    ❤️❤️❤️. Makes me feel like a kid again driving around listening to women dominating the radio! Love them and everything the represent! Cant wait for more from them!
  • drswa35
    1 stars
    Not good. Just not good
  • Romayniac
    5 stars
    Absolutely Love it!!. Every one of these women is a force unto themselves. They sound great together.....and the name is a deliberate play and tribute to the Highwaymen....duh! Not a "rip-off". Can't wait for the album and hope they do more as a group.
  • lovesqueakers
    5 stars
    Fantastic 4. These four independent strong women sound beautiful together. I find it very sad that the few not so kind reviews come from men! Threatened much?!
  • Brandon Bowditch
    5 stars
    lols at the negative reviews 😂😂. lol A lot of triggered people reviewing this album. I personally liked the first single, and I genuinely enjoy every member’s solo work. I’m sure this album’s gonna be great.
  • ryanmetallica
    1 stars
    Not that great. Not only do they have that typical unoriginal sound most country has, but they’re trying to look like “strong women” but only come off as complete unoriginal tools. Make good music first, then maybe you’ll actually come off as strong. Also their name is a total rip. Highwaymen, highwomen, really?
  • Noble, King
    5 stars
    Nice. Very good, reminds me of when I was a kid!!
  • 16 HORSES
    4 stars
    Country’s version of the Moulin Rouge. Hey 4 awesome country music divas meshed into one That’s better than any other deal I get out of Best Buy 😂!
  • buffystuffy
    5 stars
    Strong and Powerful Women. This is one of the best debut singles! I’m so proud of these women!
  • Tingfjkfffjj
    5 stars
    That CLASSIC sound!. This is a perfect, modern representation of that classic country sound. Real country music. It sounds like it came straight from the 70s or 80s with a modern twist. Beautiful job, ladies.
  • Nikkit485
    5 stars
    I’ve been waitin’!. I’ve been waiting for The Highwomen to debut (even before Loretta’s bday bash). They did not disappoint then and now they’re just shining. This movement of getting women to the forefront again in Americana music /(“country” music) is a revolution I’m happy to be alive for. Congrats, ladies. Y’all can only go up from here.
  • docat
    5 stars
    CHICKS THAT ROCK!!!. Can’t wait to hear the rest of this album in the fall!!! Fantastic harmonies & the Highwomen are FIRE!!!!
  • Two scoops of awesomeness.
    5 stars
    Single is incredible. Talented ladies. Great harmonies. Classic sound. This is a hit!
  • Playa307
    5 stars
    Love it!. This feels so nostalgic and yet so fresh all at once. It could only be amazing and I’m not disappointed!
  • Ruthieautumn
    5 stars
    🔥. Oh, how this reminds me of listening to The Trio album with Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, and Emmylou Harris. Really amazing
  • nashvillerobin
    5 stars
    Country fun. Wonderful to hear a country song with multiple distinct female voices. Fun lyrics and great harmony.

The Highwomen - The Highwomen Album Wiki

The Highwomen are a country music group composed of Brandi Carlile, Natalie Hemby, Maren Morris, and Amanda Shires, formed in 2019. The group's self-titled debut album is slated for release in September 2019..