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Artist:   Blink-182
Album Name:   NINE
Genre:   Rock
Tracks:   15
Relase Date:   20 September 2019
Country:   USA

NINE (Blink-182) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.The First Time 2:26
2.Happy Days 2:59
3.Heaven 3:17
4.Darkside 3:00
5.Blame It on My Youth 3:05
6.Generational Divide 0:49
7.Run Away 2:27
8.Black Rain 2:46
9.I Really Wish I Hated You 3:11
10.Pin the Grenade 2:59
11.No Heart to Speak Of 3:40
12.Ransom 1:25
13.On Some Emo Shit 3:09
14.Hungover You 2:58
15.Remember to Forget Me 3:29

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