The 1975 - Notes On A Conditional Form

About Notes On A Conditional Form by The 1975 Album

Notes on a Conditional Form is the fourth studio album by English rock band The 1975, released on 22 May 2020 through Dirty Hit and Polydor Records. The album follows their third album, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships (2018), and is the second of two albums from their third release cycle, "Music for Cars". The first single, "People", was released on 22 August 2019.

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Notes On A Conditional Form (The 1975) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 4:55
2. 2:38
3. 2:30
4. 3:53
5. 1:32
6. 4:45
7. 4:13
8. 2:07
9. 4:24
10. 2:55
11. 3:27
12. 4:00
13. 3:38
14. 4:07
15. 2:50
16. 5:19
17. 3:24
18. 6:04
19. 4:06
20. 2:26
21. 2:48
22. 4:29

The 1975 - Notes On A Conditional Form Album Comments

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Notes On A Conditional Form [The 1975] Album Reviews

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- Are you kidding?5 star

This is one of the best freakin’ albums I’ve ever heard. Ever.

- i can write a review without owning it5 star

great stuff never heard a track

- Complainers are just the worst.4 star

We now live in a world of “This is amazing” or “This was garbage”. I wish all of you would just piss off truly. Some great songs on this. It’s not about you. It’s an artist who’s not a drug addict anymore writing from the heart. And if a two minute track about our dying planet offends you, you honestly barely deserve to be here. Good record.

- Great Album Guys!5 star

Love the whole album including the politics! Can't wait to seeing you in person one day perhaps 2025? 😃

- My favorite album by them yet.5 star

Favorite album of 2020

- Disappointed3 star

Only a few good bangers on this album the 1st and 2nd albums seem to have a lot more effort put into them than this one.

- Changing my Review...5 star

I am leaving my original review below. I was extremely frustrated with the numerous delays of this album. When you dissect this album, it is amazing, George is pure genius. Leaving me to wonder why Matty takes all the credit for the 1975. I love the techno, house tracks but wish there were more songs featuring the unbelievably talented guitarist Adam Hann and bassist, Ross MacDonald. The first album will always be my favorite, but this is a really good record when you absorb all of it. Wish I could give it ZERO stars for delaying it again. I have lost interest in this band sad to say. I grew tired of the Matty interviews leading up to this release, how the other three members put up with his ego is beyond me. Listen to Sam Fender instead, he has the passion and drive this band once had.

- A Masterpiece5 star

This album makes you feel all of the things. It has a way of calling you and the whole world really out on bs but still giving you something to vibe to! Thank you for not letting us fans down the 1975

- Thought it was pretty good4 star

Some stuff felt a little off but overall I think that it was pretty nice that they experimented with some new things

- AMAZING. 5/5.5 star

Been a fan since 2013, and I gotta say, this is an exquisite piece of work. I absolutely love this album. The sound is captivating. People get so caught up in the whole politics thing, but I don’t see anything wrong with them expressing their thoughts and opinions through their own music. Music is language too. I love the variety the album offers as well. Beautiful production, beautiful vocals, just beautiful.

- Didn’t enjoy it1 star

Not good

- Straight Buttcheeks1 star

Straight Buttcheeks

- Too much filler, not enough music2 star

Go back to writing what put you on the map inthe first place. This album isn't worth an illegal download, let alone $12.

- New Fan5 star

I’m so glad I recently discovered the band the 1975 so I can fully appreciate the beautiful artistry in the album and not be blinded by the fact that it, “doesn’t sound like their old stuff”. Truly great front to back. Highly recommend you borrow your friends(son or daughter maybe?)good pair of headphones and just vibe out to this whole thing by yourself.

- Very creative and controversial album5 star

This album takes you on an incredible journey too to bottom. I love all of their work and hope that they keep making these amazing albums. Spectacular job guys 👍🏻

- Never Write Off a Band...3 star

If they can put out an album consistently that has at least one song that is catchy, singable, and memorable. (A good examle fo this is The Cars) The song for this album is "If You're Too Shy." One is all it takes, and aren't you glad that you don't have to buy a whole album to get that one song anymore?

- Amazing album5 star

Best album of 2020

- 🗑1 star

The worst album so far 🗑

- LEGENDS5 star

this album is a masterpiece

- Baldski1 star


- Don’t Hate It Because of Politics1 star

Some of the most legendary albums ever made were inspired by political movements and events. It’s silly to tell a musician to avoid politics in their music! Activism for a certain cause can be executed very well by certain artists, but not in this particular way. This album has just a couple somewhat decent tracks, but it’s mostly lifeless beats and dragged-on nonsense. If you’re going to pursue a political message, don’t make it seem so washed out and heartless! This album will now sink into oblivion with all the other artists who attempted the same idea in the past few years.

- Horrible1 star

Their songs sound like trash

- wank1 star

The album is dog wank

- Great range of diversity on the album5 star

Really shows the capabilities and musicianship of the band. Don’t expect them to make the same album twice

- It’s good, but not worth the wait3 star

A few good tracks

- I never write reviews cus idgaf5 star

After reading all the negative reviews and opinions published months ago, now that the album is finally out and in my opinion—an amazing compilation of music—it is chuckle worthy to see how loads of people believed this album/band to be complete garbage, when in fact this album is BOMB. I am a fan, but I do know good music.

- This ain’t it1 star

Initially going in to the album thought it was gonna be good, lemme tell you did it disappoint, how are people buying and streaming this garbage.

- Wow.5 star

I wasn’t partial to most of abiior, but this? I actually think this might be there best album to date. Block out the noise and give it a try. You just might hear something truly special.

- So gooood5 star

Love the 1975 soooo much amazing brilliant album

- Not even a shadow of who they were1 star

All of the reviews here beginning with the confessions of love for this band; yeah we get it, we’re all the first ones to have ever heard and love the 1975. But you can’t listen to this and honestly say that it’s anything worthwhile. Maybe two songs out of the entire TWENTY-TWO track album? That’s sad....And the auto tune?!?! Every band needs to grow but also retain their identity. With that said, I really hope we can look forward to hearing something reminiscent of the Sex, Robbers, Somebody Else kind of sounds in the future.

- LOVE IT 💚4 star

This album has a little bit of everything for everyone to love. LOVE the different genres for each song!! It makes for a beautifully versatile work of art that’s suitable for any mood!! Honestly exactly what we need during this awful quarantine.

- the range of this album5 star

contrary to popular belief, the 1975 can make more than one type of indie-pop music, and they can make it well. this album is diverse and well thought-out.

- Breathtaking5 star

A masterful collection of some of the most ambitious and unique 1975 songs to date. Very interesting take on a lot of important concept, beliefs, and music tones.

- T😁😁truck5 star

w we/

- // L O V E //5 star

Love this, too bad NA tour got cancelled

- i just wanna see baldski1 star

please let him go bald

- Unfortunately More Like the Last Album3 star

Maybe I’m just cursed to forever be a 1975 EP fan.

- listen past the title track before saying the album is wildly political5 star

they never disappoint, beautiful album.

- “pOLiTiCaL gArBaGe”5 star

People complaining about “political garbage” shut up. You will never be happy. You will always be complaining about something. This is something he had to do to spread good message. Obviously not something he will do all the time... That may not be your cup of tea but it might be someone else's quit being so selfish. Its disgusting. Such fake fans.

- Gorgeous5 star

Everything about this album is beautiful!



- haha baldski1 star


- Defo reality1 star


- This is not good...1 star

Just talking about politics and cussing a lot. And they’re definitely not Britain’s biggest band. What About Gorillaz?

- Amazing album5 star

They are amazing, once again redefining the game. It’s so crazy to watch how things have changed but...not all that much has changed. They really bring what The 1975 truly is/represents back to their roots on this one. As a fan I can say this is an incredible album. Please don’t ever stop. PS. Make a song that is Robbers 2 plz!!

- Not pleasant to the years1 star

The first top seconds cannot sound more horrible to the year

- Impressed5 star

This band makes some of the most unique and quirky music I’ve ever heard and I absolutely love it. This album has so much variety yet feels connected. The lyrics are great. The instrumentals are awesome. I did not enjoy “People” but kept an open mind, and I’m glad I did. Totally recommend!

- Not even close / poseurs1 star

I just can't take this band seriously. Pretty daft to call yourselves out as "being compared to Radiohead" (no way in hell) while churning out boring soft rock. I guess there is a huge market for pure crap out there.

- Incredibly Introspective5 star

I love Ross 💕💕💕💕✨✨💕✨

- guys...5 star

to be completely honest, i’ve been a fan since like self titled and it’s all just gone downhill from here. i don’t like this album but i’m gonna rate it five stars anyway. more songs like “people” and “fallingforyou” pls


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Jeremy7187 - Disappointing3 star

There’s only one song on this album that I like . What Should I Say.

Mathislaverdière - Let it grow on you5 star

Definitely was a bit disappointing after listening to it for the first time, still, after a few listens, I would say I find most of the tracks incredible, and they actually fit kind of ok together


BALDSKI. 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

billyedawg111223 - My fave5 star

KSI fans are salty af yeetus deletus. Roadkills a bop.

Baldski😈😈😈 - Baldski1 star


Gunfishy - 1975 sucks1 star

stream ksi’s new album please

ListenerLJ - It’s ok..1 star

Some of it’s not bad..

fhkrblp - No it1 star

No good terrible a an album that dropped thats really fire is dissimulation you should check it out # baldski 👨🏿‍🦲

jeremiahu - Being compared to Radiohead?1 star


ompatel_24 - Baldski1 star

Stream dissimulation rn

oilerman19 - Baldski1 star

Just terrible

xCodi - It’s not very good:/.1 star

Try to improve the mixing of your music

vicmarjsjs - yes5 star


discgolfer1970 - Compared to Radiohead?2 star

CassiSummer - hm.2 star

definitely their worst album but it has some absolute bangers hidden in it (stream tonight i wish i was your boy)

yrnybnygjay - Worst thing I’ve ever heard1 star

But Dissimulation by ksi #baldski

Mark Suckaborg - What genre is The 1975? Yes.5 star

Possibly my favourite album for the Guys. Successfully ambitious in its scope and just a wild ride of emotions from start to finish. Excited to see where this band will go next.

clikkie on crack - lit5 star


jjj661jjj - Flop1 star

This album sucks, not only is matty pretentious and annoying theyve resorted to saying gay slurs for attention... should have stuck to their plan of only releasing 3 albums and quitting music.... NEXT!

shhdhsjshwjahss - Ok1 star

I’m not sure about this

Sir T. Urd Blossom - Worth the wait?5 star

I sure hope, after ten months, the wait for this album will be worth it.

TMats27 - The most ambitious mainstream band working today.5 star

This album is poised to be the most ambitious release of the year (for a band). Every song has its’ own genre and aesthetic world. The singles alone span an incredible range of influences, from a speech by Greta Thunberg (The 1975) to heavy glam rock (People) to altruistic dance-pop (Frail State of Mind) to classic early-2000s punk pop (Me and You Together Song) to whispery fragmented folk (Jesus Christ 2005) to stream-of-consciousness balladry (Birthday Party) to the BIGGEST 80s-pop smash I’ve heard them do (If You’re Too Shy). There isn’t a genre The 1975 can’t pull off. “Notes” is both testament to and celebration of their undefinable range. If these guys keep pushing themselves, they’ll go down in history as one of the greatest groups ever formed. They own the freaking zeitgeist at the moment. With their green/eco friendly tour, massive production elements, conviction for modern themes and sheer fearlessness in experimentation, I anticipate “Notes” is more than simply a crowning achievement for their discography - it’s a hint that what’s to come will be even bigger and stranger. And I, for one, couldn’t be more excited.

porschedolling - I love The 19755 star

I can’t wait for this album! So excited! 102 will be great!

Blessed 😇 - omg5 star

so excited!!

greyfigures - I’m excited5 star


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______someone_______ - aoty5 star

rock & roll is dead god bless the 1975

Hadley Harris - Confusing2 star

It doesn’t feel like there’s any consistent theme or feel with this album unlike their previous ones. The 1975 are great at creating atmosphere but this album feels like a disjointed mess of ideas which were briefly jotted down in a notebook but not given enough time to develop. Maybe if the track list was cut down then they could have made a better end product. What a shame.

!Belle561! - Great album5 star

Really enjoyed this

iluvsrock - Total CRAP!1 star

Unlistenable rubbish wish i could give a 0 And Greta Thunberg??? WTF! She needs to go back to kindergarten!!

Nor Heavin - The 19755 star

MATTY ,, please please don't go BONO BOLLOX🇮🇪. Sounding amazing amazing, can't wait for RELEASE Then went worse depression Greta ??? Seriously we as music fans don't need to be told by a " privileged child" how to conduct our lives. BAD MOVE MATTY I FEAR , best of luck but I can't have an album with the contrast of negativity from a teenager full of bile and negative comments, why do individuals buy into this crap ME 2 etc .. GRETA LIFE OR GETA ... I would of thought you n the band would shy away from political pressure, we all agree the planet is under pressure from our bad habits GUILTY I AM INDEED, we purchase your talent for your talent not to be made feel guilty by MISS GRETA , When she hopefully lives a NOMAL LIFE i.e. House bills car to go shopping. Then relay . Oh lord far too complicated 🙈. amazing album in fairness. Yes it's class re track 1 The 1975 MF YA 👊🎶🎸🇮🇪

kate heyhirst - amazing5 star


stevie_jc - Brilliant5 star

great album, i'm so happy with it

Leah.mac.46 - the best band in the world5 star

another incredible record. thank god for the 1975 <3 ignore ksi fans reviews !!

MrsKray69 - Please STOP1 star

Boring straight white rich kids think we wanna hear their songs about BLM and LGBTQ+ issues. WE DON'T WANT IT AND WE DON'T NEED IT. Worse yet the lead singer then USES the BLM movement to try and promote their stuff. The lowest of low. Stick to singing about creepy straight guy stuff like watching girls sleep or whatever it is you boring privileged hetero guys do. We can sing our own songs. We don't need you. Go away. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go Away.

controls are trash - Love5 star


FootyQueen48 - disappointing2 star

i’m a big fan of the band and have been for a long time but this album was incredibly underwhelming

sick album lads - Good5 star

Incredible album

J FDA wtfcs - Shiiiit1 star

Shhhhhiiiiit Ksi bladskiii

thank u, nexttt - LOVE IT5 star


miasabina - In love5 star

I love the songs the so cool such a nice sound and really deserves a five star review it was worth the wait for sure :)

awfulterriblealbum - awful1 star

just awful

sendmemes - Not bad, but not good2 star

So, all of the singles they released (People, Me & you together song, Frail state of mind, The birthday party, Jesus Christ god bless America and the best one, If you’re too shy let me know) are the only good tracks on the record. It’s kinda like when a movie trailer has all the best scenes from the movie. You might as well just watch the trailer. And that’s it. Instrumental tracks they do well at making but it’s way too much on the record. The best track on the record, if you’re too shy, Matthew Healy has already said their new music sounds nothing like which is a big mistake. Many fans will be disappointed. The only track that comes close to being as good as the singles is What should I say. Honestly, they should have just made a 10 track record that is actually good. Instead of all this. Which isn’t. What a shame.

legendaryballer44 - Immaculate5 star

V good

Howza619 - Amazing5 star

Been a fan since 2013, long live music for cars

Danger Rainbows - Derivative, pretentious drivel1 star

I've been a fan of this band since the initial EPs and each new release has been so refreshing, but this album is a mess of epic proportions. It feels like more effort has been put into making each song a different genre than focussing on actually good songwriting. There are so many moments that feel like they're just there because it's trendy. For a band that for the best part of the last decade have been so genuine and innovative, this album feels forced and lacking any clear direction. Thoroughly disappointed.

FreddieNorton123 - Good vibes5 star

Experimental but some gems of songs

Ygybcl - Didn’t think they could get worse1 star


Graham(: - not great1 star

not what i’ve came to expect from 1975

robbersbythe1975oof - ratings5 star

i hate how KSI fans are rating the album 1 star, the boys put a lot of work into this. They don’t deserve it.

james124743 - Not good1 star

I listened to it and thought it wasn’t good

ThomasC Rate - Great album5 star

Slightly gutted that there are so many 1 star reviews on there just to try and get KSI above 1975 in the charts. Hope it doesn’t work as this is a great album

J E S S✨ - worth downloading!!5 star

such a groovy, funky, alternative and different album.. AMAZING!!

Jessgagaloo - Love love love5 star

Some of my absolutely fav 1975 songs living on this album, some beautiful classics hiding away also! They get better with every album 😭

c:)1209 - baldski1 star


ksigood - Why would anyone listen to this1 star

So bad

Matttino - Why?2 star

How can they go from tracks like ‘Love it if we made it’, ‘Chocolate’, ‘sincerity is scary’ etc to this? It’s the biggest album disappointment since the ordinary boys bought out that pile of 3rd album after Preston became famous. It only got a second star because of ‘Birthday Party’ and ‘Too shy’.

Smiley.cece - AMAZING5 star


potbot1 - no suprises1 star

no suprises here, god awful from matty healy and his band of frauds. don’t waste your time and money

aspear1 - Bad1 star


thefourthnip - class5 star

imagine leaving one star reviews just cause u wanna see ksi bald HAHAHAHAAHAH

Josh472838391 - Baldski1 star


Popcorn97531 - y e s5 star

amazing, each song is completely unique

Elle wagwan breadbin - What should I say5 star

Song are so catchy and sooooo good

cara kung - Disappointed1 star

I’ve liked these guys for a while but this isn’t it

DMFAEF - Great Album5 star

Best The 1975 album but the reviews have been ruined by KSI fans wanting Baldski. Don’t listen to them, it’s a great album

dylan6787427288 - no1 star


Vanqvish - Pretty good4 star

It’s an alright album in my opinion however I prefer some of the other older releases. Feels like the 1975 aren’t quite the same they were 2 or 3 years ago.

Lewisssssssss12345568392020 - Terrible1 star

James Marriott wants to kill the poor

Becca Ousby - Becca Ousby5 star

Excellent album as always! People rating this album 1 star to get KSI to number 1 🥴

tito1123 - Stop streaming this1 star

We need baldski

Snowinq - Ksi1 star


Warren the horse - Class5 star


Asakaed - Shocking1 star

This is terrible, overhyped asf

OsushehqjaofowjqbBz - Baldski1 star

We need baldski and we need it now!

YEETASOUROUS-REX - Baldski20211 star

Baldski for president

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