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K-12 (Melanie Martinez) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 3:40
2. 2:41
3. 2:56
4. 3:35
5. 3:22
6. 3:45
7. 3:04
8. 2:49
9. 3:37
10. 3:56
11. 4:01
12. 5:11
13. 3:50

Melanie Martinez - K-12 Album Comments

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K-12 [Melanie Martinez] Album Reviews

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- 🤩😍5 star

I love how serious your music is 😘 keep up the great work

- Yes yes YES5 star

This album is a musical masterpiece every song is amazing ye songs from 8-10 are GREAT!!!

- ❤️❤️❤️ by Bev Marsh5 star

I love This one pls make more

- OMG LOVE IT5 star

The voice is so smooth and active and calm. And the music is just right with the perfect voice, in ,most albums I only like the song I know, BUT. For this one I don’t know any of the songs and the r great! I only know class fight but I love all of the the songs UwU

- Sorry but1 star

This says clean and i want clean it says the b word and the a :(


I bought crybaby, I am now buying K-12, and I will definitely buy the next album when it comes out!

- Go Melanie Martinez!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎5 star

I’m a 10 year old that can relate to only a little bit of these songs like “Wheels on the Bus”. I would give this album infinity stars if I could!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! But I’m here to tell you the meaning of the songs!1.Wheels on the Bus is about how on school buses you could hear a lot of dirty and bad this like cuss words and sexual things and even see them! You want to tell the Bus driver, but you know they don’t care so you just stay quiet and you try to ignore it but it’s boring.2Class Fight is about how sometimes you love someone at school but another person hates you for liking the same person! They want to fight you and it’s hard to fight back for your love cause you’re afraid that they wouldn’t want to hang out with you anymore for being a fighter.3.The Principal is about how sometimes one man can create a place for education, but all he does is hurt three kids even more, and it’s not right!4. Show & Tell has the best message and best song on the album! Now it’s about how mostly all celebrities (Like Billie Eilish ,Melanie Martinez herself, etc.) are seen as “perfect”, and yet they deal with the same problems we do! Abuse, pain, etc. People get mad over the littlest thing a celebrity could say like “sorry, but I don’t have time for pictures right now..”5.Nurse’s Office is about how sometimes when you’re getting bullied or hurt in class and the teacher doesn’t care, you fake a serious illness so the teacher can care and send you to the nurse’s office... but yet it hurts to be in there.6.Drama club is about how sometimes you feel like you’re being forced to live you’re life as a script. 7. Strawberry Shortcake is a very serious topic! It’s about how allot of girls are taught at a young age about how their body looks, they get told that they’re too fat, too skinny, and yet really.. all bodies are beautiful!8. Lunchbox Friends is about how sometimes people at lunch are going to want you to sit next To them just so that they can be your “best friend” and yet judge the way You look! (Shorter term: Social pressure and sensitivity) 9. Orange Juice is another very serious topic! It’s about an eating disorder called bulimia.. Bulimia is an eating disorder that’s where you eat the same thing all the time (like Fleur, who eats oranges all the time and suffered through bulimia) and it can cause depression and vomiting, it’s also about your body being beautiful and how everyone is imperfectly perfect 🥰!10. Detention is about how sometimes people do bad things to you and they say “it’s just LOVE” when it’s not.11. Teacher’s Pet is about being teacher’s pet might be nice, but there’s consequences in being one, but this doesn’t mean you have to be a bad student! 12. Highschool Sweethearts is about the requirements in love, and if the person that likes you can’t handle a heart like yours, then don’t let them waste your time!13. Recess is about how sometimes people are going to act like they’ll take your place if you’re having a hard time, and yet they do bad things to you! (BONUS!) Credits.Fire Drill is about an everyday life topic... bullying and how there’s social pressure and sensitivity, you can stand up for yourself! Anyways thanks for reading my long review that took me 30 minutes to make😅 love this album Melanie! Keep up the good work! God bless you!❤️💖

- nonnonono5 star

no no no don’t you choke 🤩🤪😋😛🌺🙋‍♀️🧚‍♀️💓💖💞

- Big Fan5 star

I listen to all of her song on YouTube and The so amazing so is K-12 I love the flim so much

- Show and tell...5 star


- Amazing.. but...3 star

This album was amazing!!! The problems and parts of life explained through Melanie’s lyrics were great! I loved it so much (obvi Lol) but I feel like Melanie could have expressed her feelings with less cussing. I would have loved to buy several of the songs, such as Class Fight and Strawberry Shortcake, but my parents aren’t ok with dirty lyrics... Overall great album, great messages, and enjoy it! (Ps, you left some words un-bleeped)

- I hate when she cusses because I’m 7 but mom said I can get it5 star

K-12 is the BOMB

- K-125 star

So I got this album and and it was the Clean version of the album and in Nurses office it still say THE BAD WORDS

- THE BEST ALBUM!!!!!! 💕💕💕5 star

Melanie did it again. Her album slays, and all of the songs are fabulous. It exceeded my expectations, and the movie production was excellent. I loved seeing all the characters, and there were some funny scenes. I have to say my favorite song is “Strawberry Shortcake” and “High school sweethearts”. And haters get a life!

- Awesome5 star

My favorites are Class Fight and Nurses Office! Melanie is AWESOME. Worth buying!!! This album is definitely worth buying!!!!

- Me as a 11 year old5 star

I understand what every song means ex: Orange Juice is about a eating disorder or Teachers pet is about a relationship with a teacher I just love the album and the movie I’ve watched so many times I memorized the whole album I just love it!!!

- I love Melanie Martinez5 star

I can’t listen to her music with me dad so the clean version is still good cuz I love love love her music l❤️❤️🌸🦄🤘🏻!!

- I loved it5 star

Her songs are amazing and the movie was awesome 👏

- ❤︎OMG❤︎5 star

This song is so good! You should be a superstar known across the globe!

- Adore this! ❤️5 star

Melanie does it again! Excellent lyrics and very experimental sound. The songs closest to my heart are “Strawberry Shortcake” and “Orange Juice”. 😁

- Me a 10 year old understands this album5 star

I relate to this album a lot like lunchbox friends one time I was invited to sit with the popular kids and it was well I’m not allowed to say dirty words .wheels on the bus :the kids at my school do crazy things on the bus even dirty adults things .

- best ever5 star

the whole of k12 is so true to real life during school years. favorite songs: wheels on the bus, class fight, nurses office, drama club, lunchbox friends, orange juice, detention

- K-12 is the best5 star

This is now my FAVORITE movie the best songs are principal and strawberry shortcake!!!

- I love you5 star

Thank you for making great music the time

- WOW thank you for making a clean version! :D5 star

Thanks sooo much!

- I love Melanie Martinez5 star

I love it she has the best music I LOVE IT

- Omg it’s amazing!5 star

K-12 is a super cool album it’s very amazing! 😍

- ._.1 star

I love it....well..the one that swears... It just sounds stupid without the swearing 😍😍😍😍still love you Melanie!

- I love k-125 star

This album is the best album ever i wish all of Melanie Martinez songs are on the radio.MELANIE MARTINEZ IS THE BEST!!!

- Yes5 star


- LOVE IT 😍5 star

I love all of her songs and this is so far the best ones!❤️💜😍

- Melanie Martinez5 star


- Melanie is AMAZING!!!!!4 star

Omg,I love your new album,my fav ones are wheels on the bus,class fight,show and tell,nurses office ,and orange juice.but I just wish there wasn’t a lot of bad words in it.

- So good5 star

Melanie Martinez is my favorite artist I have every song downloaded and I love all of them I legit have no favs cuz they are all my favs she pits so much thought into these and the are truly amazing keep up the work love ya

- Mel is so unique and amazing5 star

Her voice is literally a freaking angel!!! K12 is so good!💗💗💗



- Melanie Is At It Again5 star

Ok, first off let me say that this album is my most listened to album. By far. Like EVER. I love all of the sounds that Melanie put into the songs to give the listeners more feel of the songs and what they mean. The boxing dings in Class fight, the phone in The Principal, the coughs in Nurses Office, the spray tan cans rattling in Strawberry Shortcake, the squeaking of chairs in Detention, the chalk against the board in High School Sweethearts, the swings in Recess (which is my favorite song by the way) But, maybe Melanie can make a deluxe album with more songs including Fire Drill, because I love that song. All in all, what I al trying to say is that Melanie, keep on making songs and forget the haters. You are amazing and sooo relatable. Keep doing what you are doing.

- Our queen5 star

My favorite is principal nurse office teacher pet lunch box friends and show and tell

- Much better!5 star

Much better than the version where she swears every other sentence 😊

- OMG I LOOOOVVVVE HER!!!!😁😁😁5 star

I really love this album, and the album Cry Baby, this album is actually really relatable in many ways ( you can figure them out) my favorite songs are Lunchbox Friends, Strawberry Shortcake, The Principal, and Nurses Office!!!!! Thanks for reading!!!


MELANIE MARTINEZ IS DA BESTTTT I love her music ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Best songs ever5 star

I love ❤️ her songs sooo much I’m her #1 fan 😀

- SENPAI1 star


- Best album I’ve ever heard5 star

To be honest I was sad when Melanie wasn’t doing anymore songs plus the rumors about her but I’m so freaking glad she’s back and my favorites are :the principal, orange juice, lunch box friends, drama club, recess, class fight, wheels on the bus.

- I love this album😍😍5 star

This album is one of the best she has done and my favorite songs have to be the principal, detention, and lunchbox friends.


Every song is amazing 😄🙂 Favorite is class fight. It’s so catchy and it like WOW

- Amazing5 star

I love this album its so good cant wait to make gacha life glmvs my fave right known is teachers pet but really recommend this album so good worth listening too so listen to the samples😋👌🏻❤️🤗👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 also watch the movie k12 it helps you understand better trust me📽🎞🖥💻📺👍🏻❤️😊


ILOVEIT I never say this but OMG OMG OMG OMG I love it 😻👯‍♀️🦄🐬🐳🦚🌹🌸🍁🥕🥒🥨🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🍟🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩🍝🌮🌮🌯🌯🥙🥙🍙🥮🍦🍥🍥🍥🍚🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍛🍛🥘🥘🥧🎂🍨🍰🍧🍫🍬🍭🍭🍮🍮☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️🍻

- 𝙊𝙐𝙍 𝙌𝙐𝙀𝙀𝙉!!!5 star

I want this so much!!!


Melanie Martinez is an amazing singer that makes the best newest songs!


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heyinallver101 - AAAAA5 star

Y e s y e s y e s

Frickmynameistaken - I’m getting this soon2 star

Melanie is amazing so I’m gonna get this Soon. Edit: I got the album! It’s amazing

Google app user Claire - Very Good :D5 star

Very good album. Great Release :)

NickiTheeStalion - Amazing5 star

Amazing album!!

crazigenius - Cool4 star

I wanna see the swearing one but it won’t let me cause I’m only in grade 4 I’ve heard swearing before and it sounds cool but it won’t let me see swearing (not cool dad >:( )

Pusheen_Queen24😼 - Wow..4 star


thesecrazymaze323 - Amazing💗💖💕5 star

Love all the songs especially Teachers Pet, glad she made the clean version because I don’t like to hear the swear words if it can be helped! Looking forward to more albums in the future!

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llama weirdo zzz - LOVE IT5 star

You rock Melanie thanks for releasing a clean album now my parents won’t kill me

CandieTheLlamacorn - Loved it!5 star

I found this album when the film K-12 was recommended to me on YouTube. I watched it literally almost every day until it was removed, and knew all the song lyrics. I bought the album right away and now I’m still addicted.

JadeThilor - LOVE IT 🥰5 star

i love melanie but i could never get the k-12 album that curses in almost every single song 😭 but now i can!! ♥️♥️♥️

Crybaby/K-12 FAN❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 - WOW!2 star

I loved it! I made myself learn it in a few days. My favourite is The Principal. I’m so glad they finally thought of Melanie’s younger listeners and made a clean album!

Cute o pup 99 - Even better than Crybaby5 star

I feel like her singing and her writing has improved with this album, love the story of K-12 as well, the songs compliment the film’s style so well as well! Love this album’s boldness and creativity tbh

Dream heights 1234 - CRYBABY5 star

I love this! Melanie did such an amazing job. Thank you!

Nicki Lover - Another Amazing Album5 star

I’m so happy they came out with a clean version! Also all the songs much like the others are all meaningful and manage to tackle important topics without sounding poorly written. I love it so much!! ❤️💕

lizzy wills - Loving the album but her first album is so original4 star

Love this album but I prefer her first album purely because it’s her first album but this one is amazing i listen to it on repeat 😂💕

Anne Wheeler - the movie 🥺💞5 star

love it so much ✨

Iliketopaintskirtingstuffeeewr - AMAZING5 star

This album and film was so inspiring and incredible. All the song I thought maybe weren’t going to be as good as others went WAY beyond my expectations which I should’ve expected because it’s Melanie Adele Martinez so of course she’s going to blow your mind. This was so beautiful and I’m so proud of her 💕💘🎀

¿aSh? 🦇 - i love you melanie5 star

i’ve been listening since 2016 and oh my god, this was worth the time waited, it’s beautiful, the film is amazing, well done 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

EnaysiaYT - Incredible5 star

Melanie. You did I again. You made a BOMB album, speaking out against the stupidity of this world and the prejudice in it. 5 stars, will listen daily 😂

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SatshtpglUP5 star

@doplanet_12 ありがためいわk🥺🥺🥺

T_fb_75 star

@Ah_sabr: #TTRPG F4 @T_sp_7 @A_91_R @_C90H @S_7_6_ @T_fb_7 @umar477 @hmbj26 @76NAB @asifi07 @a_t_a_u @Zarka54 @MLK_165 @26ubid @M_asim__…

Anknnn175 star

@ayataka_2456: あつ森 プレゼント企画 🎁 画像の素材セット (かけら多め) を2名様に! 12星座のかけら オーナメント3種 どんぐり まつぼっくり マイル旅行券 金鉱石 しんじゅ りっぱなk など ✨応募条件 フォロー& 〆⥲10月1…

T_fb_75 star

@umar477: #TTRPG @T_sp_7 @A_91_R @_C90H @S_7_6_ @T_fb_7 @umar477 @hmbj26 @76NAB @asifi07 @a_t_a_u @Zarka54 @MLK_165 @26ubid @M_asim__ @…

Kyouk_k5 star

とりあえず文劇円盤予約するので誰か一緒に見てほしい…… 12は…諸事情により、ちょっと待って…いや別にわるいことは何もないんですけど、うん…はい…

Tbrzi85 star

@Mlk_g2: #TPG Active🔁Mebrs @Zarka54 @Rs_Ni1 @T_fb_7 @am_jad3 @WaselPTI @_S_A_S__ @jani__12 @mj_d67 @Ghzl_3 @Tbrzi8 @bil50k @Hmdk22 @Rath…

1Mini_K5 star

@Ah_sabr: #TTRPG @T_sp_7 @T_fb_7 @_C90H @S_7_6_ @A_91_R @umar477 @hmbj26 @76NAB @asifi07 @a_t_a_u @Zarka54 @MLK_165 @26ubid @M_asim__ @…

Watrasri5 star

@iqb009: #TTRPG F4 @T_sp_7 @A_91_R @_C90H @S_7_6_ @T_fb_7 @umar477 @hmbj26 @76NAB @asifi07 @a_t_a_u @Zarka54 @MLK_165 @26ubid @M_asim__…

Tbrzi85 star

@786nzi: #TPG Active🔁Mebrs @Zarka54 @Rs_Ni1 @T_fb_7 @am_jad3 @WaselPTI @_S_A_S__ @jani__12 @mj_d67 @Ghzl_3 @Tbrzi8 @bil50k @Hmdk22 @Rath…

G_m7875 star

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T_fb_75 star

@_C90H: #TTRPG @T_sp_7 @A_91_R @_C90H @S_7_6_ @T_fb_7 @umar477 @hmbj26 @76NAB @asifi07 @a_t_a_u @Zarka54 @MLK_165 @26ubid @M_asim__ @S_P…

Iw72qpUauaNSaiA5 star

@ayataka_2456: あつ森 プレゼント企画 🎁 画像の素材セット (かけら多め) を2名様に! 12星座のかけら オーナメント3種 どんぐり まつぼっくり マイル旅行券 金鉱石 しんじゅ りっぱなk など ✨応募条件 フォロー& 〆⥲10月1…

Mamekichitomato5 star

@ayataka_2456: あつ森 プレゼント企画 🎁 画像の素材セット (かけら多め) を2名様に! 12星座のかけら オーナメント3種 どんぐり まつぼっくり マイル旅行券 金鉱石 しんじゅ りっぱなk など ✨応募条件 フォロー& 〆⥲10月1…

Tbrzi85 star

@Ghzl_3: #TPG Active🔁Mebrs @Zarka54 @Rs_Ni1 @T_fb_7 @am_jad3 @WaselPTI @_S_A_S__ @jani__12 @mj_d67 @Ghzl_3 @Tbrzi8 @bil50k @Hmdk22 @Rath…

G_m7875 star

@_ZaR00n: #خاتم_النبیین_محمدﷺ Rt 4284 @INnvisibl @azamm_k @_GR19 @WadanA_01 @vh786 @gujar015 @umar477 @Thr_IK @A_Q_32 @ham_za_9 @Kurri0…

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K–12 (spoken as "k twelve", "k through twelve", or "k to twelve"), from kindergarten to 12th grade, is an American expression that indicates the range of years of supported primary and secondary education found in the United States, which is similar to publicly supported school grades prior to college in several other countries, such as Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, Ecuador, China, Egypt, India, Iran, the Philippines, South Korea and Turkey.

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