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Artist:   Michael Kiwanuka
Album Name:   KIWANUKA
Genre:   Soul
Tracks:   14
Relase Date:   25 October 2019
Country:   USA

KIWANUKA (Michael Kiwanuka) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.You Ain't the Problem 4:09
2.Rolling 2:51
3.I've Been Dazed 4:25
4.Piano Joint (This Kind of Love) 2:18
5.Piano Joint (This Kind of Love) 3:51
6.Another Human Being 1:51
7.Living In Denial 3:31
8.Hero 1:20
9.Hero 3:19
10.Hard to Say Goodbye 7:05
11.Final Days 4:10
12.Interlude (Loving the People) 2:42
13.Solid Ground 3:53
14.Light 5:48

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