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Norman F*****g Rockwell! (Lana Del Rey) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 4:08
2. 4:07
3. 9:37
4. 3:38
5. 3:22
6. 3:49
7. 5:00
8. 3:48
9. 5:05
10. 5:49
11. 5:00
12. 4:23
13. 4:32
14. 5:24

Lana Del Rey - Norman F*****g Rockwell! Album Comments

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Norman F*****g Rockwell! [Lana Del Rey] Album Reviews

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- ART5 star


- Everything She Makes >5 star

Happiness Is A Butterfly, oh boy the tears are coming.. ✨✨

- amazing5 star

amazing record.

- Anyone who is hating is just jealous 🤩🍊🌱🦋5 star

This album is the shi! If you’re hating then you are just sad that she’s actually doing amazing in her life ❤️🤩🍊🦋🌱

- boring1 star

she’s old and rude

- Lana del rey is god5 star

That’s all

- Love.5 star

Beautiful 💗


Such a great album.

- Life imitates art5 star

An absolute masterpiece. Another favorite to add to my collection. I adore Lana Del Rey and her music and I found this album to be one of her best. The lyrics are absolutely stunning and evoke powerful emotions within every line. The melody just adds to the ambience of the album. I highly recommend her music, in fact: most people who know me know me for my adoration for Lana Del Rey.

- Beautiful5 star

This album was and is so beautiful

- So beautiful!!!5 star

Her voice is so amazing and her talent is just so creative!

- I’m a Tool guy5 star

All I can say is that THIS is music

- Beautiful5 star

Best era love u

- Lit5 star


- Sis you’re over1 star


- omg5 star


- hot5 star


- Magnificent5 star

As always our queen lana amazes us with her talent

- brilliance5 star

Lana always knows how to capture a collective consciousness at any given time. This album is so intricate and well thought-out. She continues to get more true to herself and more experimental which exhibits her artistic growth. This album is timeless.🤎

- NFR5 star

I’m liking Lana’s new direction. It’s more honest and I think that’s something I’ve always wanted more of from the music. The sound of the record is laid back and summer-y which would make it perfect for a sunset drive down the coast in California. Speaking of California, it is a highlight track of the album and in my opinion some of Lana’s best work. I highly recommend this album, and I’d like to wish Congratulations Lana & Jack for creating this brilliant record :)

- Great album5 star

She really does a great job with this album I think it’s one of the greatest of all time tbh

- Deserved AOTY5 star

A lyrical genius ! 🖤

- NFR5 star


- AMAZING5 star


- Queen5 star

She’s the best ever

- i love u lana5 star

everything about this album is perfection

- Boring1 star

Dull. Sorry my sincere opinion.

- Another good album5 star

I mean it’s amazing ofc it’s from Lana

- My Baby5 star

I cried. She is The only one who would understand what I’ve been though. This album speaks my if my past and future to come. ❤️

- 🔥🔥🔥5 star

why is this literally so good

- amazing!!!4 star

she really did that with this album. honestly this is such beautiful art and it is wild how it can relate to you no matter what is going on in your life. a must listen. so much respect for lana. a true queen.

- Beautiful5 star

I recently sat down and listened to this whole album and can I just say... it changed me! It was beautiful, the vocals, the lyrics, the beat. Lana should have won a Grammy by now and I’m so sad she didn’t. This album is the best of her career and I am so excited to see what else she puts out. My recommendations are hope is a dangerous thing, cinnamon girl, California, and Venice bi**h. This is an amazing album

- Not feeling it1 star

Cinnamon was the only good song, other than that her album is pretty boring

- Impeccable.5 star

Some songs brought joy to my ears and some brought tears to my eyes as I cruised, danced and sang along the whole time I was listening to this masterpiece.

- The greatest5 star

one of the most beautiful albums in the decade

- Deserved Album of The Year5 star

So deep, so beautiful, so inspiring— at a loss for words.

- Her masterpiece5 star

This is the most complete album I’ve heard. Almost every song is amazing

- Fantastic cover of Doin’ Time5 star

You did Sublime justice 👍🏻👍🏻

- Did Jesus write this?5 star

the Bible translated into song

- Consistent4 star

I reserve 5-star for my favorite albulms of all time. "Ultraviolence" might be one of them. "Norman F* Rockwell" is maybe 4.4 stars. Lana is one of those artists you can name with one word, (like Joanie), and know exactly what you're getting. Although I love her clever wordplay and intelligent, sparing use of explicit language, what I really love is the prolonged SoCal grooves of electric guitar and synth which are great for skating or chilling out in some desolate place in the middle of anywhere, USA. The vibe appears to have remained consistent over more than a decade and I really appreciate this not being some flash in the pan. Ok maybe the vibe might become dated in another couple years, but for now I still find myself loving that vibe and purchasing her back catalog.

- AOTY5 star

mind blowing. mind blowing. like, i don’t even think... i think it will hit me in like 5 years.

- I agree with mlteter1230 and all the other 1 star reviewers.1 star

Too bad COVID-19 affects the boomers and our remaining parents. The 5 star reviews must all be from kids under 35 who lack the appreciation for artist that have respect and can use words other than F**K. This is her worst effort in my opinion but, what do you expect from a 34 year old wealthy, spoiled musician that has lost her creative edge and is frustrated so she decides to put out crap to possibly satisfy her contract. As a Boomer, our kids lost control of their kids and thus we have Records Companies that allow clients to release this type of crap into an already dysfunctional society.

- music5 star

thanku for feed back

- 炒鸡好听5 star


- Her BEST since BORN TO DIE5 star

Lana Del Rey nailed this one. Should’ve been album of the year. This one is literally her best work since her debut. It packs the same ethereal vibes we love, but with an added texture that shows she’s finally found the evolution to her sound. Such a fan of this one

- i wish5 star

there were more upbeat songs update: im in love

- fxxking awesome5 star

just give me a reason not to rate ★★★★★!!! BEST ALBUM IN THE WORLD!!!!

- Tori Amos vibes4 star

Tori Amos vibes from a time when Tori was good.

- Lana Del Arte5 star

Lana always comes through with transcendent beauty and art during the times I most need her in my life. Amazing album.

- Not Good1 star

What a piece of trash. So just throw a trash word or two and that will sell. No class!


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Fckck - Amazing album5 star


Mooiscute - Amazing5 star

One of her best albums!

ajrldr - Absolutely the best5 star

Lana stans for the win!

bbgarrett - She’s so amazing5 star

I love this

Mentally Guitarded - Lovely5 star

Such a refreshing drink of simple beauty in an industry full of stale ideas. As a vintage fan, I’m truly impressed, and not only count this as one of your best albums, but as a wonderful piece of art. 🖼 🤘🏻

HuntBarratt - The Best Album Ever Written5 star

The most incredible piece of art ever written and produced. Lana gave us a gift and it was worth the wait.

Ayman Shams - Lullabies5 star

Thank you for all these songs. I play them with my Mother and Father and when I am alone. I feel safe and strengthened and they stay quiet and listen. I am impressed. As always.

Gribe63 - Norman f Rockwell4 star

A good LP 👍🏻❤️

mayaranaa - One of her best albums5 star

So amazing 🤩

Fetchpepe - uh oh back again5 star

she did it yall

Song 18 - Always A Fan5 star

I haven’t even listened to all the songs on this album yet and I already love it as much as all her other ones. I like that she constantly changes the themes and instruments in her music. She uses the piano a lot more in this one than all the others and I love it just as much! The Next Best American Record is what I’m living for right now. I swear she can do no wrong, her voice is the It Factor for me! Replay all autumn, Love you Lana

KT090511 - AOTY5 star

Best album released this year. Worthy contender for AOTY.

StarSinger01 - Album of the year!!!5 star

So incredibly beautiful and perfect in every way. The queen is back and better than ever!!

JacksonALC - AMazeBalls5 star


Chipmunk21 - Best album yet! (And no I have never said that to any of her previous records)5 star

Amazing songs. ♥️ Well written and well sung. Not as dark as Ultraviolence. Listened to it about 20 times since it came out. Actually liking every single song. But my favourite are California and the next best American record. Go Lana!😃👌🏻

Bean eve - WOW5 star

This album has been on repeat since it came out! A true masterpiece that I can’t wait to see live.

renareniren - the best5 star

simply the best

Muffinosaur rexafier - Amazing5 star


daydreaming T - Doin’ time is my fav!5 star

I love doin’ time so much! My second favourite is California.

ayesha nicole smith - amazing5 star

i love lana so much and this album definitely didn’t disappoint. it was worth the wait :)

KT983_ - Surprised5 star

I used to be skeptical of her, but this album proves she's talented.

MusicAddiction!! - Stunning5 star

Anothter stunning record to add to her collection of timeless songs :)

Kdecennfy - A QUEEN5 star

BEST ALBUM WITHOUT A DOUBT 🥺🥺🥺🥺 thank you Ms Lana

Hannah331144 - Amazing5 star

Lana stays brilliant

Fannyyyyyy - The best5 star

Her best album since Ultraviolence

Armansan121 - Wow5 star

Lana’s best album

Undersolo - The Title of the Year4 star

This is at least the best-named album title I have heard in ages...

evan del rey - album of the year5 star

literally the best album of all time, i still can't believe she beat ultraviolence

beforethefall - Amazing5 star

Her best yet.

Kylie1616 - <35 star

Lana’s best album so far

MezmerAndMcfly - Eh1 star

Kinda uninspired and boring, didn't really enjoy it.

Nia Del Rey - Masterpiece5 star

We’re so lucky to live in the same era as her

GreyMockingjay - Best album of the year5 star

I cried multiple times. Not one song on this album isn’t absolutely perfect. I’ve listened to it now about seven times straight without skipping one song. I’ve never been so blessed with such a fantastic piece of art. Worth every second waiting. 10/10

Derek Kirby - One of the best albums of 20195 star

Lana Del Rey and Jack Antonoff have bless us with their incredible work. Can’t listen to one track without the rest. Yet another one of Lana Del Rey’s masterpieces.

KThrowaw - Amazing5 star

Album of the year. Lana continues to produce excellent albums.

Rlkipper - Impeccable.5 star

Lana’s latest era is poetic, nostalgic, and stunningly beautiful. All of the singles have been original and full of feeling. Really looking forward to hearing the whole album. Edit: The album is a masterpiece. One of Lana’s best works yet !

❤️Astyles ❤️ - Yet another masterpiece from the strongest female artist of our era5 star

Unsurprisingly, I’ve fallen madly in love with Lana’s latest masterpiece- a thorough reflection on the difficulty of achieving balance between mental well-being and an unreasonable lust for life and its most dangerous dilemmas. Happiness is a Butterfly ponders, “if he’s a serial killer, then what’s the worst that can happen to a girl who’s already hurt,” while The Greatest croons, “nobody warns you before the fall.” Lana’s genial ode to bruised risk-takers around the world tells a vivid story of love, loss, and boredom through 14 songs that will leave your arms goose-bumped and your soul a little bit wiser.

itsSTEPHiiEE - THE queen is BACK!5 star

Incredible album. I'm speechless. Just WOW!! <33333

Gill unique - LDR at her best5 star

Thank you Lana for this masterpiece

isn't a belle - i cried5 star

listen to cinnamon girl. like rn. this album is so incredible and after 24 hours, i'm still speechless. just listen to it

kev.ouellette - Perfect5 star

Every second of it is perfect and magical!!!

Rosebud347 - Queen of alternative5 star

This was well worth the wait! Lana has exceeded all my expectations. An amazing piece of art. I love it !

DBAZ1505 - Listen closely to the lyrics5 star

Lana Del Rey is a master songwriter

VINCENTLEONE_ - Future Grammy Winner5 star

The tittle explains it all !!

Cameron bro - Not disappointed5 star

Yet another great album

Brando3747 - Hey5 star

Giving her the five stars cause it is amazing.

STREAM NFR - Speechless.5 star

Speechless, that’s it.

SnapCracklChris - Some of her best work5 star

Love Lana and her music, this album is definitely a close second out of my favourite albums of hers (Ultraviolence is first, of course).

Don't knaaww - I’m in love5 star

Hell yes. This album rocks and the wait was worth it. I LOVE YOU LANA.

ABPalijah - amazing5 star

Love the more folk style of this one


NFR and Melodrama by Lorde are like the most amazing albums ever. This is literally art. Should have gotten the Grammy.

smithvana - Aww nowmin fickin rokwil5 star

I luv Lana she so cute I luv that she say lots of bad words ♡

jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjv - Awesome5 star


emersontbutt - Incredible5 star

A masterpiece

Jdizzal1986 - Doin time5 star

Anyone that covers a sublime song that good has got skills

concecat DX - best album of the year5 star

stream NFR for taste

bambi55521 - Love it5 star

With every new album she amazes me and makes me fall in love with her music all over again. Love the new album and love Lana

braithStevo - Amazing5 star

This album is simply amazing

Fun8182 - PRRIOD5 star

a serve omg

Direction problem - GOD5 star

The music is absolutely beautiful with a calming yet wanting to dance dreamy vibe. 10000000/10!! The soft vocals with the delicate instruments creating amazing songs!

noahwisk - album of the year5 star

this is the best album that has been released this year

Yhfdrssazcjopb - Love song5 star

Love the album but there’s a swear word in love song and the track isn’t labeled with an ‘E’

BV18 - You’re a star⭐️⭐️⭐️5 star

I still love listening to your first album and now I will get to listen more of your songs and the soundtrack songs. You always inspire me whenever I listen to your songs.

NightSnitch - ❤️❤️5 star

This album is sooooo good 😍

Pejix Music Review - Another brilliant offering4 star

Music fans in Australia are generally very good in spotting brilliant original acts....(from ABBA to Pink).....there is therefore a very good reason why Lana Del Rey always score No 1 Albums in Australian Music Charts....becasue she is brilliant & her style is unique. Her latest offering does not disappoint......this is as good as any of her other 5 albums & deserves to do well in charts across the world

tishy1000 - SHE REALLY DID THAT.............5 star

Miss Lana really snapped when she decided to finally release has definitely been worth the wait 😔✊🏼 definitely my favourite album from her so far 🤫 there’s not one song that I feel the need to skip (which I rarely do for Lana’s songs anyways cause they’re all musical perfection). My favourite song is definitely “Love song”, it’s just SO beautiful 🥺🥺🥺 10/10 would recommend listening to this album everyday until the day you die 😌

Njgfttttttttttt - BEST ALBUM5 star

Lana you did it again. Probably the best album I’ve ever listened to. The production is out of this world and it DESERVES A GRAMMY PERIOD.

MR O.N.G - Star5 star


MelanieBaby - A true masterpiece5 star

Absolutely amazing! My favourite Lana album of all time

Mr Ashley - Masterpiece5 star

Norman F******* Rockwell! will be one of Ms Del Rey's defining albums and it'll be one of those late night or lazy summer afternoon listening essentials for many of her fans.

K___________________ - Amazing!5 star

The best album ever made!

Oldmacs - Amazing album5 star

Lana has really outdone herself this time - it’s an amazing amazing album. Venice B**** is psychedelic and perfect for an end of summer drive. The Greatest is a brilliantly crafted look at current times we live in. Hope is a dangerous thing is deep, meaningful and soulful.

Travis!555 - Love!5 star

Lana you are always growing and sharing with us another piece of your heart. Such a powerful, strong woman you are. Beautiful music, soothing melodies and elegant lyrics. Lana’s back and she’s better than ever.

Pineapplehead1256 - Best album5 star

Best album ever released! Even Ultraviolence is SHOOK

murder2themind - Queen has SNAPPED5 star

Lana Del Goddess has SNAPPED. As obvious on here, she’s a grown up woman whose thoughts are no longer dark as it used to be. It’s now in a state of mind where she’s creative, immaculate, haunting and spiritual in this type of feel that can make your wig fly to Saturn. Be prepared fans, Lana is about to take your wig again while you’re dancing hardcore to “Hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me”

mole1224 - Amazing5 star

Lana you’re doing amazing sweetie

Anonymous45672 - Immaculate5 star

She will go down as a legend.

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_Charl_ - Amazing5 star

Beautiful album, more calm than her usual style but I love it. I love the calmness and the slowness of it🥺🦋

R.J.C.H - amazing5 star

checked it out because of all the drama ... wasn’t disappointed.

Aj0861 - Beautiful5 star

I love it. Lana is amazing as usual

YYZ R3 - The greatest💓5 star

10/10 FLAWLESS and Cohesive👏👏👏

stevest3v3 - Too Much F in'3 star

The songs are pretty good but the swearing gets on your F in nerves!

Teddychao - Less lonely with Lana5 star

During the lonely seasons in my PhD, Lana's songs make me feel less lonely. I cannot imagine the nights without her melody and voices. To live in the same decades with Lana is my luckiest things in this life.

ohwelljamie - Album of the Year5 star

Was Robbed by Billy Island

msodkskwelcoskskscmgmrmd - Masterpiece5 star

Best album of 2019

James??? - Best album of 20195 star

Simply the best album of 2019 from start to finish. Perfection 👌🏼

stupidspice - beautiful5 star

another stunning project from the supreme. with out a doubt her best work so far! beautiful beautiful beautiful.

jason4stanley - Queen5 star

Lana Del Rey will always be my queen she is everything just everything her passion and emotions that she puts into her songs call from another world her music and warmth of her voice helps depressed teenagers like myself feel alive and free and want to keep going she brings a light into my world and makes me feel like I’m wanted in this life she’s god in human form x

louiseshauna - Shauna5 star

Your voice is angelic, i L O V E

JakeyBakey05 - Insane🤍5 star

always got this on repeat, such a fantastic album. Possibly my favourite one from Lana :)

@_.daniyal._ - amazing5 star

amazing showstopping fantastic

Cheeseplantonfire - Modern day Joni Mitchell5 star

For those old enough to remember the very talented Joni Mitchell, the comparisons will be evident, both are geniuses with words and lyrics. Although Lana uses the F word quite a lot, this does not detract from her brilliant lyrics and music. Both artists make music interesting and not the bland samey “songs” that are churned out today For those who haven’t heard any of Joni Mitchell’s albums start with Herija- the classic album to end all classics. Delighted that Lana has won song of the decade for “video games” very well deserved. Best songs on NFR are - Mariners Complex, NFR and Bartender. Great album - hope she continues making boundary pushing music.

Kira-/:;;. - I am quaking5 star


beyoungbedopebeprouf - Amazing5 star


fffffkhh - Best5 star

This is the most iconic and the most 80/90’s vibe album she ever made from the names to the photos and I shouldn’t have to say more go and listen and you will find out love you Lana

Gavin b - Hate her1 star

She can’t sing! And she’s boring as F!!!!

georginahookway - album of the year5 star

literally the best album i’ve ever heard

salvatoreraia - I am disappointed1 star

I lived the two previous albums but Iam not in love with this one . Iam just being honest there aren’t top track . So boring

Mike in kent - Awesome album5 star

Late comer to Lana....truly lovely and clever lyrics, melodies and that beautiful voice. This is a great album and I can’t stop listening to it - hooked straight from the first track. Faves are California, Bartender and Cinnamon.....but there are no duds in this album. There all great.

💎Glitter💎 - Poetry5 star


Cricchioxxxxxx✨ - 😍5 star

The California is a master piece! My fav on the album however all of the songs are just perfection. Keep up your true musical art Lana! 😍

fumpin - Mmmm5 star

Love it and the Fragment of Fear inspired Doin’ Time is a peach. Thank you LDR.

Mickyar - Best album5 star

It’s her best since born to die... every track is amazing... album of the year hands down!🙌🏼💚

hamandia mandu - 🤮1 star

Can’t stand it

babsgorl - majestic5 star

best lana album to date - so intelligent, so thoughtful, so beautiful

SamuelEdwards7 - Quivering5 star

Honestly one of the best Lana albums (along with Ultraviolence of course). I’m addicted

MopsterLlamacorn - She’s A Goddess5 star

Perfection. Exquisite. Never done anything wrong in her life.

amrat1 - AMAZBALLS5 star

All ready found my wedding song

CaptainJonty - Tool was better1 star

Go away for 13 years and write something good

Lydia burgess - Queen5 star

Amazing !!! 💜💜

Tamara Sophie - Um1 star

Well it’s not Born to Die...

CrimsonEmerald - Beautiful voice. Beautiful songs.5 star

Omg her lyrics are sooooo beautiful!!!

Tara:-) - So beautiful5 star

Utterly BEAUTIFUL. As always, Lana kills it again. Cinnamon Girl is my favourite 😍

Mattystuart - I could listen to this album all day5 star

The tracks are pure escapism, dreamy, reflective, relaxing...sublime. I feel like I’m drifting in gentle waters listening to this. Every single track tells a story, and you can’t help but being captivated by Lana‘s flowing ethereal vocals.

Brehhdjejj - No1 star

No... that’s all

Elric Stockley - NFR4 star

Absolutely stunning

Carn Marth - Junk1 star

Pretentious, meaningless junk, from the album title down. The lyrics are so full of pretence that she has no idea what she's wailing about. She is absolutely devoid of talent. My, the power of hype.

Mia_af - Art5 star

Hey queen! Girl you have done it again. Constantly raising the bar for us all and doing it flawlessly. I'd say im surprised, but I know who you are. Ive seen it up close and personal. Girl you make me so proud and I love you.

nish lana - hauntingly nostalgic5 star

from a poet to another poet; wonderful record 💞

Josh_bradley - 💕5 star


Bluebeetroot - she did it again5 star

one of the best albums of 2019. deserves all the praise.

Weezie Heart - Lana Lover5 star

I’m so happy she’s back I love Lana. Bringing back her signature vibe.

gareth_sterry - exceptional.5 star

She is one of the most underrated but greatest living songwriters of this time and NFR! is nothing short of a masterpiece.

ShanRae99 - Perfect5 star

I cried

caitdelrey - WIG SNATCHED5 star

such a good album

LKrZl - LDR’s finest album to date5 star

One of the most talented songwriters of this generation. This album is perfection. All the songs bring out memories I did not know I had.

hadeeldelrey - luv5 star

not at tools and taylor fans rating it 1 star y’all just embarrassing yourselves... anyways, stream nfr because she’s the album of the year

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Jazmineegee5 star

Gliam_5 star

Como a ÉL le gusta esta canción pues, esta va para ti bebé

Danpeviv5 star

Buenos días a Norman F*****g Rockwell.

HenrySteveVV5 star

@chartlana: 🇺🇸 Apple Music US ––– Albums: 294. Norman F*****g Rockwell! 917. Born to Die 1086. Born to Die (Deluxe) 1093. Lust for Life…

Cloudsamelie_5 star

@lopez__tony cant forget about this!

ExiIetears5 star

_donxts5 star

Hits93Toronto5 star

Now Playing: Norman F*****g Rockwell by Lana Del Rey.

Renato_padilla5 star

@chartlana: 🇺🇸 Apple Music US ––– Albums: 294. Norman F*****g Rockwell! 917. Born to Die 1086. Born to Die (Deluxe) 1093. Lust for Life…

Vodkamilaine5 star

@chartlana: 🇳🇿 iTunes New Zealand — Albums: #9. (NEW) Norman Fucking Rockwell! #90. (+1) Born to Die #193. (+6) Ultraviolence (Deluxe)…

Chartlana5 star

🇳🇿 iTunes New Zealand — Albums: #9. (NEW) Norman Fucking Rockwell! #90. (+1) Born to Die #193. (+6) Ultraviolence…

Vodkamilaine5 star

@chartlana: 🇺🇸 Apple Music US ––– Albums: 294. Norman F*****g Rockwell! 917. Born to Die 1086. Born to Die (Deluxe) 1093. Lust for Life…

Chartlana5 star

🇺🇸 Apple Music US ––– Albums: 294. Norman F*****g Rockwell! 917. Born to Die 1086. Born to Die (Deluxe) 1093. Lust…

Hits93Toronto5 star

Now Playing: Norman F*****g Rockwell by Lana Del Rey.

DameDonJuan3x5 star

i got sent this can someone translate

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