Blueface - Dirt Bag

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Artist:   Blueface
Album Name:   Dirt Bag
Genre:   Hip-Hop/Rap
Tracks:   8
Relase Date:   09 August 2019
Country:   USA

Dirt Bag (Blueface) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Dirt Bag 2:13
2.Bussdown (feat. Offset) 3:02
3.Disrespectful 2:32
4.Daddy (feat. Rich The Kid) 2:31
5.Bussin (feat. Lil Pump) 2:14
6.Stop Cappin (feat. The Game) 3:32
7.Gang (feat. Mozzy) 3:04
8.Bleed It 2:25

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