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About Fear Inoculum by TOOL Album

Fear Inoculum is the fifth studio album by American progressive metal band Tool. It is the band's first album in thirteen years, due to creative, personal, and legal issues band members encountered since 2006's 10,000 Days. The album was released on August 30, 2019. Background - Writing: In 2006, Tool released their fourth studio album, 10,000 Days. It topped the US Billboard 200 album chart and was certified platinum by the RIAA, indicating more than one million units sold, a month later. The band toured heavily in support of the album, playing more than 200 shows through 2007. After this, front-man Maynard James Keenan mentioned that he saw Tool breaking up in the near future, and focused on his side-project, Puscifer. However, by early 2008, at the 50th Grammy Awards, Keenan announced to MTV that the band would begin writing new material for their fifth studio album "right away." The band was quiet over the next few years, only with Tool's website announcing that guitarist Adam Jones, bassist Justin Chancellor, and drummer Danny Carey were working on instrumental material while Keenan focused his efforts on Puscifer. The approach was consistent with what the band had done in the past, with Keenan waiting to write vocals and lyrics until instrumentals were completed. In 2012, the band's website was updated again, with the webmaster writing that they had heard instrumental material that had "sounded like Tool…some of it reminiscent to earlier Tool stuff, with other parts pushing the envelope" and that they estimated that the album was around half done. Various outside problems slowed down progress on the album in the coming years. In 2013, it was reported that two separate scooter accidents injured two undisclosed members of the band, eliminating nine days of planned “jamming” time. Carey later revealed himself as one of the involved members, noting that he had been involved in a motorcycle accident that resulted in multiple cracked ribs, which caused him pain that further slowed recording. Keenan summed up the album's progress at the time in a cooking analogy, explaining, "“Basically right now it’s a lot of ideas. There is no actual songs…It's still kind of noodles in a big basket. Lots of noodles, just no dishes.” In 2014, Jones and Carey revealed that complicated legal issues and court battles stemming from a 2007 lawsuit had been slowing down the process as well. The issues stemmed from a lawsuit from a friend who claimed credit for artwork the band had used, but escalated after an insurance company involved sued the band over technicalities, leading to the band then counter-suing the insurance company. The constant court battles and delays, coupled with other life obligations, limited the band's time for working on music, and drained members of their motivation to be creative and write music. At the time, Carey stated that only one song was “pretty much done,” an untitled ten-minute track. In 2015, Jones announced that the legal issues were completely over. The four of us are a lot of fucking work, just to get anywhere, oh my god. Everything is a fucking committee meeting and it always is shut down. [The hurdle is] success. When you get successful, you think you’re right about everything and you’re pretty sure as that individual — “I am right and you are wrong, because I’m successful and we’re successful because of me, not because of you.” It’s not that bad with us, but there’s a dynamic of like, “I want this and I’ve always gotten my way and that’s why we’re successful, because I don’t compromise on this or that.” I’m the same way. I’m totally the same way. Maynard James Keenan, on the creative struggles on writing Fear Inoculum. Work on the album continued to progress through 2015, albeit “slowly,” according to Keenan. Jones reported that the band had 20 different song ideas being developed. The band toured some, and debuted a new track, “Descending,” albeit in a shortened, incomplete form, according to Jones. Jones also reported that instrumentals had been completed and passed on to Keenan to work on, though he hesitated to call any of the work “done.” While it was reported in early 2016 by the band's webmaster that it was largely just a few shorter songs and interludes that needed finishing, by the end of the year, Chancellor described the band's status as still "deep into the writing process.” He explained that while main themes and a loose "skeleton" had been established, Jones, Carey, and himself were continually creating and reworking new instrumental content. This work on the album continued throughout 2017. At the time, Carey predicted finishing and releasing in mid-2018, while Keenan countered these claims, stating it would likely take longer than that to finish. Jones, Chancellor, and Carey continued to work on the album while Keenan returned to A Perfect Circle in late 2017 to work with Billy Howerdel to record and release their fourth studio album Eat the Elephant in early 2018. By February 2018, Keenan announced that he had received rough music files from the rest of the band members containing instrumentals labeled "FINAL" for all but one track on the album in the prior few months, and had since started writing lyrics and vocal melodies. Recording: On March 10, 2018, Tool entered a major recording studio to start recording sessions with producer Joe Barresi, whom they had worked with on 10,000 Days. On May 11, it was reported that all drum parts had been tracked. In September, Keenan announced he had finished recording scratch vocals, but had not started final vocal takes. In January 2019, Keenan announced that he had finished his final vocal recording sessions "months ago", but that the album would still likely require lengthy mixing sessions. In the same month, Carey stated that they aimed to release the album in April 2019, though Keenan countered that this was unrealistic, instead pointing to a release between May and July. The band was in the studio with Bob Ludwig in March 2019; Ludwig had also mastered 10,000 Days. Composition and themes: The album consists of seven main tracks of music, and a run time just short of 80 minutes, the maximum runtime of CDs. The digital version of the album contains three short interlude tracks, stemming from Carey’s scrapped plan to have the album be entirely one long song. Jones and Carey described the songs as lengthy, but containing multiple movements within each track. The concept of seven is a recurring theme of the album both musically and conceptually; Chancellor and Jones wrote guitar riffs in unusual time signatures related to the number seven, while Keenan introduced ideas related to seven as well. Future music videos will also cover the theme. The album also explores the concept of growing "older and wiser." Keenan explained that the album covers the idea of "embracing where we are right now, acknowledging where we've come from and some of the things we've gone through." Keenan also advised that patience and multiple listens were required in understanding the album, comparing it to a slowly developing movie. Jones described it as very different from their prior album (10,000 Days). Release: The album's release has been set for August 30, 2019. The band toured in May 2019 in North America. It was reported in March that Jones had been working on album artwork, generally one of the last steps in the process. The band began pre-album release touring in May, kicking it off with a headlining show at Welcome to Rockville, where the band debuted two new songs, "Descending" and "Invincible." The title was announced on July 29, 2019. On August 2, 2019, the band’s back catalog was added to digital download and streaming outlets to promote the release, with the band being one of the few holdouts among major artists. Alex Grey, who also created the art for the band’s prior two albums, created the album’s cover art, revealed on August 5. The album's title track was released on August 7. A deluxe edition of the album, which will come with a full 4-inch HD screen, a 2-watt speaker and a 36-page insert book, was made available for pre-order the same day. The band's European distributor Napalm Records has this available as well. Reception - Professional ratings NME 5/5 stars James McMahon of NME gave Fear Inoculum a perfect score, singling out Keenan’s work as “perhaps the best collection of vocals that singer Keenan has ever committed to tape, with many lines exiting the vocalist’s lips closer to the honey daubed croon of Keenan’s...A Perfect Circle than the coarse rasp of yore” and concluding that the album was "worth the wait."

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Fear Inoculum (TOOL) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
3. 2:14
5. 3:09
8. 4:48
10. 2:05

TOOL - Fear Inoculum Album Comments

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Fear Inoculum [TOOL] Album Reviews

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kalbo37 - Mind blowing5 star

This is probably the best album I have every listened to. I am still listening to it everyday since it's release.

caje100994 - Best album yet5 star

Unbelievably rhythmically, best all round album

Moosedal - No words.5 star

They’ve done it again. What a masterpiece. This band has no equal.

Tiffypoo81 - Meh2 star

The first LP and two albums were awesome, real, raw! The last few albums sound the same, but this one is overall disappointing! I guess every metal band goes that way. 7empest was the best track. Why didn’t they pursue that idea?! And I don’t know who is leaving these reviews. Read reviews on Metal Sucks. I concur with them.

ValleyViper81 - Music masterpiece.5 star

Tool can do no wrong.

Marco262a - Musical Masterpiece5 star

Mighty Sonic sounds for the Ages

phyl08 - Awesome!5 star

Years ago, I had my first listen to a TOOL album, from a CD that a workmate lend me. I thought they were awful! Too noisy for my old ears. OK, I'm sixty something, can't help it! But this album is a knockout masterpiece! From the opening track all down to the last, we are treated to some excellent music. It's still sounds heavy to my ears but the percussions and musical arrangements make it an unforgettable experience. Kudos to the engineers, too! Yep, I'll definitely catch them live, if they come by!

theguvna1 - Queensryche fans will love this1 star

Sounds like an album made by a Queensryche cover band. Two half-decent songs on this album. Should have waited another decade and put out a good album. Brutal.

DarkMatterz - Disappointing2 star

I LOVE TOOL but can’t help feeling cheated here. I would happily double the $500 I paid for next week’s show to have these songs omitted or relegated to an opening set. Still love TOOL though hence the second star.

MeMeaner69 - Stunning5 star

They are the Alt/progressive band with a concept album feel. Relaxing rage music.

J Seb D - Zzzzzzz1 star


TiggyKnowns - Amazing5 star

At first I was unimpressed after 13 years of waiting, but I’ve now listened to this album at least once a day for nearly 2 months and it’s incredible!!! The more you listen to it you realize this is pure artistic genius consisting of 4 brilliant minds. One of my top 5 favourite albums ever!!

film_by_us - Since Opiate5 star

Takes several listenings which in this case is a very good thing....

Ozzalin - WEAPON OUT & BELLY IN!5 star

47 years behind me. I remember a good friend of mine had Opiate around 92 and introduced me to a different kind of music back then. Next thing i did was to rush in the record store the next year to grab Undertow, then i instantly knew that my love for this band would become the story of a lifetime. Over the years i have learn to sit down, to disconect, to listen and to appreciate TOOL's magnnificent music. From the 1st track to the last, like a good glass of wine, everytime i listen to an album, i know that i'm in for a very different experience each time and Fear Inoculum was precisely just that. From the warriors strugglin against nature and time to the rejection of fear and negativity while searching how to release the light this album is a journey into one self. For me it is another masterpiece, period. Thank you for such dedication, thank you as well for Caduceus's wines and local goods, working hard with mother nature, thank you TOOL, thank you James. You guys are one hell of a good band.

Jenksauto - Excellence5 star

It’s a near perfect album and is everything I hoped it would be . This will be on constant repeat for quite some time .

the schwoogler - just really good5 star

love it

Wolfeman13 - amazing album5 star

wow what can i say about this album its so good and the sound is so fresh and clear ,a must have for any music fan out there

Whitycent - Fear Inoculum5 star

I don’t know if they do things purposely or not, I mean they probably had this album done a year or two ago, but the years between albums is just something interesting to talk about: 1st to 2nd album was one year, 2nd to 3rd was three years, 3rd to 4th was five years, 4th to 5th year was also five years, 5th to 6th year was three years...but since we’re counting down in reverse order 13 years could be inversely written as 31 to give time between as 1 3 5 5 3 1. Just having some fun with numbers, but as far as how great this album is, it’s number 1!!! I have loved Tool since the beginning and this is by far my favourite album!!! If you love Tool, you’ll love this album. If you’re young and have never heard of them give it a listen...they will be your new favourite band.

Mengland518 - Excellent5 star

I am 40 years old and have been with this band since day 1. This includes all band member side projects. I love Tool so this is probably not an unbiased review. I think this album is fantastically smart, rich and worth buying. Smart as any other Tool album has been - this may sound underwhelming but longtime Tool fans know what I mean. Rich as any other Tool album has been - the album is full of unique and original sound as well as traditional Tool. The lyrics and stories should, I think, mean more to us all (I hope for your sake) than what we are being fed today at nausea by the mainstream market - none of this: I love you, you cheated on me, or I have a nice car blah blah blah. The album, like their others, will have “deep” and likely relevant stories or meanings for us to think over or try and connect with. Half the battle is thinking them over. Good times for music and rock/metal/industrial/alternative or whatever you wanna call it fans. The sound, like I said, is a mix of old and new. It’s both “soft” and “hard”. If you wanted ONLY the Ticks and Leeches of the past, you’re gonna be disappointed, or have to open up to softer tones and a less aggressive sound. I think this music was crafted not only for the fan base and commercial success but also, it seems, for the artists who I’ve come to appreciate are not your traditional rockers. Tool reviews may be mixed from casual or hard nosed heavy metal fans - kinda like when Metallica made their black album and everyone lost their cool but in all honestly it ended up being their flag ship and cornerstone to their legacy. I liked this album right away. Having said that this album did require a few listens on my part to really rock out to it. I haven’t yet figured it all out but will enjoy doing that. It has compelled me to make Tool band wealthier by downloading all their music from ITunes despite the fact I already own all their prior stuff on CDs, etc. Now I should do a review of how I can’t easily get my older IPod to transfer it all to my new expensive as hell IPhone. Buy it, listen to it, and you should enjoy it immensely. For those hard nose metal fans, listen to it a few times and you will appreciate the heavy spots given the climb to the moments. Cheers.

Aqzwsxedbr - Amazing5 star

Tool always delivers! Weird time signatures, hard riffs, deep and beautiful lyrics! This is why they are my favourite band ever! This album is the next step in their evolution and it makes me very happy to listen to new music by them. Danny Carey is a god on the drums, 7empest is Adam Jones’ best guitar work, Justin Chancellor is always keeping the band together and Maynard’s vocals are as good as ever.

MonsoonMonster - Great Album4 star

Nothing will ever top Aenema & Lateralus for me. But this album may be tied for third with 10K Days. Pneuma, Invincible, & 7empest are my standout tracks. TOOL takes you on a journey with these songs. Adam Jones takes the spotlight with Danny Carey throughout this album while Maynard takes a bit of a step back. This albums a grower and is to be dissected for years to come.

Ian Labelle - Cool5 star

I would say that this is probably going to be their best album once the dust settles. Excellent music start to finish.

Sjudhedneiskss - Eyes full of wonder5 star

Tool at their best

Front Row Rush - Thanks tool5 star


11dimensions - Fantastic5 star

Artfully crafted

sshahaha - Stream Lover1 star

Stream Lover

Dudebag2000 - Awesome5 star

Incredible album !! Almost worth the 13 year wait.

snowjunkie3030 - Perfect in every way5 star

this was meant be right here right now. brilliant

FollowYourOwnMuse - TOOL5 star

It’s more perfect than a circle

Sportsfan199 - Love it!5 star

Can’t stop listening to it!

PK Juice - If it’s to loud your to old!5 star

I can’t listen to this album loud enough!

Toma 78 - Toma 785 star

Finally!! This single is awesome out of this world. The whole album will ROCK!! Worth the 13 year wait. Come to Edmonton Alberta for the tour. ☠️🤘🏻This album is ahead of its time!! That is why it is so GOOD.

mithik - Did not disappoint!!5 star

This album was worth the wait, I just hope the next one isn’t as far away!!

YvesLeBorg - Stunning5 star

The wait was long, albeit well worth it. I guess ambiand-heavy gets a new meaning. Lyrics exquisite, recording top notch as usual, instrumental acumen. That thing is going to be on repeat for a good while.

ivomatich - Long time coming5 star

After a long wait Fear Inoculum truly exceeded all my expectations and more. Masters of their craft and one of the most unique bands alive and making music.

Warren VV - Beyond Brilliant5 star

All I can really say is, thank you... job well done!

Albodoin - Worth the wait!5 star

When they released the first single I was not convinced, I tough it lacked something...but in fact it was my ears that needed to be readjusted. With all the modern metal bands playing 3min30 song to pleases radio station or spotify playlist listeners, Tool decides to go their way and make 10 minutes masterpieces! Everything is coherent and they meticulously created a number of unforgettable moments throughout the whole album.

ONEMAN RIOT2010 - Doesn't matter how long we waited5 star

This album is a materpiece for the ages. I listened to the album 6 times in a row the day it was released. I am still listening to the entire thing over and over. The band did everything right with this album. Listeen to it when you do anything and everything in your day. Don't skip a beat or a song. Just let it play and it will amaze you.

Relent - Amazing !!5 star

Sooooo refreshing to have something to listen to that is great. So sick of all the other crap bands out there that pump out the same generic crap. There are so many different things you can add to music other than just guitar, drums and Bass. I wish other bands would get more creative. Albeit, not easy to find singers like MJK.

TJ Donaldson - Well worth the wait5 star

A homage to the transcendent art form of music.

JScrivSquared - Lives up to the hype.5 star

Hard to imagine delivering an album worth the 13-year wait, but they did it. Tool’s musicianship is as tight as ever, Danny is incredible as always, Justin as well, taking a more supporting role this time rather than standing out as much, Maynard’s melodies are beautiful and haunting, if reserved, and Adam has notably stepped up his game and put out the best leads Tool has ever seen. The result is a record that is both dense and sprawling, with a consistent tone throughout, although arguably ‘safer’ and less experimental than say 10,000 Days. The album’s production is also top-notch, each element is perfectly audible at all times with a decent set-up. Undoubtedly a masterpiece, competing with Lateralus as their best work.

Silver tongue d - Ummm. Holy Fuxk5 star

I’d love to give a full review of this album but after 1 week of rewinding the first 2 minutes of pneuma I don’t think I’m worthy.... anyone writing a bad review on this album deserves to be on the Island of Monroe at the exact moment that the cheetah guy rips out his implant and says no more pain.

D@veG - Beyond expectations.5 star

Possibly the best thing I’ve heard from TOOL. And that’s saying a lot.

hfahb - Unreal5 star

Amazing album! Must have for any Tool fan or human being in general.

MezmerAndMcfly - (not so) Surprisingly, it’s good5 star

After 13 years of waiting…not disappointed, one if their bests.

jmoisan - A complete masterpiece5 star

13 years in the the making, this is the record that TOOL was always meant to put out. Deep, reflective and EPIC. You can't really get better musicianship than this. Fear Inoculum will be talked and dissected about for years to come.

Canadian Family Med Dude - Rabbit hole to musical oblivion. And it’s perfect.5 star

Fear Innoculum (title track) is a tasty mix of new and familiar Tool; it’s a technically insane song with intense appeal, showcasing each artist through syncopated synergy that starts slow and builds, rises, falls, rises higher, falls, changes, grinds, then rocks to the end. As with the other ‘concert-only’ samples of this album we have now, this song is technically elite, epic in scope, and wonderful to sink into as a listener. *update Aug 30th onward: This entire album is a masterpiece that I suspect will be timeless in recognition of complexity and artful maturity. The best craftsmen of progressive rock in the world, at the peak of their game, with experience and time going into this total musical leviathan.

Nogginflogger - One of their best5 star

Every song is amazing, intricate, and memorable. A must buy if you’re a tool fan. If you’re not a tool fan, then... what are you doing on their page.

Airballz - Wow5 star

Best album in 10000 days you out did yourself tool

Declined4Credit - Still Tool But More Refined With Age5 star

The group still has their unique sound but they are more refined. With that said I heard aspects from their first two full length albums and also from their last two full length albums,... released so long ago. This is a must have for any Tool fan. This album is the most hypnotizing effort by the band than any other album they have released. Also, I do not think, but you can correct me if I am wrong. But Maynard’s lyrics do not have even one loud long drawn out scream in any song on this album and only one swear word. Invincible and 7emptest are my favourite tracks from this album with the latter being my number one pick from this effort by the band. Rejoice that they have finally released new material after so long and think of the fans that died while hoping for new material and how lucky we are to be able to experience their new effort and the fact that their whole library is available on streaming services finally. Cheers!

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Edmund.P - It’s worth the wait!5 star

Took me quite a few listens before it I can’t get enough! That’s why I love Tool, there is so much to digest in each song. I will say the album is let down by the various interludes which don’t do much to tie anything together or lead into tracks. Other than that, a fab album!

The 11th Earl of Marr - Fatboy 20293 star

i started listening to Tool in 1996 i was 34 now I’m pushing 60 I’ve always been a Prog Rock Fan.But Tool are something else Ænima was the Album for me & still is. Fear Inoculum is a 3 Star album because it only has 3 tracks on it The Title track, Pneuma & Invincibe the rest of the Album seems very Amateurish. I’m old fashioned i will buy the hard copy on CD as I’m streaming at the Moment because you need to hear it through HiFi but sadly you have to buy the Whole Album for 3 tracks. We are going backwards again......!!!!

Slow problem - Average3 star

Some good some bad Tool are sometimes meh

crobins745 - Welcome back5 star

Quite simply the best hard rock album of the last few years. Can’t stop playing it. 7empest? Oh, man! Mesmeric!

Doggsbox - Fear Inoculum1 star

What a shame Maynard are has taken a backseat on this album really disappointing after such a long wait! One word for this album is BORING!

learn to swim - Several of their best songs, but not consistent throughout to warrant 4 or 5 stars3 star

I have been listening to Tool’s new album for several months, since its release here in the UK. I have been reading various professional and fan/listener reviews, and chewing over my own reaction to it. I have gone full circle from feeling giddy about it, to then feeling a bit disappointed with bits of it, to then feeling content with its overall quality and place in the Toolverse. I therefore felt compelled to write this review after my journey reacting to it. It felt important to share. I have been a serious Tool fan since the early 1990s. Undertow was the backdrop to my university years. To understand Tool’s latest album, I have come to see it as a metaphor for life’s constant struggle for relevance. We are constantly striving to get to the next ledge, achieve the next goal, make our mark, make ourselves heard, seeking an unattainable perfection of happiness that does not exist. And then when you get there, invariably how do you feel? Seriously, how do you really feel? Disappointed? Unsatisfied? To quote the song ‘Warrior’ from the album, each individual human is ‘‘…struggling to remain consequential…” I think therefore how you respond to the new album (positive, negative or apathetic), is as much a reflection of one’s own life journey and status as a self-actualised individual, one’s own insatiable desire for instant gratification and crowning glories, than the quality of the album. If I had to be really brutal and objective, ‘Fear Inoculum’, ‘Pneuma’, ‘Invincible’ and ‘Descending’ are truly incredible songs, some of their best ever work, whilst the rest of the album is less enjoyable and less memorable, and therefore as an album overall for me isn't consistently enjoyable throughout; a bit like their album 10,000 day in my view. So it gets 3 stars. For example, ‘Tempest’ goes on a bit too long after 6 and a half minutes, and there are one too many elaborate mahoosive tom rolls on the album. That said, ‘Pneuma’ is infact my new favourite Tool song; it is breathtaking and stunning in its melodies, sentiment and syncopated time signature. Tool’s modus operandi includes crazy time signatures, so to write a new song with a crazy time signature that feels fresh and doesn’t feel like a parody of Tool, is an achievement. It is perhaps the crowning glory of their message of self-awareness and self-growth that permeates across their back catalogue. So is it their greatest album? In my view no beacue its not great start to finish, but then how could it be after all that they have achieved to date with their previous releases? There are undeniable stellar gems on the album as I have stated above, like there are on 10,000 days, so to miss the opportunity to welcome these songs into your Tool library is like closing oneself off to the possibility of death and missing out on love. To say the album is ‘1-star rubbish’ and ‘just contains b-sides from their other albums’ (to paraphrase some reviews) is to completely misinterpret the album in context, and frankly, unfair. Should you buy this if you are an existing Tool fan? Yes, there are some incredible songs on the album that you must hear. Would I recommend this album to first time listeners? No, not yet. To appreciate Tool’s new album, you have to understand its context from the previous releases and then come to it after that. Given it is not the apex album that some were expecting, and in an age where rock and metal are increasingly niche genres, the fact that it landed at no.1 in the album charts upon release after so many years is a testament to how powerful the presence of Tool in music was, and still is. This album therefore does not diminish Tool’s legacy, it augments it. You just have to be comfortable with it in its true context, much like yourself. The mighty enigma that is Tool has shown itself to be fallible at last, and all the better for it in my view. Definitely worth buying for about 4 songs on there that are mind blowing, but don't expect to enjoy the whole album.

Andy Miles - Metal?3 star

Interesting, but how is this metal? This album should go into the 'Alternative' section.

Muzza95 - TOOL ARE BACK.5 star

I loved this album on the first listen through. Eary, creative and atmospheric. Brilliant.

Juliette's Boy - Incredible ...!!5 star

I’ve waited so long for this record .. I loved 10,000 days so much I prayed this would not disappoint .. it took 3 listens to hook me .. this album is a work of art .. IT IS INCREDIBLE .....

Britbearsfan - I can see your point but...5 star

I love this album. Yes there is a higher proportion of instrumental sections vs vocals compared with previous albums but it works for me and just emphasises Maynard’s reliably excellent vocals when they do come in. Even the repetition of some lyrical and musical themes from previous albums does not bother me. I have also heard criticisms of the production but the Itunes version sounds fantastic on my less than perfect car stereo. My only criticism would be that, whereas on previous albums I have enjoyed the interludes, on this album I find them intrusive and not in keeping with the flow of the album.

Ajshridp - Had to reflect5 star

At first I was a little disappointed, as there were not many high energy tracks like vicarious or the patient. But I read a review saying that Maynard is in his 50s, and he’s still one of the coolest guys. Tool has 5/6 albums out, and this is prog metal, they’re still allowed to experiment, and this is what they wanted us to hear. Pneuma, invincible and descending are my favourites

Two faced ninja 264 - My favourite Tool album5 star

I’ve loved this band since 1996. This is the best album they’ve done. All the elements are there, it builds on everything they’ve done before. Feels like a true evolution from earlier albums. Well worth the wait.

Snazzy frank - Oh wow.5 star

Tool are back. Simply incredible musicianship from this unique band. Pneuma may be the best piece of music I’ve heard. That good.

George Yiakoumi - It’s a grower...5 star

I think people would have been more forgiving if there were a few shorter tracks with drops and MJK’s screams here and there but hello? The man is in his late 50s... you wanted Tool, this is Tool but you’re not getting Undertow or Opiate any time soon lol. Danny is still an absolute machine, Adam sounds like Adam and Justin still rocks that sexy bass tone. If you want one hit wonders, look elsewhere. If you want the Tool experience, dive on in!

CaptainJonty - Love it5 star

8 listens through the entirety of the record and it’s been a journey. Total masterpiece

Dan M 77 - Masterpiece5 star

This album has made me get into Tool. After a 13 year gap, they’re back with a vengeance and have created something sublime.

Fskfndjc - TooL5 star

Absolute masterpiece guitarist has improved a lot

FesteringPotato - Most Excellent5 star

vry gud

aaaaaahhghaaaaagh - Classic Tool, new Too5 star

They’ve grown as a band and continued to innovate with this album, but have remained true to their roots as well. Pneuma and Culling Voices are currently stand out tracks but I already know this album will grow and grow on me so I fully expect other tracks to deservedly challenge my initial take. Well worth investing time to listen to this amazing record.

Chessh - Hyperbole2 star

Rhythmically interesting. Harmonically dead in the water. If you like songs that pedal on one chord throughout for 10 minutes then knock yourself out. I’ll occupy myself with something more musically challenging and rewarding.

Joey mall - Ehh3 star

Ehh. It a good album not deserving of 1 start but understandable that people are irritated. Put it on in the background while you chat to friends but not something I'll be going intentionally back to. No point in making something long for the sake of it. Dream theatre have the problem that they are talented musicians that can't write songs. That's not the case here just it gets boring when the is a repetitive instrumental part. Bat out of hell can get away with being nearly 10 minutes long as it continuously tells a story and keeps you attention where as this goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

caitdelrey - trash1 star

it’s bad

MarkD2011 - Not Invincible1 star

13 years later.... oh dear

SilhouetteDemon - Yes!5 star

Af7er the firs7 2 lis7ens i gave i7 a 7wo day break, jus7 7oo much to diges7 and maybe a shock 7o 7he sys7em af7er so long. Now I'm back a7 i7 and i7 ge7s more glorious 7he more i lis7en. I love 7he produc7ion, Dannys drums sound like cannons! awesome! 7/7

NickM1990 - Best album of the last decade5 star

Thank you Tool

Croonsen - EPIC5 star

So happy with this album, it gets better every time I listen, it is a good experience with headphones also. Not a weak track on it IMO. It’s quality from start to finish and I am grateful it exists.

Bill-ster101 - Is this music?1 star

I can only describe it as a lot of different types of sounds merged into “it’s taken us 13 years to come up with this”.. I’m now questioning the people who purchased the album making it No. 1 in the album chart.

i am 45709 - Mind blowing5 star

It’s perfect (that word needs redefining for this album) nothing will ever be as perfect/brilliant/amazing as this. Now all open your third eye

smnajem - The best thing to happen in 20195 star

The best thing to happen in 2019

LDR fan 420 - where are the hijacks?1 star

i see hundreds of reviews from tool fans claiming LDR fans are hijacking the reviews, but i spend ages scrolling through and can only see two and one of them is clearly a joke? tool are number 1, what more do you want? anyway go listen to NFR

Brehhdjejj - Awesome5 star

It brings me joy to see a band like tool get up there with all the trashy pop artists

MaxJ84 - Astounding5 star

Tool have done it again. A truly epic album, worthy of their other masterpieces. Definitely worth the wait for such a powerful album. Left me in tears. Well done lads. Hope we don’t have to wait quite as long next time.

Ordeal By Goat - its a grower this one.... but it is amazing5 star

Utterly amazing album, don't make your decision based on one or 2 listens, each time you put it on there is more & more that reveals itself, so much going on in Tools most prog record to date... Pneuma, Invicible, Descending & 7empest are just out of this world when you strat to break down the layers.... a musical onion or is it a progressive trifle? Their most mature release & after 13 years their most refined... flawless production, check the panning out as Dannny moves across the kit, you get to follow him. In time this will be regarded as much of a classic as the others, we have been listening to them for so long the nostalgia mountain is huge, but this is a stunning & glorious piece of music, an album thats mean to be played from start to finish... its crack for any prog fan.

asfgggk - Masterpiece5 star

Very Tool-y, a beautiful album that still after 8 listens gives me goosebumps. So many layers, details and with every listen I am uncovering something new. Pneuma might have to be one of the most beautiful metal tracks ever written. Haters be gone.

MBBarlow - sounds like5 star

epic album will take a good few plays to get through sounds like pink floods division bell in parts is there a floyd fan in the band

ya boi 123456789013 - Better than LDR5 star

Like a lot better

Bla Bheinn - Sublime genius5 star

Thank you Tool...

lateralus2001 - Wonderful progressive composition5 star

Tool showing why they have so much praise yet again

BazilShep - A truly liberating, epic masterpiece.5 star

This album is long, not easy to listen to on its first go and will probably be a bit of a grower. But then again if all the best albums are the ones that develop and grow on you, then this is an absolute masterpiece of how to write engaging, emotive and at times indulgent rock. There is no band that sound like them and if you want to expand your musical education further than the bland sound like everyone else music that is in the charts, then get into this band and liberate yourself. There’s a very good reason that it’s riding at the top of the charts.

BasaiDai964 - Worth the wait5 star

This album is everything I have been waiting for.

panchourddanmanyoolfan - The more I listen the better it gets.5 star

Like pretty much all tool albums the more you listen. The more you hear. The better they get. I’d just like to take this opportunity to say, gutted Lana. You should have released your album a week earlier.

Azacar - They’re back5 star

See title.

samlwg - Invincible!5 star

It’s a shame the LDR fans have decided to (bitterly) hijack the reviews of what is a really a great album. Invincible, Descending and 7empest are all incredible and FI does not disappoint!

KyBlue13 - In love with it..5 star

It seems the review section is full of trolls and moaners- hush now guys. ;) I’ve been a Tool fan for years, and I anxiously awaited this and was really excited to buy and give it a listen and it didn’t disappoint. It is Tool all over, it has little reminders of albums past too- ‘Pneuma’ for me vibes a little bit like Schism, and there are hints of ‘Jambi’ and ‘Wings for Marie’ instrumentally throughout the album. But it’s also new, beautifully put together and Maynard’s lyrical honey vocals really tie it together that all in all make for a very thoughtful, intrinsically gorgeous album.

Ben Jeffes - Perfect5 star


ciarianabb - Pretty dam good5 star

Pathetic Lana del ray and Taylor swift fans getting but hurt that something that isnt generic bland pop music is trending. Get a life

Patroller - Overlong2 star

...I mean, it’s not ‘Before The Applause’ is it!

another-taken-username1234567 - Worth of wait!5 star

13 years of waiting worth of every flipping drum beat! Absolutely masterpiece!

oli slaughter - finally4 star

difficult to digest and review after only 24hrs, but it is clear that a huge amount of work and musician ship has gone into the making of this record. 13 years later there is still not another band on the planet that sound like tool. i for one, am glad they’re back.

d1ldo - Just great!5 star

Just a great album, great tool riffs

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Fear Inoculum Wiki

Fear Inoculum is the fifth studio album by American rock band Tool. It was released on August 30, 2019, through Tool Dissectional, Volcano Entertainment, and RCA Records. It is the band's first album in 13 years, due to creative, personal, and legal issues band members encountered since the release of 10,000 Days. The album was released to critical acclaim, with reviewers generally agreeing that the band had successfully refined their established sound. The album topped the US Billboard 200 albums chart, their third album in a row to do so, selling over 270,000 album-equivalent units. The album topped five other national album charts in its opening week as well. Two songs off the album received Grammy nominations, first single "Fear Inoculum", for the Grammy Award for Best Rock Song, and album closer "7empest", for the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance, with the latter winning the award.

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