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Pony (Rex Orange County) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 2:26
2. 3:17
3. 2:11
4. 3:39
5. 1:45
6. 3:56
7. 4:27
8. 2:13
9. 3:32
10. 6:26

Rex Orange County - Pony Album Comments

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Pony [Rex Orange County] Album Reviews

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- Rex5 star

Fire 🔥

- literally so good5 star

i love u, all of ur songs, this album is great, can’t wait to hear more.

- Tone deaf1 star

Horrible. I just could not like his voice or his song.

- Tone deaf1 star

Heard this on Ellen show. Y’all must be tone deaf thank god for Apple Music. My dog actually gagged when I was playing it.

- This album speaks to me 🧡5 star

If you have ever been through any form of depression, you can relate to this album. He talks about things that are hard to put into words and feelings that are hard to understand. Ever track is an emotional experience. The track that got me crying is "It’s Not The Same Anymore" I recommend this album to anyone going through stuff and is having a hard time. Give yourself some love and push through it. You aren’t alone! 🧡🧡🧡

- Relatable!!!!¡¡¡5 star

I can relate to this album in a way because it basically is all about over coming depression and becoming a happier person. It really makes me feel better knowing that someone else is going through the same things as me & he is putting it into words which I really couldn’t. I love it a lot and it’s helping me get better. I will definitely continue to listen to his music and maybe go to his concert :)

- “This doesn’t sound like Rex Orange County”5 star

Not every artist is going not to want to stick to one style, they may want to branch out and it’s our job as supporters to SUPPORT the artist in whatever he/she may want to do. He obviously feels confident with the songs he produced so he put in out there for us to enjoy. With that being said, I throughly enjoyed the album. Every song gets a 10/10 (pun intended) from me!

- Everything just works5 star

On paper, I’d say I wouldn’t like this. It’s full of individual elements I avoid, but it all just fits in this album. I especially love the lyrics.

- genius5 star

this project is so creative n original. u don’t find wholesome artists like him often nowadays.

- honestly mind blowing5 star

i haven’t listened to music that has made me feel this much in such a long time. i think this album is absolutely remarkable. i relate well to a lot of the lyrics and it seems to speak a lot of truth. highly recommend!

- really good honestly!5 star

people are so annoying judging the music without listening to the whole album. like REALLY listen to this album because it's really good

- Awesome songs5 star

I've been listening to this album on repeat for the past few days. Personal favorites are "Face to Face" and "10/10". Definitely recommend

- stream Always5 star

i love rex so much this album made me cry

- No1 star

This is the stupidest album cover along with that Melissa Jefferson black girl who looks like a large piece of fresh crap.

- Amazing5 star


- A beautiful master piece5 star

It literally made me rethink my whole life and mistakes this album is really special for me. Thank you R.O.C for sharing this personal album to us

- Yes.5 star

Beautiful body of work. Love it dearly:)

- His best work yet imo5 star

Love it

- By5 star

yuh bubblegum bbhyhybhbbhybyhyhbybubu

- Ok but not great3 star

10/10: 4/5 Always: 3/5 Laser lights: 3.5/5 Face to face: 3/5 Stressed out 2.5/5 Never had the balls: 3.5/5 Pluto projector: 3.5/5 Every way: 3/5 It gets better: 3.75/5 It’s not the same anymore: 4/5 Overall the average is a 3.375/5

- this is so good5 star

why does it have 4 stars

- Amazing5 star

Upbeat and a dynamic album all at the same time.

- Marvelous ❤️5 star

For people saying that, “iTs nOt wHaT hE nOrmAllY mAkEs!!” he told us that. This album is supposed to represent his breakthrough from all the pain he went through before. Which is exactly what he showed in this album. Songs like, “Stressed Out” or “Laser Lights” are so relatable which is why I love Rex. He always brings good music with good tempo changes, with a message. People should be more appreciative and truly look into these pieces of art before criticizing because there is “auto tune”. Keep it up! I’ll see you in Las Vegas on Jan. 14!

- Makes me feel young again5 star

Every song takes simple emotions and breaks them down with every lyric. Pure poetry.

- You have talent😜😜😋5 star

Amazing.i play the drums

- I will never understand the hate5 star

This album is amazing some of the songs are not the best but it does sound like Rex and the lyrics are meaningful. I don’t get the hate man I love it.😂

- Wow5 star

Hands down best album out there. We are blessed

- This popping.5 star


- Not really the same3 star

I like most of these songs ok. I’m not an avid Rex listener, but even I could tell it’s not what he’s normally creating. It sounded more like pop and less like what I’ve liked from him. However, I do appreciate artists’s branching out. Like I said, I like them alright, but I think I like his regular style better. But congrats on a new album!

- i love it!!5 star

this whole albums production value is very very well done. rex orange county has really improved with this album (not saying his old stuff is bad bc i still love all of it) but yes this album is gold and it deserves more recognition!!!!

- So good5 star

Maddd good

- Where’d he go?1 star

It just doesn’t sound like Rex anymore. This album sounds like he’s trying to be a pop star instead of writing music the way he did on the first two albums.

- Ew1 star

Just no

- LOVE5 star


- ART5 star

rexs music is a part of the light we need more of in the music industry

- Emotionally sad and happy5 star

This album hits home and describes feelings so perfectly. I love it 🙏



- I LOVE IT5 star

always been a fan of his music. love this album SO much❤️🍊

- Okay, not amazing.3 star

Only liked 6/10 songs so i guess id give it a 3/5. Though im not the biggest fan, because ive only liked 8 of ROC's songs before this album. Id say he is a very talented artist, but his work is a hit or miss for me. Some tracks on this album just feel so bland or low effort, which is just so weird since hes a young guy doing music for a living, motivated, etc. etc. and I feel like he could do a lot better.

- Amazing5 star

Such a great album, all the songs are so good. Definitely recommend!!

- 10/105 star

very good 🤞🏼🚫🧢

- YES5 star


- We got art on our hands4 star

This, could be a start of the alternative hip hop era

- ❤️5 star


- Did it again5 star

Worth the wait. Rex you outdid yourself man. Absolutely amazing

- Yes5 star

10/10, haha get it?

- Don’t even play5 star

This song is my life right now Thankyou

- Nice5 star

Rex Slays with this album

- well..?4 star

I give this album a 7/10. Here’s what I think of the songs: 10/10 is very different from the older Rex songs because it uses auto tune which makes me a bit sad because Rex was one of the only current gen artists that didn’t use it and actually used his smooth voice so this is a bit of a disappointment. Always is pretty good like a 7/10, not perfect but still really good. Laser lights is a mess. It feels like he’s rapping a melody to a different song with auto tune which I’m never a fan of next to a really nice jazz track and doesn’t go together at all. Face to face is great, a 7/10 again. The backtrack is great with the pairing of lyrics, timing, and of course Rex’s voice. Stressed out is in my opinion a bit too short. It has another bittersweet backtrack which I always love and has some strange high pitched adlibs between pauses, it’s a fine song. The best song of the album in my opinion was Never had the balls. It’s upbeat, it has great sections where it stops with just a peaceful violin. The bird sounds in the background add a nice mood to it too. The song is the perfect length and even has a guitar solo which I would never expect from Rex! Pluto projector is probably the 3rd best song on the album. It’s a very sad song with a calming guitar in the background with electronic percussion, adding a very chill mood. The piano mixed with the “oooohhhh”ing is amazing too. I have nothing to say about Every way. It’s just a slow love song that kind of sounds like a Christmas carol. It’s a 5/10. It gets better is one of the only songs that uses an auto tune that I slightly enjoy. It reminds me of some early 2010s songs. The aggressive piano and powerful violin make a perfect combo too. And finally, the big one.. it’s not the same anymore. This song is just art. Listen to it for yourself. If you really like ROC than you’ll possibly cry. It’s also the longest ROC song I know of at 6:26 minutes which was unexpected. A phenomenal finisher for Pony. It may be art but I personally prefer Never had the balls. Welp, there ya go. These are my thoughts. Peace out.

- fsfssfsfsf yEs5 star

this. is. a. masterpiece!!!!! im so excited for the rest of the album!!! :D


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