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Walls (Louis Tomlinson) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 3:40
2. 3:24
3. 3:37
4. 3:21
5. 3:49
6. 3:50
7. 3:04
8. 3:08
9. 3:05
10. 3:07
11. 3:44
12. 1:44

Louis Tomlinson - Walls Album Comments

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Walls [Louis Tomlinson] Album Reviews

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- 10/105 star

It’s really pretty

- ❤️5 star

Louis has the best voice ever. it’s so unique and different from other artists and he truly is the best song writer. his songs are special and you can tell he put a lot of effort into them and they mean a lot to him.

- beautiful5 star

louis never fails to impress me with anything he does. the tru emotion behind the lyrics in this album, are unmatched. he has such a great way with words and always produces the best songs. i hope he’s well.

- Soooooo good!!5 star

Holy trinity: Two of Us, Too Young, Defenceless

- Louis Tomlinson5 star

I like it

- AMAZING5 star

this album needs a grammy. one direction carried the music industry while they were in the band and now during their solo albums it’s all i ever listen to. this without a doubt my favorite work of louis😁✨

- love it5 star

an amazing set of bangers from louis...this guy is a legend

- Amazing5 star

The songs have great taste and I love how pretty much EVERY song has acoustic! His voice is HEAVENLY. I love how his music is relatable. I did listen to the songs over and over and found myself falling in love. I 1,000,000% recommend this with all my heart.

- Absolutely Brilliant ❤️5 star

I loved this album. I have it on vinyl, cd, and apple itunes. I cannot explain how beautiful it sounds, like my heart can burst everytime I hear it. I’ve always felt like louis’ always been underrated, which he has. “Always Underrated” it’s correct. Louis has such a strong and beautiful mind and personality, it’s mind boggling on how much people hate on him. I cant wait until I hear these songs live. ❤️❤️

- YES5 star

legit best album! every song is so well written and his voice is amazing i highly recommend 🤩🕺🏼🕺🏼

- Amazing5 star

you won’t regret downloading

- it’s relatable5 star

it’s relatable in every aspect. at least for me.

- Great Album5 star

Refreshing sound with imaginative lyricism. Louis’s talent shines in this album. Beautiful.

- All The Feels!5 star

Louis has been my favorite from 1D literally since Up All Night! I am so glad that his solo release was this good! Love every song!!! Louis❤️❤️❤️

- Incredible5 star

This debut album was worth the wait! However some of the boys were a little faster with releasing albums after the band still so close to my heart today, Louis didn’t disappoint with the album or singles he produced prior. I was pretty much guaranteed to love the album as he was my favorite in the band, but even just getting the opinions of non-directioner listeners, they can safely agree this is a fantastic album. Two of Us brings a tear, with such deep meaning towards the loss of his blessed mom. Throughout One Direction, Louis was known for his outstanding writing skills, writing almost all the greatest songs by them, but truly showing his ability being able to put his full personal experiences into this. Coming with much point to prove, he did not disappoint. Walls is a banger with an Oasis touch, fitting so well. Defenseless is my personal favorite, with such amazing lyrics, meaning, and sound. The voice of an angel, bringing Perfect Now to justice. Don’t Let it Break Your Heart is another favorite, always being able to put a smile on my face and moving me forward, showing I’m not alone. Kill My Mind has such a sound like no other and was truly brilliant, never being able to listen without putting you in a good mood. I’m going to see him live and cannot wait for that day. Genuinely outstanding album and I am so ready for whatever is to come next!

- In love5 star

I love Louis so much and I love this album

- Amazing!5 star

Album of the year.

- Beautiful5 star

Amazing music!

- well worth it5 star

I cannot say enough good things about this album. Its so personal and honest in a way that is so relatable and conversational. There is something very special and unique here that i feel like a lot of people don't know they are even looking for. Louis deserves all the hype and more. Well done.

- Great debut album5 star

This is a great debut album. I really enjoy listening to it and I think Louis is a good songwriter. Vocal delivery on this album is also very good. Go buy it!

- Talented!!!5 star

I’m so proud of Louis. 😭💕

- Louis5 star

I love you louis😘

- Masterpiece5 star

Every single line written for each song in this album is a true masterpiece. Louis has always been a great lyricist since the One Direction days. I started stanning them 4 months ago, and they’re the source of my happiness now haha...

- 👍🏼5 star

Love his sound !!

- Brilliant 💗🔥💯5 star

Absolutely wonderful! I really feel like Louis deserves more credit for his beautiful voice and talent. I don’t normally buy albums but this one was totally worth it 💯💗

- Pure talent5 star

Louis has always been an excellent writer since 1D. He really did well with this album. The melodies, the lyrics, everything about this album is perfect. He is extremely talented. I’m listening to it as I’m writing this he’s great.

- How does he do it again and again5 star

Beautiful honestly. His voice the lyrics the emotion. Amazing 24/7. Never disappointed. His music knows how to send me for a rollercoaster and i think that’s important with music. Overall loved it. If you weren’t a fan go ahead and listen to them again and really listen. Promise you’ll be moved. :)

- best album5 star

flipping amazing


best human to walk on this earth

- so proud5 star

im in love with this album !! it deserves all the praises in the world, we love you Lou <3

- i. am. obsessed!5 star

there’s only one short british king i stan and it’s louis tomlinson! i’m madly in love with this album and you all should be too! louis raw emotion and grief really back up this beautiful masterpiece of an album! ❤️👑

- I LOVE IT!!!!5 star

Louis has a beautiful voice. Keep up the great work, Louis! I love Louis! I COULD LISTEN TO THIS ALL DAY OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!



- i love him5 star

i love you louis

- ily5 star

It’s really good well done

- An excellent work5 star

I was never a fan of Louis , but this album changed my perspective and I liked his storytelling as a musician toward one of the 1Ds.

- Super Awesome!5 star

I love how his songs are mellow but still have energy to them! ♥️

- Proud5 star

So proud of Louis! I have waited for this for so long but it was completely worth the wait. His sound is just perfect. Listening to this while I drive around is honestly amazing! Fave songs (not singles) would be only the brave and fearless.

- AMAZING!!!!!5 star

This album was totally worth the wait! It is such a good album that I wish there wasn’t only 12 songs. Everytime I listen to it I love it even more!!

- WOW5 star

I love love love the sounds that louis are bringing back!! This albums is definitely worth the wait! ❤️ And his lyrics are just absolutely amazing!

- Amazing ❤️❤️5 star

I bought this cd as soon as it came out and have it in my car, I’ve listened to it like 6 times already. I’m so so so proud of Louis, this album is absolutely amazing, I love every single song. I’m obsessed with Always You and when I listened to Perfect Now for the first time I teared up, its a song that really hit me and means a lot to me. I also love Defenseless and I’ve of course been crying to Two of Us for awhile now. These songs are so well written and I love the melodies on so many of them. I love you Louis and am so so proud of you

- DIFFERENT!5 star

So much different than the 1D days. Every song sounds original and I can't wait to hear more from Louis!

- Beautiful5 star

Each song that’s on this album has a beautiful story behind it. Louis Tomlinson does not fail to project his emotions and journey throughout each one, which is incredibly admirable. A personal favorite? Only the brave. Highly suggest everyone to purchase and listen!

- Absolutely incredible5 star

Stunning. Beautiful. Everything about this is perfect . Everything about LOUIS is perfect .


This album is so good...can’t stop listening to it!!! So proud of Louis!!!

- AMAZING5 star

This album is so good! You can really tell that Louis has worked hard on it, and every song is crazy good! They each sound amazing, and my favorite is definitely either defenseless or habit! So excited for him!!

- If you loved Oasis back in the day....5 star

If you’re an older music lover, like me, this is gonna take you right back to when you were in your 20’s with the world at your feet. But then he follows that up with lyrics unlike anything I’ve ever heard before!!! I’ve never been the type to sit and listen to an album from beginning to end but you can’t resist doing that with this one, he’s a genius with the lyrics and everyone of them make you feel something. Such a refreshing change of pace from the soulless crap that top 40 radio is shoving down our throats at the moment.

- New Favorite Album!5 star

Every song flows together perfectly but are so unique in their own ways. Definitely an album I’ll be bumping for the next 50 years 🎉

- Underrated talent5 star

Louis has proved time and time again that he’s an amazing and original artist. His voice is so unique and beautiful which makes him stand out. He really showed what he could do on his own with this album and I pray it gets the acknowledgement it so much deserves.

- Overall Very Good4 star

There were a couple songs that weren’t really my taste but it seemed like a well thought out album that had a lot of hard work put into it. I’ll be keeping an eye out for future music by Louis Tomlinson.


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Literally the best thing ever I love Louis voice he is such a talented person and overall a GREAT human

Vie girl - Beautiful5 star

The best album i’ve ever heard. No lies. ❤️

starjens - Louis ! Love your Song!5 star

I love all the song ! Habit . To young reminds me your teen ages moment of your band one direction. Also the Walls ..only the Brave ! Is saddest but in a good way i think..😊💗🇨🇦🇵🇭

keelystyles - AMAZING ✨💓5 star

Louis deserves the world, and this album is just AMAZING!

Tara Mills - FAB-LOUIS5 star

This album is fantastic, and a great debut album. I can’t get songs out of my head and you can hear the emotion in his songs. Well done lad.

Heracross592 - Worth the wait5 star

So worth the wait!!!! So sweet

Louisforlife - JUST FABULOUIS5 star

Title is pretty self explanatory.

junelee__ - Amazing5 star

Was never a One Direction fan, but this alternative vibe was exactly what I was looking for in music. The lyrics feel so personal. It's not like what you normally hear where the song is vague to be universal to everyone. These lyrics truly tell Louis' own story. Yet, the emotions that Louis brings up through his music can definitely be felt and empathized by everyone. Amazing album, honestly cried to some of the songs and will be listening to Walls for the next few months.

TheGameCritic🐆 - Amazing5 star

Good job Louis! No skips, good beats and powerful lyrics! Recommend to EVERYONE!

the zinions - Horrible. Save your money1 star

The Metacritic scores speak for themselves. Constantly lying about and dragging your ex band mates for promo isn’t working. Try harder, r*cist. And make up your mind what narrative you’re gonna portray Zayn as because going from saying he’s one thing to the other is just proving how much you’re fibbing and how badly you need the promotion for your flop of an album. You're almost 30, get over the fact that Zayn left the band for his own mental and physical health and realize that you’re only upset because with him gone, the band lost all true talent, disbanded and therefore, destroyed your career. Zayn stays winning. Cheers, Louis!

KyleCharron - SO PROUD5 star

This is truly amazing. Years in the making. Lots of emotions, raw, honest. Just perfect. Louis is a legend.

divyaaggarwal73 - amazing5 star

three words: beautiful, honest, and sincere. so proud of you louis. and so worth the wait. can’t wait to see him live in vancouver.

shelly.199 - Amazing5 star

I love the album and I’m so proud of this man. Congrats <3

Diamant bleu 87 - WoW5 star

Un vrai petit bijoux, j’adore.

idk🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ - Love ittttt5 star

I don’t know how his album isn’t number 1 here too!! Louis is amazing and deserves the world! I love the songs and the way he mentions one direction :) he is quite amazing and so is his music. Love ittttttt

Hmvgrijfoghsk rutkgmeh - I’m so proud5 star

This album is so him and I legit cried the first time I listened to it I’m just so happy for him. I’m so happy to see that there are no reviews right now that are less than 5 stars cause he deserves the whole entire world and more. So excited for you Louis, nice job!!

ali9922271 - amazing, incredible, perfection5 star

It’s so good!!!!

rickandrolland - EXCELLENT DEBUT ALBUM5 star

the lyrics, the melodies, his voice all absolutely amazing way to go on his first album!!!

paigemk18 - king5 star

walls has exceeded every expectation of mine, and my expectations were high. the honest lyrics mixed with the catchy melodies and amazing instrumentals all combine to create an undeniable piece of art!! i love walls and louis tomlinson did an incredible job. it’s so refreshing to hear an artist creating actual art that comes from the heart rather than just chasing radio hits - this album is very honest and overall just an absolutely incredible album. thank you king louis

2947263664737 - needs more than 5 stars5 star

expectations were through the roof and he still exceeded them. gorgeous and powerful album

Jdskebvwgf - Excellent!5 star

Excellent debut album. Mature. Authentic. Honest.

AmyShifu - The best album ever5 star

I am so proud of Louis. He put so much love and dedication into this album . Each and every song is holds a strong meaning and they sound amazing. A big salute to this man who has gone through so much yet blessed his fans with this masterpiece. Awesome work Louis, we are all so proud of you

Riri loves lou - INCREDIBLE5 star

Louis absolutely smashed it again. All songs r killer and everything the music industry needed. Deserves a frickin Grammy. Love him and his music soooooo much.

kerwoodite - A masterpiece!5 star

Stunning lyrics & vocals. ♥️

MPKH_ - Masterpiece5 star

Amazing lyrics. No skips. Memorable. This album showcases Louis’ prowess as a lyricist and songwriter.

Mackinlm - AMAZING!!5 star

I’m so in love with this album!

mylovefor1Discrazy - ITS AMAZING5 star


i am billy loomis - album of the decade5 star

no ones doing it like him. genuinely the greatest record i’ve ever heard. we’re gonna be talking about this one for ages.

Cocob87 - Absolutely astounding5 star

This album is beautiful. Louis really shines in his song writing abilities on this record, the lyrics-along with the musicality behind the songs are very impressive. I love his use of lyrics to tell a story to the listener, while also allowing the listener to relate the song to a situation in their lives that can coincide with Louis’ written word. This album has both faster punk rock tempo songs like Kill My Mind, as well as slow and beautiful songs like Two of Us. The Lyrics in Only the Brave, will really strike a chord with so many people, to remember to stand y’all and be true to you. Louis’ talent in vocals has grown so much over the past few years, his raspy voice and beautiful tone make this album an absolute treat to listen to start to finish. This man deserves more recognition and accolades in every part of this album and his career - vocals, lyrics, messages and musicality. There are a lot of music out there at this moment that is so easily interchangeable with another artist, they all melt together. Louis’ conscious decision to make music for himself, that he would listen to, was clearly the right choice for his sound. The songs that this album is composed of, are not the same songs you would hear on any other album you could pick up today. That is such a gamble for an artist to do, but listening to this album you can see that’s what sets it’s apart. Well done Louis, well done!

crystal is broje - LET’S GO BABYYY5 star

best album of the decade lets go

knightinglouis - emotional5 star

A four year journey culminating in an album that’s so raw and touching. he’s not afraid to show the vulnerable side of his experience

girlllll almightyyyy - *chef’s kiss*5 star

i’ve never opened my mouth so wide until during the defenceless’ high note like wow i didn’t know my potential for sucking wieners BUT ALL JOKES ASIDE THE WHOLE ALBUM IS A BOP

bekah_mcgrattan1015 - ❤️5 star

I’m up, at 12 in the morning. Could I get in trouble for this? Yes. Do I care? No. Is it worth it? Hellllll yes! This album is a work of utter amazingness. I started listening to it and within the first minute I was already tearing up. I am so proud of Louis! I have been waiting for this album for forever. And I got to tell you I’m not disappointed

maggiehappydays - Lyrical masterpiece5 star

The emotion and raw personality captured in this debut album is incredible, so proud of Louis for this beautiful album.

jeannette mendoza - Amazing way to debut!5 star

Is obvious that Louis has found his sound! it’s refreshing to not have an artist pursue radio sounds but instead just have fun and do what they want. Also, Louis shocks us again with his amazing lyrics. What isn’t there to like? amazing album, it’s raw, it’s honest, it has Easter eggs for those old fans, he really put in hard work into giving us amazing content. It was worth the wait.

Nowherebutup15 - Exceptional5 star

Beautiful, honest piece of work. Probably of the best albums we’re going to get this year. Wonderful.

larrie28 - yEsSssS queeen5 star

louis deserves the entire world and i just know that this album will be the best thing that my ears will ever listen to

jasminejessicaa - king5 star

so proud of lou and how far he has come. cant wait to hear the album. we love u bb ❤️

Lolapeace - Ma fête5 star

Cet album va être magique puisqu’il sort la journée de ma fête!!!!

Eshal_A - Louis is a king (only tea)5 star

Listen up, Louis is amazing and deserves everything in this world. I’m already so proud of him and that’s the tea sis.

Tylercoatess - WALLS5 star

Louis is an amazing singer and this album shows how talented he is. Love you Louis xx

becca paege - 💙5 star

so proud of you lou, this is album is honestly my favourite album ever 💙

🤩🤪🤣 - amazing album 🤩5 star

this album brought me tears over how beautiful it was. seeing him grow and progress into the artist he is today is so amazing and i am so proud of him. he has been through and i can’t help but be proud ❤️ great album 🥺

sasbran - Amazing job5 star

It’s an amazing album so proud of you Louis 💞💞💞

JudgeeBoy - Walls5 star

Wow..., absolutely love this album . This is from 50 years plus listener. You go Louis!!!


truly amazing! so proud of lou, he is so underrated and he deserves the world! i love all these songs but walls always hits different❤️

MusicLover🎵❤️ - Best Album Ever5 star

This album is so beautiful. There's a song for every mood and has so much menaing. <3

ahdjdiwnqmx - MASTERPIECE5 star

Absolutely no skips this album is a work of art. 💜

ñads365 - defenceless5 star

loving this new sound that he’s got!

Kat_candy - Best album5 star

This is my favourite album! It has some really fun ones and then beautiful ones. i could listen it on repeat and never get tired of hearing it 💛👏 amazing job Louis we’re so proud of you

eee😟🤢😟🤢😟 - Bad1 star


anna.merkouris - absolutely beautiful!!5 star

this album and the songs mean so much to emotionally. thankyou louis for creating the masterpiece!! so proud of you!!!🥺❤️❤️❤️

kaylee k :) - perfection5 star

honestly love this album. his lyrics are it, his vocals are it, this album is IT!!! all i have been listening to and it’s all i am going to be listening to. 💚💚💚

Vekalskcidpakav - So unbelievably proud..5 star

In my opinion this album could not be any more perfect. The lyrics, the instrumentals, his vocals....Everything is just incredible. I am so proud and so happy that Louis is getting the praise and recognition he deserves for this album(his debut album!) He has worked so hard on this for so long. Definately worth the wait! #Walls

ᴛʜɪs ɪs ᴀ ғᴀᴍʟʏ sʜᴏᴡ - 💙💚5 star

So proud of boobear

Riccardo351 - KING 👑5 star

This album is beautiful! Louis Tomlinson is an amazing artist and lyricist with an incredible voice, I’m so proud of him and how far he’s come, this king is the epitome of talent 💯🔥

offkyeharry - King5 star


Klyla73458901375920 - Iconic5 star

That’s all

ssingh7 - Thank You Louis5 star


Seneli - best album5 star

this is by far my favourite album, so proud of how well louis has done. every single song is a banger

A Fangirl Wonderland - Listening Non-Stop5 star

Amazing! Louis is such an amazing songwriter and singer 💚💙

Lilmisschat00 - incredible5 star

amazing album !!

Grlygrl! - BABY HONEY5 star

his mind honestly !!!!

alisha_jane - Well done Lou ❤️5 star

Very proud 💙💙

ash13121989 - A timeless classic.5 star

This album will be a classic album for generations to come. So stoked he followed his heart and not pop radio. Every single song deserves to be a song that’ll be known for generations to come. Amazing work Louis!!!

Kayla love 1D - Best album5 star

This album is so good. Congratulations Louis on your hard work. It has paid off. 💙💙

emilyngo - ITS SO BEAUTIFUL5 star

the whole album is so real and beautiful, it has a nice to vibe to it and his vocals r just superb! My favourite song is (non single) is always you, perfect now, defenceless and too young. i’m so proud of louis for this album and everything he’s been through. he deserves the world.💘🥰💚💙

anony--reviewer - Walls is perfect5 star

I’m in love with Walls and the only not perfect thing is Louis’ team! Other than that, I’m blasting this album everyday of my life❤️

mandaaus - AMAZING5 star

This album is so good I can’t even pick a fave song

amy larry 28 - KING5 star

Best fooking album. So proud

brileyjordyn - Amazing5 star

so proud louis 🥰🥰

guccisgayvodka - stan louis tomlinson for clear skin5 star


Tvnvldhzn - Amazing! So proud 💜5 star

Congratulations on your debut Louis, the album is stunning!

Krabsrkool - Walls5 star

This album is a masterpiece, absolutely beautiful, go buy it!

kailey jayne - AMAZING!!!!5 star

This album is a roller coaster ride of emotions. I have cried, I have laughed, I have smiled, I have felt nostalgic and I’ve enjoyed every single moment. I will have this album on repeat for a long time to come.

Hazzacupcake - Album of the Decade5 star

Louis has worked so hard for this album and it shows. It is INCREDIBLE

cp64918299736 - Top lad5 star

Love u tommo

charlotte vs - worth the wait5 star

love love love it. It’s so LOUIS. Serving us absolute tunes!!

Silli Rabbit - Amazing.5 star

One of the most lyrically driven albums. Every song tells a story. It’s perfect.

BritneySkyeF - My Thoughts on 'Walls'5 star

I have to say if you told me a year ago that I would enjoy a pop album from any artist, let alone a member of a boy band, I would never have believed it. Growing up, I never went through a 'one direction phase', rather I had always been contempt to watch from afar. I had heard Louis' first two singles on the radio and never had much of an opinion other than they were nice songs but too pop for my enjoyment. However, last year I recently rediscovered him a few days after he released Two of Us and I was pleasantly surprised to hear such vulnerability that struck me on a deeply emotional level, from someone I had deemed 'just another boy bander'. Of course, I soon heard the tragic news that followed and from there on I couldn't help but watch as he persisted and released such vulnerable and expressive music that truly shows his growth as a person and an artist. Having listened to the album from start to finish now, although I do view this body of work as more of bridging album, I do honestly see so much potential in him to go even further from here. I believe that if he chooses in the future to develop more on the more indie and even rock undertones present within his album than he has a bright solo career ahead of him. So I do commend his hard work as it has definitely paid off and here's to hoping that he branches out further into more genres away from pop.

bucky barnes support squad - W O W.5 star

Louis’ debut album is nothing short of brilliant. The raw emotion evident in his lyrics and his voice just add to the depth of this album. Well done Louis!


look i expected the album to be good but never this good. perfect now is going to get me through so much horrible stuff especially with anxiety and feeling bad about myself. every song is a bop and there’s literally no skips (not just saying that because i love you either). you’ve outdone your self and you should be extremely proud! YOUR VOICE IS AMAZING

wallsoutnow - AMAZING5 star

incredibly honest and beautifully written, give it a listen

Molly Swaine - waited so long for this5 star

louis is amazing, i am so proud of him and what he’s accomplished over these last few years!! this album is a masterpiece everyone should hear

nathuli - a masterpiece5 star

incredibly proud of louis, this is such a beautiful album 💛

@louis.is.a.king on Instagram - incredible5 star

every song is so well written and the emotion and softness in his voice is incredible. congratulations louis !

radio gagan - incredible.5 star

i’m so proud of him, the album suits his voice so well and you can tell how honest his lyrics are and how much they resonate with him i’m so happy that he finally got to share an album that he was genuinely excited to make and for us to listen to, a masterpiece to say the least.

reviews360abcdefghijklmnop - Such a masterpiece5 star

This album is lyrically and musically such a masterpiece. This may have taken 4 years to get out but what a worthy wait. I have no words to describe how great this album and Louis are. As sad as I am that one direction are a band no longer I am so so so glad that they went their separate ways if only for Louis to FINALLY get the recognition and opportunity to showcase his talents that he deserves. Congratulations on this amazing album Louis

miamiamoomoomiamoo18 - AMAZING5 star

Best album ever I am : sobbing

kcxlou - INCREDIBLE5 star


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daisy🤷🏽‍♀️ - AMAZING5 star

BEST ALBUM EVER!! his voice is so angelic and gorgeous, i could listen to it forever 🥺 well done louis you are amazing, keep up with amazing work and never give up 💙

(:kiara - SO PROUD OF LOUIS✨5 star

This album is a no skip album as all the songs are amazing, you can tell a lot of hard work has been put into it over the past couple of years !! My favourite album by far💙💙 I’m so proud of Louis, it was worth waiting 4 years for😊

angryteen.9 - Incredible !5 star

Louis' music is absolutely incredible. 10/10. this is a no-skip playlist.

poo pooooooppoo - so good5 star


starfan101 - Amazing5 star

This album is written so well and all the vocals and other instruments are so good. It is very unique and I think it is perfect now.

kieraford:) - so beautiful❤️5 star

i love it so much, was definitely worth the time we waited for it:)

rosie2824 - OMG THIS IS AMAZING5 star

Omg this album is soooo good. You can clearly see that Louis put a lot of time and effort in to this. You haters can hate but at the end of the day do you think u could do better? No I thought so. So if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all - because THIS ALBUM IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!

rhianna28 - FABULOUIS5 star

I absolutely love this album. It is incredible. So proud of Louis!! ❤️

Choccy15 - FAB DEBUT ALBUM5 star

You’ve done yourself proud amazing album love it 😍😍😍🎶🎶🎶 hope there will be another one from you in the future you should feel proud of yourself xxx

Alex Macleod is at apple - He’s gone with Oasis and you know it3 star

Title says it all he’s just using songs and material from their back catalogue.

jenn3346hajs - good5 star


Karate21 - Terrible and weak writing1 star

Was the album written by a 13 year old?

Popular girl at school - KING5 star

Walls is absolutely AMAZING!! Everything about it from the lyrics to the way the songs sound is phenomenal. There’s not a single skip and its such a great album, truly a masterpiece.

Cassie❣️ - Best Album5 star

Love the album it’s amazing love all the songs also think you have come so far and have done amazing so well done

D.G.C - Ohh dear !!1 star

Just very weak in every way !

True Child Of The 90s - Total rip off1 star

Two of us is a complete rip off of Die Young by The Band Perry not at all surprising but the youth of today will buy anything

dark side of my room - dated1 star

Robbie Tomlinson

Hnxo - AMAZING5 star

It’s interesting hearing Tomlinson’s transition from being a member of the most famous boyband in the world to hearing his own solo music and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this album. Louis experiments with different music genres on this album & he does not disappoint. The fact Louis writes on every single one of these tracks demonstrates his talent & shows of his potential for longevity as a artist. I definitely will be listening to this album again!!! I really enjoyed it

RKFoley - Talent free1 star

I know he’s got Simons sympathy and love after he lost his mom and sister but pushing him as artist is just a no-no. This boy can’t sing nor dance. Zero personality and only got his recognition thanks to 1D and X Factor push. This album lacks everything. From Production to Lyrics. There is nothing special about it. Streams I mean non of them confirms it

XxBOO!xX - Amazing5 star

Absolutely amazing this album no doubt about it !!!!! Can really tell that’s he’s poured his heart and soul into the songs, they are beautiful and meaningful. After everything he’s gone through he was still able to make this absolute banger of an album so proud of this man. Love Louis Tomlinson soo much he deserves the world !!

Sarah Tommo - Exceptional5 star

Three years since Louis released his first solo single, he has debuted with his first solo album, Walls. The tracks range from a dynamic brit pop sound to a more stripped back acoustic sound. Louis has once again showcased his exceptional song writing skills. This album has something for everyone, whether you are new to Louis’ music or a long standing fan from the days of One Direction. Top marks. ◟̽◞̽

AliceToddd - 🥰🥰🥰🥰5 star

Ahhhhh I’m in love 🥰🥰🥰😮

SnixxBlack - Beautiful5 star

Worth a listen and understanding what he’s saying through his poetry and lyricism.

Geomgeo - AMAZING5 star

This album is full of good songs Louis has such a talent for writing!

romi mich - outstanding5 star

louis we are all so proud of you. this album was so worth the wait and i can believe it finally here. this is going to be amazing live. buzzin

Can't take bad games 123456789 - Walls5 star

Love walls so much so proud

a.war - A MASTERPIECE5 star

The album is a masterpiece his voice is beautiful i am so proud of him🥺💕

Phizzzical - Disappointing1 star

Awful tracks and vocals

zoexoxo__________ - Legendary5 star

Louis has worked so so hard on this album and it’s paid off big time, proud of him and will defo be listening on repeat!

Megstar133 - So good!5 star

Amazing writing, Louis really worked hard on this. Love it ❤️

Scarlett5219 - Amazing5 star

Love it so proud 💙

Ryan 333 - Louis Tomlinson3 star

some decent songs for sure with good lyrics. But a large majority of the songs sadly are boring and fall flat

Karinaazul98 - Unexpected surprise!4 star

I had listen to a few of the singles already and I liked walls (song) well enough but this album has so many great songs I’m so impressed !

Bored544434677643 - Amazing 🥳5 star

I’ve waited four years for this and it was worth the wait. So proud of Louis

Jass2399 - It’s amazing5 star

Defenceless and always you are sooo good

reagan_mac - Dig a little deeper5 star

An excellent lyricist with beautiful vocal range. It’s a shame when people review negatively because the songs are not their “cup of tea” when Louis has exclusively said he’s no longer chasing radio and making songs that he wants to make.

itmegod - :/1 star


Blankfreak - Just an amazing comeback5 star

A mix of the old and the new this album is simply a lyrical and vocal masterpiece with a range of sounds suited for everyone

humblenh - AMAZING5 star

THE TALENT the vocals lyrics everything this album was worth the wait, so proud of louis

thisnameistaken... - Walls5 star

Amazing vocals. Very raw.

theyretaken1 - love it5 star

well deserved

maisiefrog - great album5 star

the variety of songs on this album is so good, they’re all so different in great ways, louis is clearly a great lyricist and the guitar background to most of the songs is stunning

Stacey_Grace - love it5 star


BethHasWallsOnRepeat - Absolute Masterpiece5 star

If I could I would give Walls countless stars!! I always knew the album would be an absolute masterpiece but this seriously blew me away with strong power. There isn’t a song on the album you want to skip as every single song is an phenomenal masterpiece from start to finish. I hope Louis will receive endless love and support for this special debut album that he worked extremely hard on!!

96Anni - Amazing5 star

His voice in every song is just magical, his lyrics are honest and so catchy. Want to listen to the album non stop. So happy he finally made it!

XDanielleK - INCREDIBLE5 star

so excited for louis’ debut album. louis is breaking the mould of the usual boring dance pop that’s on the radio and i couldn’t be more grateful. songs like habit, defenceless and only the brave are the future! indie meets cool pop.

underscorecarla - Insane5 star

Absolutely incredible album, well done louis!

araja28 - Flawless5 star

Wow, I’m truly blown away by this album. I expected it to be good but I didn’t expect it to be THIS good. This exceeded all expectations. Louis’ vocal ability is incredibly strong and his lyrics are also just as strong. I love how he shows off more of his range and gains confidence throughout the album, it seems to be telling of his own story. He should be very proud, listening to this from top to bottom it’s a sound album, 10/10. I couldn’t find anything wrong with it and I am very excited to see what he does in the future!

ghhgulogr - Walls5 star

Every song is amazing! Great debut album Louis has smashed it. Can’t wait to hear them live on tour♥️

llio11 - Worth the wait5 star


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Walls Wiki

Walls may refer to: The plural of wall, a structure.

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